"You have five minutes left," called Yamamoto-sensei.

Shit. Shit shit shit. Gakuto was never going to finish in time. He couldn't afford to get a B for this one, he really couldn't. It would make his average drop to C, and then he'd be kicked off the tennis team to focus on studies and what kind of a crap deal was that?

Gakuto bubbled in his answers with a speed that would have given Shishido a run for his money. Yes, he could do it, he could, he would have to –

"Time's up. Pencils down."


Gakuto didn't put his pencil down; he just kept scribbling and moving on to the next question. Damn it, how the hell had he fallen asleep in the middle of an exam in the first place?

Yamamoto cleared his throat. "I said, pencils down."

Gakuto ignored him and kept scribbling. It was worth getting punishment for insubordination if it meant he got to finish his exam.

"Pencils down, Oshitari!"

Yeah, yeah, quit your whining, you b– wait, did he say Oshitari? Gakuto glanced behind him briefly to see Yuushi doodling something or other on his exam paper, but almost immediately looked back to his paper when he realized that this was a chance for him to finish his bloody exam.

"You said my name, sensei?" The smooth and incredibly sexy voice of Gakuto's doubles partner rang out loud and clear across the room.

"Pencils down, Oshitari. That means to put your pencil down," Yamamoto explained slowly, as if Yuushi was slow. Pfft, thought Gakuto. Yuushi was a genius; everyone knew that.

Yuushi sounded perfectly innocent as he said, "Well then, sensei, I don't understand why you're reprimanding me."

There was a silence, and Gakuto snuck a glance at Yamamoto, who was turning the oddest shade of red Gakuto had ever seen.

Yuushi apparently decided that Yamamoto wasn't going to respond verbally and continued, as if Yamamoto was dense, "You said pencils down, but you didn't say a single thing about pens."

The silence this time was a shocked one, and Yamamoto turned purple with rage. Gakuto took a mental photo of it and started on his last question.

Then there were giggles from the fangirls, and soon the whole class was laughing. Even Gakuto cracked a smile and chuckled a little.

Yamamoto stopped the laughter as he bellowed, "Oshitari Yuushi, detention! Two weeks!"

Yuushi sighed. "Oh well. I suppose it can't be helped..."

Yamamoto huffed and said, "All writing utensils down. I will be collecting papers now."

Gakuto dropped his pencil with a grin. Finished in the nick of time.

He was going to buy that awesome sushi and some of that really good takoyaki Yuushi liked for the tensai when they got home.

Just a short piece I found while looking through some of my old stuff. If I'm not mistaken, it was brought on by the fact that I keep falling asleep in the middle of exams. I quite like it ^^

~Stars of Gold