The Slaves chapter 14.

Malon and Zelda had been waiting for something to happen, someone to come for close to two hours.. The sky had turned from dark to more dark by those hours and the weather had also turned more cold. Malon and Zelda were sitting down, close to eachooter and tried to keep eachooter warm.. which wasn't easy at all since the wind was getting stronger and stronger by the minute, At last it felt like that.

Malon shivered and allowed for a deep, tired sigh to leave her lips as she looked over at Zelda with wide eyes.
"how much longer ? " Malon asked with a little bit of worry in her voice.
Zelda didn't answer and just continued to look up at the sky while holding Malon close to her, she could clearly feel that she was shivering.. Zelda, however was a princess and a part of her was a goddness as well, she was used to the cold so it didn't effect her so much.
After a while with silence, Zelda looked over at Malon and even Malon could see that Zelda seemed to worry.
"It has been two hours now so I believe... it should be over soon.. I don't understand what is taking so long though "
Zelda sighed a bit and took out the smal piece which was left from the master sword and they both went quiet and just listened to nothing, waiting for something to happen.

After another half hour they could both hear a huge bang which made both of them stand up a bit frightened. Malon stared over at Zelda with the same face she was always having when she got panicked.
"what in the world was that ? " she asked a bit annoyed and scared.
Zelda stared at Malon and her eyes slowly narrowed as she took out her sword and walked for the edge to look down.. The portal (which had been dark two hours earlier) was now much bigger and it was mixed with both black and red flames..
Malon stepped closer and looked over the edge as well, Groose also came running over to look
"what did you two do ? " He asked a bit worried and stared from one girl to the other.
Both of them looked over at Groose with an annoyed look before all of them looked back down at the dark/red portal.

Malon looked over at them again and then down at the portal "is that a possitive thing ? I mean.. is it over now ? "
Zelda and Groose looked over at her with a weird look while Malon just looked back at them and raised her eyebrow "what ? isn't it allowed to hope at last ? "
She sighed while Groose and Zelda both nodded.

The three of them looked down at the portal again and just waited... After about a minute or somehing they saw someone step out of the ring.
He was clothed in white and red and at first Malon believed that he was a girl until she was that he didn't have any boobs.

Groose's eyes widdened in worry as he saw the male step out before his leader also stepped out. This man or demon was much taller and much more scarier too.
His forms had changed since he first made the portal and accepted Link's challange for a battle.
The last time Groose saw him, he had red/yellow/orange flaming hair but now he was changed.. which had to mean... Zelda's soul had been eaten and was probably lost forever.
The demon king was now having dark hair (which still looked like flames ) and his skin had also turned darker, his eyes were no longer red but black and yellow.. Like a snake.
THe demon king looked over himself to the portal again as Link stepped out.. However he was in chains.. which wasn't correct at all. (at last not for Zelda, Malon and Groose )

Zelda's eyes widdened as she looked at Groose and then over at Malon "this is not good.. seems like he has losened ! "
Groose looked down with worry in his eyes and before he could manage to jump down the edge, Zelda grabbed him and pulled him back "you crazy! the fall along would hurt you badly! "

"Girl! Link has helped us a lot ! now it is about time we help him as well ! or do you have a better plan if I may ask ? ! "
Zelda and Groose continued to fight for minutes while Malon was more busy at watching the demons on the buttom of this backyard.
"will you two please shut up please !" She turned around after five minutes and was having a really deep and annoyed face "You are standing there and both of you are wishing to help Link ! however non of you are REALLY helping him are you ? ! "
Both of them stopped fighting and looked over at Malon with shock. They sighed and moved away from eachooter for now

"Im sorry Malon.. your right." Zelda sighed and walked back to look over the edge and down to the ground of it "seems like they are coming up.. which isn't good at all... " Zelda looked over her shoulder at Groose once more "Get the old lady away from here, if she is an important role in this, I believe her safity is as important as the others"
Groose nodded and quickly ran off and into the room, the last thing they both could hear was Groose walking through the gate of time.

The two girls just stood there and now and then looked over the edge to figure out how far they had come "we need to save Link.. but there is no way we can do it like this ! " Zelda looked at Malon with an stern look.
She moved to stand behind Malon and pointed at the monsters and all kinds of creatures walking both behind the leader (s) and infront.

"Maybe we could kill a few monsters and dress ourself as them and then.. "
Malon didn't manage to finish the sentence before she was meet with a stare from Zelda and... it wasn't a negative stare, It seemed like she actually liked that idea which was a bit scary.
Malon stared back at her and shaked her head like crazy while holding up her pointing finger "no! no no no no no no no no ! "
Zelda just smiled and took Malon's hand before she ran for the closest and biggest stone she could find "all we have to do is make a few monsters interested or curious to what might be behind the stone and then attack them before dressing ourself in their clothes"
Malon stared at Zelda in shock and terror while she smiled at the end of Zelda's sentence "that is a great idea... "
Zelda smiled and looked happily supriced at Malon "really ?! it really is ? ! "
she almost jumped into the air of excitment as she looked at Malon, However Malon just looked back at her and shaked her head "it was sarcasm, Zelda.. " she sighed a bit and Zelda couldn't keep a sigh from escaping her lips either.

