Story title: Ezra and Aria: Double Infinity

Chapter 1: The Story Continues

Summary: Sequel to Ezra and Aria: A Romance to Last a Lifetime. Ezra and Aria have been living in New York for six years with their children and their dog. What happens when something throws a wrench into their nearly perfect lives?

Disclaimer: If I owned PLL, Ezra would have beaten Jason up to a pulp for kissing Aria and Jackie would be AWOL forever.


The cool morning sun awakened Ezra as it poured through the silky curtains of the large bedroom. He stretched out of his shoulders and look over at his wife. Aria slept soundly beside him, her breathing deep and soft as she snoozed. He leaned over to whisper in her ear, "I love you." He ran his hand smoothly down her shoulder, to her own hand and began to play with her fingers, kissing each one of them individually.

She stirred and turned to slowly face him, blinking against the light streaming into the room, "I love you too."

Ezra flashed her favorite boyish smile at her before leaning to press a short, sweet kiss against her lips, "How are you feeling this morning, beautiful?"

She rolled her eyes and sat up to lean against the headboard, grunting as she pulls up the extra twenty pounds weighing her down. She was six months pregnant with their third child and Ezra often worried about her, especially after the trouble they had had while she was bearing McKenzie, their five and a half year old daughter, seven years ago. Though the tear in her uterine wall had been fixed, there was still a chance of early childbirth.

Her hazel eyes suddenly widened and she stared at Ezra in amazement, "He's kicking up a storm in there." She took her husband's hand and pressed it against her bloated torso. There it was. An unborn baby's foot kicking the inside of her stomach. His son. Their son. Their little Mason Carter. Ezra smiled. He always found it in amazing how women could carry another human being for nine months. It was sometimes incomprehensible for him to even close to understand.

Aria swung her legs around to the edge of the bed, clutching her stomach with one hand as she does so, "its Kenzie's first day today. We don't want her to be late."

Ezra's smile widened as he thought of his little sweet pea. She was five and a half and the sweetest little girl that could ever be met. She was starting school that day and he could not believe on how fast time had flown over the past few years. He could still remember when she was just born, four pounds and one ounce of pure adorableness. She had been walking and talking by nine and a half months. She was reading and writing by two. Now she was going to school at an elementary just off of the Columbia campus, where Ezra and Aria taught English.

His mind instantly flew to his son, the gangly, lanky boy of his. Andrew was the total opposite of his older sister. The four year old had no interest in reading or writing, but he sure could draw. All of his artwork covered his room and the kitchen fridge. He was a lot like his father, both physically and personality wise. Black curls, dark blue eyes, lanky build. He preferred to get the work done first and then play later. Though he was showing some signs of becoming an athlete as he got older. His Uncle Daniel, Ezra's younger brother, was already teaching him about football.

Then there was their family beagle, a pure bread beagle named Snoopy. Aria and Ezra had gotten him after arriving back from Italy after their honeymoon. He was a mischievous little guy, always trying to get himself into trouble. However, when he was around McKenzie and Andrew, he was the best friend they could ever have.

Aria stood and stretched while Ezra massaged her shoulders softly with his thumbs, "You sure your feeling okay?"

His wife nodded in response, "I feel fine. Just…strange. Like Mason is trying to tell me something." She rubbed her baby belly, looking down at it, "What is it, little buddy? What do you need to tell Mommy?"

Ezra kissed her neck in sympathy, wishing he could help her more in some way, "I could call Dr. Solomon-"

"I'm sure it's nothing, Ez. Let's just get the kids up and let Snoopy out."

"Knowing Andy, he's already up, sketching away." Ezra threw a smile at his wife before walking out of the bedroom. Aria was stubborn, but she wasn't stupid. If she thought something was seriously wrong, she would tell him, right?


Aria clicked the last picture of Kenzie in front of the elementary school. Ezra stood up straight, Andrew holding his hand, clinging to his leg, and Snoopy tugging on his leash for a serious game of tug-a-war.

Kenzie looked up with worry clear on her face at the large school, "I don't know about this."

Ezra kneeled beside his daughter, placing her younger brother on the grass, "Kenzie, you're going to do great today." He straightened her pink outfit Aria's friends had bought for her first day, "They are going to love you in there."

Andrew looked down at his older sister, always relishing the fact that he was taller than her, even though she was older, "Sissy, you're going to rock that place out!"

Aria laughed at her son's words, "Okay. No more watching MTV concerts with Auntie Hanna." She ruffled Andrew's black curls affectionately, "Kenzie, your father and brother are right. You'll do fine today."

