Parent/Teacher Conference

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This is a one-shot of a Parent/Teacher Conference with Percy and Annabeth about their 6 year old daughter Thalia Andromeda Jackson.

All of Percy/Annabeth's kids:

Thalia Andromeda Jackson (Age: 6)

Luke Odysseus Jackson (Age: 3)

Arethousa "Ari" Silena Jackson (Age: 13)

Thalia/Nico's kids

Jason Nathanial di Angelo (Age: 10)

Anna Bianca di Angelo (Age: 4)


Miss. Wilkinson

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PAGE BREAK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job. Most of the kids are alright, but it's the PARENTS. Today's First Grade Teacher/Parent Conference day, where we keep the kids a while longer, and talk with their parents before they can go home. It's torture. Of course, my assistant Mrs. Hill, gets the more pleasurable job, taking care of the kids, while I meet the parents. Oh joy.

My first appointment is in five minutes, with Perseus and Annabeth Jackson. They have a sweet little girl named Thalia, but I've found out in the past years, that the sweetest kids have the worst parents. Like one time when a sweet little boy's parents came in they were these perfect everything type of people, uptight, and just no fun. This has happened many times.

Thalia always goes on and on about her sister and brother, Ari, and Luke. According to Thalia, Ari is 13, while Luke is 3.

Thalia has black hair with startling gray eyes, that seem to analyze you every time she looks at you. She's an incredibly smart child, already doing long division! In First Grade! A lot of the kids can't write their last names!

Oh crap, it's time for me to meet her parents.

I walked out into the hall expecting to see some 40 something year old neat freaks, only to see a couple looking in their early thirties. The man had Thalia's black hair, and sea green eyes, while the woman had Thalia's eyes, and curly blond hair. They looked up and smiled, I smiled back and said, "Hello, are you Perseus and Annabeth Jackson?

They stood up, and the man held out his hand, "I'm Percy, nice to meet you." I took it, "You too." The women held out her hand, "I'm Annabeth. Thalia has told us so much about you!" I grinned, "Aww… Thalia's so sweet. But what amazes me about her is how academically mature she is!" Annabeth smirked at her husband, "Thank you! Percy here doesn't think it's necessary to teach Thalia as such a high level, but he'll get over it." I smiled, "How about you both come in?"

They nodded and followed me into my brightly decorated classroom. They both looked looked around at the kid's artwork. As we passed some handwriting paper, I heard Percy whisper to Annabeth, "Can you tell which one is Thalia's?" She stared at the wall for a minute and shook her head, "No…." Percy sighed. Now I was curious. Why couldn't the Jackson's tell which paper was their daughters?"

Percy turned to me, a nervous look on his face, "Um, m'am? Could you tell us which one is Thalia's?" I cocked my head at him, and I heard Annabeth exhale loudly, "I'm sorry, it's just that, we both have severe cases of dyslexia." Oh. That explains it. I nodded, "It's the in the top left corner."

I heard a murmur of thanks, and saw both of their faces turn beet red. We looked around for a while, then we sat around a table. This should be awkward. The questions I'm required to ask are quite personal, and sometimes the parents don't take kindly to answering them. I started off with a less awkward question, "Thalia has told me that she has a brother and sister, am I correct?" Annabeth nodded, "Her sister, Ari, is 13 and her brother, Luke, is 3." I nodded, "Do the children get along at home?" Percy chuckled, "Fairly. Thalia is always following Ari around, and Luke's a bit too young to interact much with the girls."

I nodded, "If you don't mind my asking, where are Ari and Luke?" Annabeth sighed, "They're at home. Ari's babysitting." She seemed nervous about this, so I asked, "Is something wrong with that?" Percy chuckled, "Oh, nothing. Annie here can be a bit of a stress head sometimes." Mrs. Jackson turned to her husband, and snapped, "Don't call me Annie! And I am NOT a stress head! I'm just worried about Luke, last time Ari "babysat" we came home to find Luke locked in the bathroom, and her IMing her friends at camp!"

Percy shrugged, "Luke was fine, just a bit shaken up." Annabeth face-palmed, and sighed.

I bit my lip, "Okay…. Moving on…. What's the most important thing in your lives?" "Family.", they both blurted out simultaneously. I smiled, "Did both of you have a strong family unit in your childhood?" Percy shook his head, "No, it was just me and my mom."

Annabeth nodded, "I ran away when I was 7." I sucked in my breath, "Oh my, I'm so sorry." Annabeth grinned, "Oh, it's fine. The years spent on the run were some of the best of my life." Percy mock sniffed, "Wow. I thought the year you met me would be the best of your life, Wise Girl."

"Yes, Seaweed Brain. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my sole reason for living.", Annabeth replied, her voice dripping in sarcasm. I laughed, "How long have you two known each other?" Annabeth thought for a moment, then said, "About twenty-one years." My eyes widened, "How long have you been…. Er… Romantically involved?" This time Percy thought, "About seventeen years."

I nodded, "Wow, long time." They both shrugged. I looked at my list, and said, "Okay, now I want to see Thalia's reaction to you being here. They nodded. I went outside to my assistant, Mrs. Hill. I told her to send Thalia inside in five minutes.


A little mob of black hair ran through the door squealing, "Mommy!" A grin broke out of Annabeth's face as she squealed back, "Hey baby!" Thalia grinned, and Percy gave her a hug, "Hey Thals!" Thalia hugged her father back, "Hi Daddy! Guess what!" Percy's face broke into a grin, "What cutie?" Thalia giggled, "I color Mrs. O' Leary in art!" Percy put a look of mock surprise on his face, "Really? That's awesome!" He then turned to me, "Mrs. O' Leary is the name of our dog, and Thals thinks that every dog is Mrs. O' Leary."

I looked down at my list, and saw the last question on my list. I looked up and the Jacksons, Annabeth was talking with Thalia, so I asked Percy the final questions, "So, what about family? Godparents, aunts, uncles?" Percy smiled, "We have a HUGE family. The kids all have the same godparents, my best friend, Grover, and his wife Juniper." I nodded, "Do you see your family a lot?" He nodded, "We get as much of the group together every weekend. The kids have a lot of cousins their age, so it's fun for them."

I smiled, finally a semi-normal family.

Or so I thought...

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