The Slaves

The sun had just risen above the mountains in Hyrule Field.
The birds were singing, water was flowing in the stream and people were traveling from their home to their jobs.
Everything was as usual, they though!

Suddenly people began to scream. The outbreak of chaos, people screamed and ran when they saw the Moblins come riding towards them from Hyrule Field.

People ran in panic, wondering what the heck was going on. Suddenly the sky went completely dark and it started to rain.

People noticed a figure among the moblins and got more panic because they all saw who this character was: Ganondorf.

But how could he be back?

The Hero of Time had killed him.

So how was it possible that he was here now?

Ganondorf was riding against the people who ran for their life from him and the rest of his theme.

A little girl of about 12 years ran in panic trying to escape the one Moblin who persecuted her.
She ran as fast as she could but gasped when she fell to the ground after crashing into a stone.
The girl screamed in horror when the moblin was upon her and beat her unconscious before he then lifted her up and left Hyrule Field through a dark portal.

In the woods not far from Hyrule Field was a young man, he was 19 years old. This young man had blond hair, blue eyes and a green tunic.

In Hyrule was this man was known as Link the Hero of Time.
Everybody knew who he was and where he lived and what he stood for.

Link sat on a stone. He was on his way home from Hyrule Castle. He had just been talking with Zelda about something important.

Link sighed and looked down to his arms while he was thinking aloud.

"It is so quiet these days, what should I do when there is something to save or no once to run away from?"

Suddenly Link leaped up, he listened. He heard screaming, running and galloping from Hyrule Field.
Link pulled himself together, took out his sword and shield before he ran towards Hyrule Field.

It took Link about 3-5 minutes to run back to Hyrule Field and the sight that met him there shocked him. Everyone ran in panic from Moblins that came riding against them.
Link noticed that those who were caught were picked up unconscious before they disappeared into a dark portal.
Link took a deep breath before he ran against the people to try and help them before they were captured.

What do Moblins wants with people from Hyrule Field Link thought as he ran against a young boy who was about to be caught.

Link knew he would not be able to reach the boy in time so he took out a arrow and his bow and shot the dinosaur that was about to take him.

The boy screamed when he saw the dinosaur stretch out his arm to take him but stopped and looked down.

The dinosaur noticed the arrow he had sticking out of his heart, he fell on the ground and did not move anymore.
The boy looked around for his rescuer and saw Link standing there with his bow and arrow in his arm.

Link ran toward the boy.

"Are you okay?"Link asked.
The boy looked up at Link, and answered

"y.. ye. I'm fine, Link you must help us. These monsters are taking people to the prisoners and disappeared through the portal there"

The boy pointed to the black cloud.

"I know, I promise that I will do my best," said Link as he put an arm on the boys shoulder.

"Run home, lock the door and don`t come out until you know it's over," said Link to the boy.

The boy nodded and ran in the center of Hyrule.
Link sighed and was about to stand up when he felt a pain in the back of his head.

Link looked around one last time before he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Ganondorf rode on his horse and gave orders to his group.
"Catch as many as possible and return to the Dark World"
They all nodded and rode away.

Ganondorf watched the whole scene with a big smile on his face.
He turned and looked at the dark cloud and laughed.
If this is not a good enough reward, then I don`t know, Ganondorf thought to himself.

But there was one thing Ganondorf could not understand where was Link?
Ganondorf had promised his most trusted servant to bring Link to him as a reward for the hard work he and the rest of his gang had done.

But where was he? Ganondorf looked around and tried to separating Link from the rest of the people.

Ganondorf begun to grin when he noticed Link at the end of Hyrule Field.
Ganondorf noticed Link who saving a little pathetic boy.

Ganondorf got off his horse and started to walk towards Link with a wooden stock in his hand.

His servant had wanted to take advantage out of Link himself but since he was told that they were going to attack when it still was sun outside, he could not join.
He had then gone and cursed himself for a week after because he could not move out into the sunlight.

