Thump, thump, thump; the heavy beat leaps from her heart and seeks refuge in her ears as an invisible heat snakes its way up her neck and embraces her cheeks.

Her mind takes her to the ceiling rafter in the warehouse, diffusing the bomb, trying to take in more air; danger seemed to absorb oxygen like a greedy deviant. He followed her, and he didn't even know why.

She takes a shallow breath in through the nose, her lips parting slightly in an attempt to deepen the inhale.

A fleeting memory of a time when she had defended all that she had known, placed trust in others, accused him, only to discover that it was all a deceitful fabrication. And he put everything on the line. For her.

A thin film of sweat settles on her palms, a sensation quite unfamiliar as she rarely loses her cool. She allows her hands to lightly graze her thighs and harbours faint hope that the trouser fabric will coerce the perspiration away from her skin.

The image remains etched; him bound to the chair, intentionally captured, her, ready to die. He couldn't live without her, she would not have survived without him.

As her gaze is absorbed into the pools of blue intently fixed on her, a gentle smile emerges to adorn her face.

What would a woman possibly see in him? He is a good person. He has always had her back. He is Tony Dinozzo. And that is why she loves him.

The chaos of the day ceases to exist as his warm breath delicately reaches out to caress her before his lips press softly into hers.

She has endured hand to hand combat and innumerable hostile situations, always maintaining a sense of calm, yet she had been overcome with nervousness as he leaned in to her.

She wraps her arms around him and pulls him closer, losing herself in the moment as time evaporates and she realises precisely why nerves had taken a hold seconds earlier.

Because never has a first kiss meant so much.