Madara's mind was blurred. Everything was happening so fast. All he knew was that he was in Hashirama's car, being driven to the hospital where his brother had been rushed by an ambulance.

"Madara-chan, please calm down…" Hashirama reached over and took the younger's hand. "It's okay."

"I did this to him…" Madara sobbed. "I did this to my baby brother! I'm disgusting!"

"No…" the Senju soothed. "Not at all. No one could have seen this happening."

These words did nothing for the Uchiha, and Madara let out a loud cry as he ripped at his hair.

"Izuna…!" Madara wailed. "Izuna…!"

Hashirama could do nothing but listen to Madara's cries.


A thick coat of sweat covered Izuna's body as the boy screamed.

"It hurts!" Izuna sobbed. "It hurts!"

"I know it hurts," one nurse soothed as she dabbed at Izuna's sweaty face with a cotton ball, "but you need to keep pushing."

"No! It hurts! Aniki! Aniki!"

"Someone stop the bleeding!" Another nurse shouted.

"I can't! There's too much!"

"He'll bleed to death if the baby doesn't come soon!"

The voices went in one ear and out the other. Izuna couldn't focus on anything other than the unbearable agony he was in.

"Kill me!" Izuna screeched. "Please, kill me! It hurts!"

No one knew what to do – what could they do? Izuna was a male – a pregnant male. Nothing could have prepared them for this.

"Aniki!" Izuna screamed. "Aniki! S-scared!"

"Izuna, relax!"

"N-no! Aniki!"

Izuna thought that he was already in pain – but that was nothing until something in his stomach felt as if it had just exploded.

"Fuck!" Izuna screamed. "Fuck! It hurts so much! Kill me!"

Blood dribbled out of Izuna's member, causing the nurses' worry to skyrocket.

"Why don't we cut him open?" a nurse suggested in concern.

"Don't! That will only be worse for him in the long run!"

"Then what do we do?!"

"I don't know!"


Though both Madara and the two Senju had been at the hospital since Izuna was admitted, none of them had heard anything until the next night.

Madara looked up as the surgeon approached, knowing that Hashirama and Tobirama were fast asleep.

"How is he…?" Madara found himself whispering.

The surgeon smiled. "He's stable. The child is fine. A girl. Izuna wants to see you."

Madara nodded and followed the man to Izuna's room. The windy corridors had made the trip seem like hours, but when they arrived, Madara was just glad to be by his brother's side.

"Hi, aniki…" Izuna whispered weakly. He kept his eyes closed and didn't move. "We have a daughter…"

Madara felt his breath catch in his throat as he stepped closer. "Have you seen her…?"

"Mm… She's beautiful… Love you…"

"Love you, too. Try and get some rest…"

Izuna nodded. "Mm…"

Before Madara knew it, Izuna was once again asleep.


Ten years had passed. Uchiha Chiyuki was a beautiful, polite girl whom everyone loved. She was an A-grade student and had many friends – the girl was full of love.

Chiyuki looked just like her parents. She had Izuna's hair, but Madara's face. Said males loved their daughter with all their hearts, spoiling her and hardly ever being away from her.

Chiyuki – in turn – loved her parents more than anything else in the world.


"Chiyuki-chan, would you like some more ramen?"

Chiyuki smiled at Hashirama. "Yes, please. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome, honey. Mada-chan, more for you?"

Madara looked up and shook his head. Instead, he returned to kissing along Izuna's neck.

Hashirama frowned but didn't say a word – everyone knew that he still loved the Uchiha.

"Chiyuki-chan, are you enjoying your birthday?" Tobirama smiled.

Chiyuki blushed. "Yes, Tobi-kun. I love it."

"A-ah…" Izuna moaned as his brother bit down on his neck. "Aniki, you're making me excited…"

Madara laughed. "Okay. Calm down."

Chiyuki smiled at her parents. "Mommy, do you need another cold shower?"

Everyone burst into laughter – everyone except for a now very red Izuna who was hiding himself in his brother's chest.

"Chiyuki-chan, what makes you say that?" Hashirama chuckled.

"When daddy plays with mummy like that and they don't go to their bedroom, mommy always says that he needs a cold shower."

Tobirama found this hilarious. "Oh, little Izuna! Corrupting your daughter! I know that Madara cannot satisfy you, but keep it in your pants!"

Chiyuki could only wonder what they were talking about. She had a lot of questions for her parents tonight…