Ganondorf picked up the wooden stock ready to hit Link. He saw the young boy get up and run into the center of Hyrule while Link was about to stand up.

Ganondorf hit Link in the back of his head and watched as Link fell on to the ground.
He laughed, picked up Link and went back to the horse and then disappears into the Dark World again.

"NGH" Link looked around to try and figure out where he was and what was going on. He groaned when he noticed he was in a cell.
Link could hardly see anything because of the dark around him.
Link stood up and walked over to the cell door and shouted out.

"Hello is there anyone here?" Link was not shocked when he got no answer. He sighed, bent his head and went back to sit down and figure out an escape plan.

After what felt like hours for Link, he suddenly hears footsteps coming closer.
Link sat up and waited for the person to opening the door to his cell.

Link watched as the door to his cell shoot up and in came two dinosaur-like creatures. They walked straight to Link, lifted him up and forced him to go to the door.

Link tried to break free but he only got hit in his stomach instead, he groaned in pain.

"Do not think about it boy" said one creature to Link as he grabbed his arm.

Link groaned and began to tremble.

Link was led out of the cell, through a long hall, up a long stair and through a large door.

Link looked around in the room and thought "wow this place is big"
Link was taken to the middle of the room where many of the other prisoners also stood.
Link noticed that they looked terrified, everybody was shaking and looked down at the floor.

The dinosaur led Link to the end and tied up his arms behind his back and used a kind of magical energy so Link was forced to stand still.

"Do not think that this is over jet," Link said angrily back to the dinosaur who just laughed at him and went to the end of the room leaned against the wall.

Link tried and break free.

"There is no point Link, we have been here for half an hour now and we are still here" Link looked up and down to the woman who had talked to him.
"Well it's always worth a try," Link replied back and tried to smile at her.
She smiled back at him and looked down at the floor again.

"What's going on?" Link asked.
"I heard the monsters talk about that they were going to choose one servant for themselves "
Link trembled with the thought of being a servant to a dinosaur in the Dark World forever.

"It's going to be fine," Link said back to her in an attempt to calm her.

Suddenly the door slammed opened and in came everything from dinosaurs to ghosts.
Link noticed that they went on line.

Link sighed and looked down into the ground to avoid seeing who was walking in to the room. He closed his eyes in a hope that all this was just a dream.

When the doors closed Link decided to look up to who had entered the room.

Those who had entered were now on in front of us, they all faced the prisoners, grinning evil to them.

Why do they just standing there, Link thought to himself.

"WELCOME EVERYBODY" Link jumped and looked in the direction where the voice had come from and to Links fear it was Ganondorf who was talking.

Ganondorf went to stand in the middle of the room so everyone could see him, his eyes stopped a moment at Link and he smiled and continued.

"You are all well aware of what will happen." Ganondorf said.
His team nodded and looked at each other and grinned.

"Good, let us now explain our beloved slaves what should happen next" Ganondorf turned towards the prisoners and began to tell them what was going on.

"What is about to happen next is that everybody from my side shall chose one of you guys as there slave, any questions?"
Ganondorf looked around and noticed that Link was about to say something and he interrupted.

Ganondorf looked at Link who just stared back at him annoyed, but said nothing.

"good,"said Ganondorf.
"Now let us begi..."
Ganondorf was suddenly interrupted by the door ho was thrown up and in came...

Link's eyes widened in pure fear when he saw Dark Link walking towards the rest of the gang and stooped at the end of the line with his arms crossed over her chest.

"Dark Link" Dark Link looked up at Ganondorf who stood there and looked irritated down on his servant, waiting for a explanation to why he was so late for this selection.

"I'm sorry master. I did not find my keys to my door "everybody on his side began and laugh of the excuse Dark Link gave for being late.
Ganondorf just stared at him before he turned to the rest and continued.
"As I have understood all off you here have decided for whom you are going to choose, but I still suggest everybody to go one by one and pick up your slave and not all at once"
"So why not just start at the end here," said Ganondorf, and pointed at the end of the hall where Dark Link was not standing.