Kenzie looked up with tears forming in her blue eyes, "What if they don't like me at school? What if they hate me?"

Her mother squatted down to be eye to eye with her, "Well, why wouldn't they like you? Your funny, smart, and," She kissed her forehead, "absolutely adorable. Those five year old boys are going to be all over you."

Ezra cleared his throat in protest, "Oh, no. Don't listen to your mother. Don't let those boys be 'all over you'. Remember. Boys are horrible creatures that only have one thing on their minds."

Kenzie smirked at her father, "Like what?"

The father of two looked extremely uncomfortable so Aria had to intervene, "We'll tell you later. When your thirty."

"Come on, Mommy! Tell me!"

Aria shook her head with a wink at her husband, "Not a chance. Now go inside and have fun!" Ezra kissed Kenzie's forehead one last time and the kindergartner ran off into her classroom, disappearing from their sights.

Andrew looked up at his parents with a curious look on his face, "So, what are always on boys minds?"


Ezra closed his lecture a few minutes early so he went across the hall to see his wife. Whatever the case, their boss, Nick, had placed them right across the hall from one another. Whatever the reason, neither of them were complaining. They often had make out sessions in their offices. One time, they had gone too far, and thus, Aria was pregnant with Mason.

He knocked on the door and slowly walked in. This was her planning hour, so she shouldn't be teaching. He called out, "Aria? Sweetheart?" No one answered him and he quickly ducked into her office to see if she was in there or not. She wasn't.

"That's strange." He muttered to himself. It was only 11:00. They didn't have to pick up Kenzie until noon or Andrew until two. Where the heck was she?

He tried to call her phone but she didn't answer. Now he was starting to get scared. Aria didn't ever go anywhere off campus unless she was with one of the girls or with him for lunch. And she would always tell him first.

He walked to the woman's bathroom and slightly opened the door, "Aria?"

For a moment no one answered him and then he heard her coughing out his name, "E-Ezra? Is that you?"

Ezra rushed into the bathroom stall she was in and was soon looking at his wife, who was sitting on the toilet, her skirt around her ankles. From where he stood, he could see a blood clot in her underwear. He could hear the voice of their former gynecologist, Derek Phillips had said about miscarriages, "Aria…no."

She had tears in her eyes as she cringed as another cramp hit her, causing her body to spasm. He slipped her into his arms and ran out of the bathroom, pulling her skirt back up to her waist, "I'll make sure everything is okay. Don't worry, baby. I got you. And I won't let you go."


Aria awoke in a hospital bed, blinking against the dull fluorescent lights. She turned her head to see Ezra sitting in a chair beside her. His head was in his hands, wiping his face and eyes; he had clearly been crying.


His head shot up and new tears sprung up and poured down his cheeks, "Oh Aria!" He stood in a flash and hugged her close to his strong body. He began to cry into her hair, kissing her neck and hair, "Thank God your awake!"

Aria asked with a small voice, "What am I doing in here?" She could barely remember a thing. She was numb from her neck down. What's going on?

Her husband's crying froze and he pulled away, kneeling beside the hospital bed, "Aria, Doctor Solomon told me that there was a twenty percent chance that you wouldn't wake up after the surgery." He stroked her cheeks softly with his fingers, tears splashing his cheeks.

She stared bewildered at him, "Surgery? I had surgery?"

"Yes. Yes you did. It was a risky procedure. Like I said-"

"Where are Kenzie and Andrew? Where are the kids? Where's Snoopy?" Aria frantically asked, wondering where her children were.

"Their with my mom at her place. They haven't seen you in two days. That's how long you've been out. I told them, "Mommy has a boo-boo. She's getting it fixed."" His voice broke and wiped his face with his hands, his wavy curls falling over his forehead.

"What boo-boo did I have fixed exactly?"

Her husband didn't seem to want to meet her gaze, "Maybe you should wait for the doctor tell you. She can probably explain it better than I can."

She shook her head, "I rather hear this from you, Ezra. What did I have fixed?" She knew that this kind of frustrastion wasn't good for the baby, but now she was getting annoyed with his behavior.

Ezra's strong body shook and with shaking hands, he took hers, looking at her straight in the face, no mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes, no humor on his face. Just pure sadness and grief, "I'm so sorry, Aria. You had a miscarriage and then a D&C. He's gone. Mason's gone."

Aria finally noticed her flat stomach. Her baby belly was gone. Her baby boy….was gone. She had lost her son. They had lost their son. They had lost their baby.

Mason's gone.