Chapter 5: Guns & Meadows

It has been three weeks since the fight. Katrina hasn't seen or heard from her mother. She isn't complaining though. The pain has eased up and is almost bearable now. Slowly, Katrina is able to move again. Andrew has been coming to the hospital every day and sitting with Katrina. She has gotten very fond of him. But she is scared to ask if he feels the same. The door to Katrina's room slowly creaks open.

"Hello?" Katrina asks.

"Guess what," Andrew's voice asks, drifting around the corner. "It's your lucky day!" he finishes happily.

Andrew bounds around the corner in complete happiness. He is wearing a black tux and is carrying a sparkly light pink dress.

"What's going on?" Katrina asks eyeing the dress.

"You are going home. Well, after I take you to dinner and a movie of course!" he replies, beaming.

"Don't you think that is a little fancy for the movies?" Katrina asks laughing.

"Maybe. But this is a big deal for me. It's not everyday I can take a pretty girl on a date."

Katrina can't help but smile.

"Paperwork." the nurse practically sings as she dances into the room. "How are you feeling?" she asks, checking and re-checking all of Katrina's vitals.

"I fel like running." Katrina replies smiling.

"You always say that." replies the nurse, laughing.

"I miss racing the wind." Katrina says, closing her eyes.

"Well I am pretty sure is you ask nicely, your handsome friend over there will take you wherever you want to go."

Katrina smile at Andrew. He is standing at the back of the room trying to stay out of the nurse's way. He has his arms crossed in front of his chest ans is blue eyes are shining with anticipation. His hair is getting long and it drops in his eyes like a mini- shield. Katrina loves to just look at him. Every time, he takes her breath away.

The nurse helps Katrina sit up and then stand. Katrina feels unbalanced and heavy with her cast on. Katrina takes two unsure steps then collapses on the floor.

"Are you okay?" Andrew asks, worriedly helping her up.

"I'm fine! I just feel like I am drunk or something." Katrina replies, laughing.

"Maybe you should just take her home for tonight." the nurse suggests, watching Katrina with cobvious amusement.

Andrew just smiles.

Five minutes later Katrina is wheeled down to Andrew's car in a wheelchair. Andrew helps her stumble into the car and buckle up.

"Are we going to go to dinner now?" Katrina asks, looking at Andrew with hopefulness.

Andrew smiles as an idea forms in his head. "In a way." Andrew says, watching Katrina's face turn into confusion. Andrew starts the car and pulls out onto the highway. It doesn't take but a few minutes for Katrina to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The softness of what Katrina is laying on makes her smile contently as she begins to wake. Katrina stretches out ans moans softly. Andrew gently brushes the stray strands of hair from Katrina's face. Her eyes flutter open and she smiles.

"You are just so beautiful." Andrew whispers.

Without replying Katrina reaches up and softly runs her fingers down his face. He closes his eyes at her touch. Katrina reaches up and gracefully presses her lips to his. Andrew gasps and looks at Katrina with shock. Instantly her face grows deep red. Andrew thinks shw looks incredibly adorable when she is embarrassed and shy. Andrew hesitates only for a second before he pulls Katrina close and gives her one long passionate kiss.

Katrina feels that she is going to die. Her heart is beating faster than she has ever inagined it could. She had kissed Andrew. She can't believe that she did that. Andrew had completely freaked. At least thats what it had seemed like to her. He looked completely confused and shocked. Then he pulled her close and kissed her. It had been tha most magical thing.

Andrew pulls Katrina closer to him and holds her. Katrina closes her eyes and lays her head in the curve of his neck.

"You are warm." Katrina mumbles.

Andrew laughs. The sound fills Katrina as happiness flows through her. She refuses to admit it, but she loves the sound. Suddenly, Andrew starts to tickle Katrina. She falls to the ground laughing. She reaches up and attempts to push Andrew off but he jumps up.

"What's..." Andrew's hand is suddenly over her mouth.

"Shhhhhhhhh..." he breaths.

Katrina is confused. What is he doing? There was a rustle. Katrina turns to the sound's origin. A tall man is waking out of the woods on the side of the clearing Katrina and Andrew are laying in currently. The man looks mad and very threatening. He takes slow sure steps towards them. Katrina is terrified.

"What are you doing here?" Andrew asks through clenched teath.

The man smiles. Andrew removes his hand from Katrina and then stands up protectively in front of her.

"She is very beautiful." the man says, a smile creeping across his face.

Andrew tenses. "You won't touch her." he spats.

"We will just see what I will and will not do." the man replies.

The man pulls a gun out of his jacket and points it directly at Katrina's head. Katrina freezes. Her breath catches in her lungs.

"You won't shoot her." Andrew breaths.

"Oh, won't I?" the man stops advancing and watches Andrew and Katrina.

"What do you want?" Andrew asks, sounding defeated.

"You will do exactly what I say or your pretty little friend here will die. Understand?" the man says, glaring at Andrew.

Andrew lifts his head and looks the man directly in the eye. "I understand."