Link looked up and noticed that Dark Link standing with his arms crossed and looked at him with a big grin on his face.
Link trembled and tried to avoid meeting his eyes.

Link knew what was in store. He looked down at the floor, concentrating on the power of Din Fire.
He had to get away.

Dark Link was staring at Link: he could not wait to grab Link, forcing him to go with him to his home and begin to torture him.

Link concentrated of all the power of Din Fire before he roared it out in the air.
"DINS FIRE" a ball of fire formed around Link it brooked the magic the dinosaur had on him, removed the rope that was tied around his arm, leaving Link without any obstacles to get away, (he thought)

Link ran as fast as his feet would carry him into the hallway, he slammed the door shoot and ran down the hall.
When Link was almost at the end of the hall, he heard the door to the hall go up followed by a roar from Dark Link

Link turned in horror and saw Dark Link running after him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Link yelled in horror as he ran for his life.
Dark Link laughed and forced his feet to run faster. He saw Link disappearing through a door and he heard the lock go around.

Dark Link stopped at the door, closed my eyes and slid into the mind of Link.
He ran down the stairs, three floors, into a door and through a new hall.
Dark Link opened his eyes with a big grin on his face and disappeared through the floor.

He came up from the floor again in the same hall where Link was and he quickly hide behind a statue.

He heard Link come running and jumped from behind the statue.

Link screamed in horror and panicked. He was about to turn around and run but Dark Link jumped on him and forced him down on the floor.

"NGH" Link tried to break free while Dark Link just laughed.
He grabbed his arms and forced them behind his back and tied them there.

Dark Link stood up and lifted Link up.

"Now let us go home, shall we?" Dark Link started to go with Link to his room.

Link groaned and tried and the break free from the grip Dark Link had around him.

Dark Link rolled his eyes.
"Stand still LINK!" Dark Link hit Link in the stomach with his fist and Link gasped for air.

"Let me go," said Link.

"You belong to me now Link" Link trembled when he felt Dark Link breathing him in the ear.

Dark Link pulled Link on his hair.
"Tell me who you belong to"

"NHG" Link tried with all his power and keep his tears back.

"NOW?" Dark Link pulled harder on his hair, and Link groaned in pain.

"You, Dark Link," said Link and lowering his head.

"You are right Link" Dark Link laughed and continued to go with Link to his room.

Dark Link opened the door to his room and went in with Link. He threw Link on his bed, turned towards the door and cast a magic on it so Link could not escape.

Link sighed heavily as he looked at Dark Link, he closed his eyes and sighed.

Dark Link removed the sword and shield and locked it in a closet before he walked to Link.

"Stand up" Link looked up and saw Dark Link standing over him.
"STAND UP" Link hesitated but finally stood up.

He gasped when Dark Link began to touching him. He saw Dark Link pick up a small knife, he raised it to Links face and made a large cut on his skin.

"NHG" Link shuddered and closed his eyes, tried to avoid screaming in pain.

"you like it Link?" Dark Link throw Link on the bed again. He grabbed his arms and lifted them above his head, then he spread out his legs. Dark Link took out a rope and tied his arms over his head and his feet on the bed.

Link tried to break free. He gasped, opened her eyes and looked down. Dark Link had begun to bring his fingers up and down his manhood. Link gasped and tried to break free.
Dark Link just laughed and continued, he saw that his body had begun to tremble and he grinned.

"Now, Link let me explain the rules in this house, you are not allowed to move out of the room without me, you are only allowed to use the toilet 2 times itch day and you will do everything I am telling you, understood ? "
"Just wait Dark L..., AAAAAAH"
Dark Link took a hold on Links cock causing Link to try to curl himself up.
"I said, is that understood?"

Link hesitated before he finally nodded.

"Good, now get some sleep, I am just going to get some torture devises and then I will be back. Don`t try anything stupid Link "
Dark Link stood up and walked towards the door, he turned and saw Link lie down with his back to him.
Dark Link smiled and left Link alone.

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