A/N In case you didn't read the summary properly, this will be M-PREG.


Izuna's eyes flickered open at his brother's voice -what did Madara want at… three o'clock in the morning?

"Otouto, get up!"

Izuna sat up and looked over at his brother with tired eyes and a large pout on his face. "Aniki, I'm tired…"

Madara shook his head and grinned in a manner that frightened Izuna, making him shiver in fear. He approached the bed and sat down beside his brother. From the angle that they were sitting in, Izuna could smell the alcohol on his brother's breath. He had been drinking once again. Izuna knew that Madara drank to cope with their abusive parents, but when Madara would come home drunk, he scared Izuna.

"No time for sleeping now, otouto." Madara said quietly, glancing at the door. It was as if he were almost afraid that someone would come walking in any minute now. His grin soon turned into a predacious smirk. "We have to be quick, okay?"

Izuna blinked and tilted his head, moving his hand to rub at his sore eyes. Quick? What were they going to do? What was Madara talking about?

"Aniki, I –"

With that said, Madara cut his little brother off by placing his lips over Izuna's.

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