So I got the badge, I rejoiced. I got the hugs and kisses and Mum cried.

It was all great and wonderful until Rose dropped the bomb.

Albus Potter Rose's cousin or in other words the love of my life was prefect too.

As if I didn't get enough chances to make a fool of myself in front of him already.

Anyways so there I was nervous as I stood in front of the Prefect's compartment on the train.

The luggage was getting heavier by the minute.

I sucked in my breath and opened the door bracing myself for what was to come.

A snide voice said "Oh look! The other Gryffindor prefect! She decided to show up!"

I glared at Natalia Zabini.

She glared right back.

It's a fact I hate her and she hates me.

I lugged my luggage and thankfully dropped it to the ground.

I took my seat next to guess who.

Yes you're right, Albus Potter.

My heart started beating faster and faster.

I focused on anything but his black hair, green eyes, amazing body and killer smile.

It was not working.

The other prefects were Natalia Zabini, she's a blond girl with blue-eyes. She's a complete fool and there's nothing anyone can do about it. She was born that way, poor girl.

Scott Flint was the other Slytherin Prefect. His name makes him an easy teasing target.

So he prefers to keep his mouth shut unless he has something really important to say.

The Ravenclaw prefects were better by a good margin, Sally Johnson is a friend of mine, she's really pretty too, mahogany hair and startling grey eyes. Lorcan Scamander, is a crazy and mysterious boy with blond hair and blue eyes, though I still can't figure out how he became a Prefect talking about Blibbering Snorcacks or something of that sort. Sorry I meant Blibbering Humdingers not Snorcacks those are different.

The Hufflepuff pair were nerdy and extremely pompous. Helga Macmilan, her first name matches that of Helga Hufflepuff's, go figure. Jacob Wilson was a handsome bloke but had sensitivity that could match a potato's, seriously.

Jennifer Longbottom from Gryffindor and Henry Sullivan from Ravenclaw were the Headboy and Headgirl.

Jennifer was really nice and Henry was a really likeable boy.

Both of them explained our duties and everything to us.

Then they sent us patrolling, in pairs.

So I was with Al.

I wanted to cry.

The challenge I was facing was walking in straight line, speaking intelligent sentences and breathing. Right, I was going to fail.

As we patrolled I probably looked psychotic but it's not my fault.

We walked silently as we patrolled but then he had to go ruin everything by asking me a question.

Does he have any idea that talking in front of him gives my brain an extreme workout and also gives me a chance to embarrass myself?

So he asked "How was your summer?"

I answered taking a few seconds to process the question "Oh..Um..Nice"

Yeah I'm really smart.

He asked "Like being Prefect?"

I nodded "It's…interesting….helps build good leaders…for know…the future"

I was an epic fail, my whole life was an epic fail and nothing, I mean it nothing can change it.

He said nervously "Yeah I guess it does in a way, so are you nervous about this year?"

I said "Ha?"

Oh good lord.

He said eyebrows narrowing "You know OWLs?"

I nodded "Oh…yeah…really nervous!"

He must have thought I had spent my summer in a mental asylum.

Thankfully he didn't ask me anything else.

It was a good thing because then I didn't have to open my mouth.

Bad because, well he would probably never speak to me again.

After the patrol I went to Rose's compartment where she was sitting with Scorpius Malfoy, Andy Jordon and John Riley.

I said "Hey"

Rose said "You don't look happy"

Rose had this habit of stating obvious facts and sometimes it got really annoying.

I said "Yes I'm not happy"

When I said that Al enters the compartment and takes the seat next to me.

I thought I had been embarrassed in front of him enough for one day but no, god thought different.

So he got into a tale about being Prefect with no inputs from me because I would open my big fat mouth and ruin it.

I'm special that way.

Wonder how I became Prefect?

Me too.