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Before There Was You

Emmett Cullen did not always have that surname. He was once known as Emmett Dale McCarty. Born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 1915, he had it all, until the day he became a vampire.

"Emmett?" a familiar voice that Emmett had grown to know and love asked. It was around two in the morning in Forks, Washington. Rosalie Hale, Emmett's mate, girlfriend, wife, whatever they were claiming to be at the moment, had began to notice he really was not paying much attention to anything the past few days. "Are you alright?"

She wrapped her arms around his waist when he did not answer at first. When Rosalie waited for Emmett to answer her, she could not help but remember the day she had brought Emmett to Carlisle. She was in Appalachia hunting when she had picked up the scent. It was a mix of both animal and human blood. When Rosalie got there, she found Emmett hanging on to life. A bear had attacked him.

"I'm surprised you haven't asked Edward yet," Emmett finally responded with the laugh that Rose loved.

"Even if I did, he wouldn't tell me. Besides, he's too busy with Bella," Rosalie said, sounding a bit annoyed at the fact.

"He's happy, Rose," Emmett told her.

"Yes, I know," Rosalie replied with a sigh. Emmett turned back around. "You're avoiding my question."

His eyes met hers.

"I was just thinking about before Carlisle changed me," Emmett admitted.

Rosalie looked down and took Emmett's hand.

"It killed me seeing you like that. I couldn't just…" she began to say before Emmett covered her mouth with his hand.

"I know," Emmett said.

She gave a small smile when he uncovered his hand from her mouth.

"What made the memories start coming back?" Rosalie asked.

Emmett walked over to the bed, though it was not there to be slept in, and picked up a newspaper that lay open. The newspaper was from his hometown in Tennessee.

"Is that her?" Rosalie asked, putting to an elderly woman who had passed away.

Emmett nodded. He was shocked when Rosalie had been alright with her keeping up with his past life, and the woman.

"Ellen McCarty, my now late wife," Emmett said.

Even though Emmett had been only twenty when he had been changed, he had been married and had a baby boy. Rosalie began to read.

"Ellen McCarty… she kept her name?" she asked.

"Looks that way," Emmett said.

"Ellen's survived by her son, Kenneth McCarty, 71. Ms. McCarty, 92, died of natural causes this past Saturday," Rosalie read.

"He had just turned one. Now, he's 71," Emmett replied, though it seemed like he was talking to himself. "And I found out he has kids. Kimberly, Thomas, and William."

"Do… do you have any…any great-grandkids?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes, they're…" Emmett began, but he stopped himself. He knew Rosalie wanted a baby of her own, and now she could not. "Sorry."

"Why?" Rosalie asked. "I'm the one that brought it up."

Emmett walked up to her, took the paper out of her hand, threw it on the round, and wrapped his arms around her.

"Yeah, but I know how much you wanted a baby," he said, and for a moment, it look like he would cry if he could.

Emmett was not the type to break down like this, but sometimes his past life got to be too much.

"Are you going to be okay?" Rosalie asked.

"Yeah," Emmett nodded. He smiled and pulled her into a kiss. "Come on."

They exited their bedroom to join the rest of their family.