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Penny brushed her teeth before going to bed. It was Thursday night, it was actually "Anything Can Happen Thursday", and tonight something mighty big did happen.

It all started earlier.


Penny's shift at The Cheesecake Factory was almost over when Ally, one of the younger waitresses came over to her.

"Penny that weird guy that you know is here."

"Sheldon? It's Thursday night, why would he be here?"

"I've no idea, but I'm not serving him."

"It's ok Ally, I'll look after him, and he wouldn't let you serve him anyway."

"I don't know why you even talk to him, he's a pompous ass."

"No. He's not, he's just got his ways. He really is a nice guy when you get to know him better. You know he lives across the hall from me?" Penny replied.

"Seriously? I would be moving."

Penny looked over at Sheldon, he was standing at the doorway, his normal table was being used, he probably didn't know where to sit.

Penny looked at Ally and smiled. "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

She moved over to Sheldon. "Hey Sheldon, what brings you here today?"

"Penny it is anything can happen Thursday, and I would like spaghetti with little hot dogs."

"Sheldon, they don't make that here."

"I know." he straightened up and looked at Penny, "But I believe that you are due to finish work soon and I thought that you would make it for me. See I bought the ingredients." he waved his bag full of groceries at Penny and smiled at her.

Penny didn't have any plans tonight and actually had really begun to enjoy Sheldon's company, she even missed him if she didn't see him for a couple of days. "Ok Sheldon, well I've got 10 more minutes to work, so perhaps you might like to get a drink at the bar?"

"Penny you know I don't drink alcohol."

"I know that sweetie, but I bet they could fix you a mighty good Virgin Cubra Libre."

The drive home was quiet, Sheldon had tried to start one of his games, but Penny just didn't know the seven essential elements of Quantum Physics, so that game was soon over.

After both collecting their mail and starting the walk up the stairs Penny decided to start a different conversation.

"So where are the other's tonight? "

"By the others, I assume you mean Leonard, Howard and Rajesh. If so they are going to a mixer tonight, which I did not want to participate in."

Penny opened her door and turned to Sheldon.

"So Sheldon, your place or mine?" she smiled. With any other guy that would have implications, but not Sheldon.

"I think our place would be better, it's cleaner for one."

Penny rolled her eyes. "You know I don't have to make you spaghetti with hot dogs Sheldon."

Sheldon looked down to the ground and walked over closer to Penny. When he reached her, he raised his eyes and looked straight at her. "I'm just stating a fact Penny."

"Sheldon." Penny looked straight back into his blue eyes.

"Ok, I'm sorry Penny." Then he walked away but she heard him muttering to himself, she knew he was telling himself that he was right. She just smiled.

"I'll be over in about 15 minutes." She closed the door behind her.

Penny dropped her bag on the couch, looking around she was glad that Sheldon choose their apartment, even Penny had to agree her place was looking less than clean and tidy.

She turned on the shower, got undressed and stepped under the water.

She closed her eyes and saw his eyes staring at her, this made her open her eyes again. She waited about 10 seconds and she closed them again and once again she saw his eyes, but she didn't open her eyes this time, this time she let the water run over her and she thought about those eyes.


Penny opened the door to apartment 4A, Sheldon wasn't in the room and she could hear the shower running. She began to think that Sheldon certainly was trusting to leave the door open, especially since they have been burgled the once, and if she was an intruder and not Penny he would be in the shower all helpless and naked.

Penny found herself staring at the bathroom door, and when it opened and Sheldon walked out he startled her. He was dressed in his dressing gown, and his hair was all tousled, his hair looked nice like that Penny thought. She hadn't startled him, he seemed to have been expecting her to be standing there looking towards the bathroom.

"I've placed all the ingredients on the kitchen counter for you Penny, so you can start dinner if you like whilst I complete my dressing."

Penny looked towards the kitchen counter and saw all the ingredients ready to get started. She walked over and commenced cooking, firstly boiling the water.


"That was delicious Penny, almost as good as my mother makes it, good for you." Sheldon smiled over at Penny. They were sitting at the kitchen island, they never ate spaghetti and hot dogs on their laps at home in Texas, so Sheldon wasn't going to start now.

"Thank you sweetie." she smiled back at him, staring into his eyes, thinking that she really could get lost in those blue eyes.

"I thought for the movie tonight we could watch The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King."

"But I've seen it, what about." Sheldon interrupted her.

"You haven't seen the extended edition, it's like a whole new movie." Sheldon grabbed her dish and walked over to the sink and started to wash the dishes.

"Yeah!" Penny quietly and sarcastically commentated.

"I recently bought the new BluRay edition with the collectors ring, but we aren't going to watch that one."

"We aren't?" Penny grabbed a tea towel to dry the dishes.

"No, of course not, you should keep special editions sealed and never used, good lord woman surely you knew that. But it's alright I have another extended edition that I use just for watching."


Sheldon liked popcorn with his movie and he liked his popcorn made the old fashioned way, on the stove in a big saucepan, no microwave popcorn for him.

Penny had never made popcorn that way so she followed Sheldon's instructions, and when they started to pop he commenced his monologue on what was actually happening in the pan, and why the little corns actually pop.

At one stage Penny thought the popping had stopped and took the lid off the pan, she added some melted butter and was just about to replace the lid when POP right in her face, the popcorn went everywhere. She turned to look at Sheldon and he laughed his breathy laugh at her and told her that she had popcorn in her hair. Then he did something she never though he would ever do. He reached out and he grabbed several pieces of the popcorn out of her hair. His long fingers running through Penny's hair finding the popcorn and removing the pieces had quite an effect on both of them. Penny just looked at him and he at first stared into her eyes, but then he blushed and turned away.

She knew then that Sheldon had felt it too.

She reached up and placed her hand under his chin. She then leant forward on tippy toes and whispered in Sheldon's ear.

"Sheldon let me kiss you."

Sheldon didn't reply, so Penny took it as a positive, at least he didn't run out of the room, yet.

Penny moved her lips over to his and very gently kissed his bottom lip, she noticed that he had closed his eyes, but other than that he was just standing there. She kissed his bottom lip again and then moved in closer, deepening her kiss, then she felt him react.

His arms slowly grabbed her sides and lifted her onto the kitchen island and he began to kiss her in return, first unsure of himself, he started by kissing her mouth, and then he moved down to her neck, and then kissed her just underneath her ear. She moaned, how did he know that was her spot. She grabbed his chin and lifted up his face towards her, his eyes opened and they stared at each other for about 10 seconds, then she kissed him violently,like she was never going to be able to kiss him again, and he replied in same. She was moving her hands down to his two layers of shirts and started to lift them up to get her hands under them, she had to feel his skin, his cool skin, she was burning up.

"Hey guys" Leonard walked into the apartment and couldn't believe what he was seeing, Penny sitting on the kitchen island kissing and being kissed by a shirtless Sheldon. His arms all over her.


Penny had learnt two things tonight.

The making of the popcorn for the movie was more fun that Penny expected, and Dr Sheldon Cooper was a mighty fine kisser.

She smiled and turned the light off and rolled over to sleep.

Tomorrow they will have to deal with the after effects, but tomorrow is another day.