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That night, the PoKédex holders arrived at the PoKéMoN Academy. They immediately headed to the dormitory. It was located besides the main building. It was a rather small but kids friendly building.

The circumstance was quiet, as the children had been sleeping peacefully. Of course, it was all thank to Crystal's hard work for lulling them before. It wasn't as easy as pie. Moreover, they had been so excited asking about their new teachers. That was the reason why she hadn't been on time back then. As for Emerald, well, he'd been graduated from PoKéMoN Academy, but taking care of the children? Meh, he was at the same level as the others.

Crystal slowly swung the dormitory entrance, tried not to make any noise. But Gold, as the trouble maker, couldn't keep silent. He wanted to express his excitement by self-pronouncing his arrival, "Hello! Any-"

Crystal immediately placed her hand on Gold's mouth. It's too late though. His voice had woken the children up. She pouted at him. It took her more than two hours to put them to sleep, but it took him less than two seconds to wake them up.

The children broke out of their bedrooms and swarmed around the PoKédex holders. Seeing how sweet they were, Yellow picked up one of them. Then the others started to tug her clothes, demanding to be picked up too.

Red, surprisingly, was aware of their jealousy. He wanted to help her. He tried to pick up as many children as he could. However, five children were enough to make him fall absurdly. Yellow anxiously supported him to stand up. Green could just roll his eyes at his friends' recklessness.

To prevent not necessary commotion, Crystal hushed them and told them to sit down. The children obeyed her. The others, especially Gold, were highly amazed by how she could manage them.

"Big-Sis, are these our new teachers?" they asked cutely with eyes opened widely.

Crystal smiled to them and nodded, "Right."

"Hiya kids! I'm Gold from New Bark Town. I'm a friend of this Super Serious Gal you called Big-Sis."

The children started laughing heartily. Crystal must hold back her fist. She wouldn't punch Gold in front of the children. Perhaps later, after all the children sleeping, she would.

"This prissy boy is Ruby and this wild girl is Sapphire," Gold blabbered.

Ruby and Sapphire shouted together, "Stop calling me that!"

Gold smiled impishly, "See? Although they look really different, they actually have a strong heart connection."

Once more, Ruby and Sapphire freaked out together. They blushed and denied frantically. Nevertheless, their effort was just a waste, as the children even more certain that they had some romantic relationship.

Crystal pulled Gold's ear. "Enough, Gold. Let them introduce themselves."

Of course, this scene would make a great humor-live-performance for the children. They even laughed until tumbling.

After they stopped laughing, Blue introduced herself, "Hello! The name is Blue. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Red, Red the fighter."

"My name is Yellow."

"If any of you like drawing, ask Yellow. Her drawings are great, she's drew me several times before. I'm sure she'll be an awesome drawing teacher," Red added.

Yellow blushed. She was over the moon as Red complimented her drawings.

"Hello! I'm Wally, I'm not an official PoKédex holder but- Achoo!" Wally sneezed. The cold air triggered his allergy.

On the other hand, the children thought that it was hilarious. Some of them even imitated the way he sneezed and made fun of it. Wally could only smile embarrassedly.

"My name's Emerald. I was a student from this PoKéMoN Academy too."

"You can be a great person like him if you study hard too," Crystal added.

The children had heard about the PoKédex holders before, about their skills and actions. They almost couldn't believe it, one of them was actually an alumnus of this PoKéMoN Academy. They drifted in their own fantasies. They thought secretly, 'Can I be a PoKédex holder someday?'

Now everyone turned at Silver and Green, waiting for their introduction.



At least, they introduced themselves. The children whispered to each other about how cool their new teachers were. They were eager to start studying with very, very special teachers. The PoKédex holders could faintly hear their whispers. They felt somewhat proud of themselves.

Meanwhile, Ruby secretly counted the children who sat in an orderly manner. The numbers of children were not as many as he expected, so he curiously asked, "Hey! There are only fifty-nine kids here, how can they need so many teachers?"

"They are just a half of the entire students. Students who still have parents slumber at their parents' house respectively. And not only that, there were a pair of twin babies and three toddlers slee-"

Emerald still hadn't finish his explanation when suddenly they heard a loud crying. Crystal, followed by Blue, hurriedly ran toward the source of the sound. After a while, they came back holding a baby each with three toddlers clinging at their feet.

"What's on earth they are doing here?" Sapphire pointed at the babies and the toddlers, "Don't you think they are even too young to be in a kindergarten class?"

Emerald answered her, "They are here because they don't have anyone to take care of them. Mr. Earl Dervish found them since they were infants."

Wally looked at the toddlers with pity. He patted their heads softly. One of them yawned. He was very sleepy for sure.

"It's getting late, children. Time to get to sleep."

With that, the children entered their bedrooms. Nevertheless, they didn't get to sleep immediately, as uproar still could be heard from their rooms.

Crystal smiled to her friends, "Now it's your task to patrol. Make sure they shut their eyes. Meantime, Blue and I will lull these toddlers."

"No offense, Crys. But I'd rather patrol with Green and Silver. I'll make sure they not trying to get away," Blue convinced her as she squinted at the two lads. They were still standing coolly, but they wandered upon the window as if they were thinking how to flee.

"I won't get away. Don't mind me and just do as she said," Green stated, while Silver nodded indifferently.

"Ah! I have a better idea. Super Serious Gal, let me help you lull these kids, while the rest of us can patrol gleefully," Gold said as he took the baby from Blue.

"I doubt I can handle them with you around, Gold. Won't you just add another noise?"

"Well, Silver can help us then," Gold said as he dragged him. "Right, Buddy?"

Silver argued coldly, "I won't make any better."

The baby Gold was holding interrupted with her cry. She seemed uncomfortable with the way he held her.

Crystal took a quick decision, "Okay, then. Gold, Silver, and I will take care of these five while the rest of us do the patrol. After that, we'll meet here for talking about class division."

Crystal, along with Gold and Silver, carried the babies and toddlers to the nursery room immediately, while the others looked at them with suppressed laughter at their lips. They could only imagine something chaotic when the three of them gathered.

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