After a little while Malon looked back at Zelda with wide worried eyes "but the fact is... what kind of other choises do we have ? " Zelda looked at her and couldn't help but be a bit worried as well, she nodded and made Malon look back up at her after she had looked down with an depressed sigh.
"we can do this Malon.. those creatures aren't one of the smartest.. we can easily knock them out or maybe kill them without problems.. the problem is to get their attention without anyone else in their group getting suspicious. "

Malon looked from Zelda and over to the other side of the mountain were the enemies were at the moment. She slowly nods and looks over at Zelda again "and... how are we going to do that ? " Zelda keeps her eyes on Malon for a while before turning her back to her, looking at the enemies as well.. She bows her head for a bit before looking over her shoulder at Malon "Im still working on that part "
She slowly looks back at the enemies again while her eyes is mixed on the hero, who is walking behind the demon king and his sword himself: Ghirahim.. The hero was walking with his hands bound in a tick thread and with his eyes bounded as well, that way he couldn't see where they were going.
Zelda sighed from behind the stone as she kept watching the poor boy, he looked so confused and not to mention worried and scared. They had to get him out of this. Somehow!
they really needed too.
While half worrying about this Link and this timeline war ending she still couldn't stop worry about their own timeline Link.. She looked a bit down while whispereing "oooh, Link.. may you be okay " Her eyes narrowed as she slowly looked up again and watched the enemies come closer and closer, their time was running out and they soon needed a plan.


In another time and another timeline Link was still working on the dinner part..After using ten minutes on trying to look for a cooking book he had givven up and just started on what he could finish without it, with his nerves on top of course.
His time was almost out was starting to worry him a lot.
He sighed behind the kitchen bench while removing a little sweat from his forehead. The kitchen was looking more messy now than before he had gotten there and cleaned up the stuff that already was there.. He felt like he had failed this dinner so many times at the moment, at last he had managed to make one thing right; the salad... The rest however was a complete disaster at the moment.

Link bowed his head and slowly falled down by the kitchen doors "it's no use.. Im never going to be able to finish this"
He sighed yet again and placed his hands and head on his knees while he curled up a bit.
"there is no use.. Im never gonna make this " he sighed yet again and slowly closed his eyes before he heard a voice enter the room. His ears perked as he heard that well knowing voice.. It was dark and had a little bit of chuckling laughter too it as well.
Link slowly looked up from his spot and noticed a figure flying in the air.
It was covered in shadow and it's eyes were yellow with a little piece of red in the middle.
The shadow continued to chuckle and half laugh while it danced around in the air, like it was without a single worry in the world.
"heh heh heh.. such a strange thing that I would meet you here.. how pleasing" It stopped up infront of Link's face while smiling.
The shadow poked Link's nose a few times before taking a few step away from the fallen hero. Always keeping it's eyes on the boy.
"I do believe you remember me, don't you ? At last you better be.. since I remember you... no matter how clumsy you were.. heh heh heh "
Link looked at the shadow and sighed a bit in annoyence when he was called clumsy.
"h-how can you be here ? " He slowly asked while shaking his head a bit, still trying to get over the shock.
"my my.. you are really a dumb hero aren't you ? heh heh, Only looking at me should give you the answer you are looking for, boy " she turned all the way around while doing some sort of a dance.
Link however couldn't do anything but stare at the shadow girl as she continued to fly around without a thought in her mind.
"dumb dumb hero... Im a shadow.. Since Ganondorf returned and got stronger again, all of the shadows got weaker and needed to leave our owners to survive. The futher we stay away from Ganondorf.. the weaker we get.. Ganondorf's power and the spirit of his body is what keep us alive.. With him this strong.. The shadows doesn't have a change of escaping.. Don't think that you are the only one who get to feel the pain of his return and him getting stronger"

Link continued to watch the creature as it talked but once it was done he couldn't do anything else but be silent and think.
After a few minutes with silent he slowly looked up again with an serious face "Can you help me then ? Or was there another reason for you to come back and seak me at this hour of the day...


Shadow of Midna? "

The Shadow grinned even more than before as she flied closer to the hero's face again "well... I believe I own you something in return for what you did for me... Don't I, hero..? heh heh heh "


Sneak peek of the next chapter:

-Zelda looked over her own shoulder and kept her eyes on Malon as best as she could.. their plan hadn't gone as well as they had hoped and it seemed like they were going to pay for that if they didn't act like the rest of the minions.. however Zelda couldn't help but worry over Malon.. As she was working on a farm, she could make the other minions or even the demons suspicious because of the smell.. She needed to act fast if it ever was to come to that. Another plan needed to be made.-

-The shadow of the twilight princess flew across the guest and other shadows.. She had promised to at last help the hero with one thing for now.. If she helped him more than that, she would get trouble. However looking for a stupid cooking book wasn't an easiest thing and the time was also starting to run out. In one and a half hour the dinner was suppose to be ready and... heh heh.. she didn't want to miss her own dinner.
After flying around for a few minutes.. she finally found the library door. If it wasn't a cooking book in there... She sighed a bit and flew through the door to continue her seach.-

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