Title- Christmas balls are stupid

Christmas mornings were supposed to be fun. Full of life, laughter and the spirit of Christmas was supposed to spread everywhere.

All I felt was dread and a headache which I chose to ignore.

For the first time in my life, I wanted Christmas to be postponed. I know I'm stupid, please don't remind me.

I knew that evening was the evening of the ball. The ball that everyone was waiting for and also the ball which would be the reason of my death.

Oh yeah my mother had told me to be confident and graceful. I just stared at that letter and didn't tear my eyes away from it. Was she kidding me, Confident and graceful? What kind of advice was that? I was not graceful and not at all confident!

This just has to mean that something's wrong with me.

Rose ripped the blankets of me.

I groaned, she yelled "Wake up sleepy head it's Christmas!"

It's not like I didn't already know.

I thought if I pretended to be asleep, she'd give up but I was wrong.

She said "Aguamenti"

Water hit me in the face and I yelled "Ab awab!"

She smirked at me as if she was telling me 'I'm too smart for you douche bag'

She twirled her wand and said "Upsy daisy"

I glared at her.

Sometimes strangling her seemed like a good idea.

So sopping in water I went to freshen up.

Then we started on the presents.

My Mum and Dad got me a set of muggle fantasy novels.

Rose got me a eagle quill, it was beautiful, Scorpius an assorted box of Honey duke's chocolates.

Al had given me a pair of diamond earings.

Wow, were they expensive!

But I felt a little weird, he spent so much money on me when he used to give me a card or chocolates in the past Christmases.

So it was the start of something new.

For some reason time decided to fly only on the day I wanted it to go slow. So unfair.

The only person who could get my mind off it was Al and even that was a bet unnerving because I wanted to look good for him.

I wanted to be graceful and confident for him.

I wish my life was easier.

That afternoon I was a nervous wreck.

Rose tried to comfort me "You'll be fine, I'm sure you will"

I felt my stomach jumping up and down, I asked "Why am I so nervous?"
She sighed "Look al doesn't like flashy stuff, he's very simple so you'll be alright"

That did not make me feel better.

Why me?

That evening I wore my peach dress, and my hair up. If I said so I looked pretty good. I wore the least amount of make up I think.

But then again I was nothing compared to Rose, she looked like a goddess.

Her black dress fit brilliantly and her hair made her look amazing.

I smiled when I saw Scorpius's jaw drop.

I turned to look at al who was looking at me like he had never seen me before. Something that had never happened before.

I walked upto him and he smiled. Did I mention how handsome he looked? No well, his dress robes looked gorgeous on him and his hair was just as messy as it would ever be.

I didn't care what the world thought after that, when Al told me I looked beautiful that's all that mattered.

That night was perfect just like every night after that one would be.


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