Author's Note: Hey people!. I love the movie Monte Carlo, and seen that there wasn't very much Theo/Grace stories, so I decided to write my own. I am not exactly sure how long this one will run, maybe a couple of chapters, but please read it and I am open to any suggestions you might have. This is my first time writing a Monte Carlo fic so please be kind. I hope you enjoy it :).

While the whole ballroom was in an uproar over the imposter Cordelia, I however watched with a heavy heart as Theo disappeared into the crowd. I could tell, just by the way that my son, Theo, suddenly stormed out of the room, that he was terribly upset to learn that the young girl he had fallen in love with had lied to him about her identity this whole time. It was heartbreaking to see him in so much pain. It is true that it was all a shock, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit angered by it all, however, I am glad that Theo didn't fall for the snobby heirness that we were all supposed to be accompanying. Despite keeping up a false identity, Grace Bennett seemed to be a genuine, down to earth girl, much more refreshing than these aristocrat types, and I could tell she fell for my son as hard as he had for her, I am just sorry that they had to meet like this. I only wish he was not an aristocrat and she a lowly girl from Texas. However, she had a good heart, and good head on her shoulders, smart, outgoing and pretty, and as I continued to hear her heartwarming speech about why she did what she ,I could see why Theo fell in love with her.

Luckily, it all worked out in the end, except for Grace and Theo. Once the crowd settled, and Grace turned Cordelia's necklace over to her aunt, Grace and her two friends confronted me, "We're very sorry to have caused you any trouble" Grace said, her eyes filled with sincerity and unfallen tears, however, I could tell she was trying to mask her pain. "You don't have to worry about it anymore, mon cheri" I said, placing a comforting hand on the young girl's shoulder. "It was not your fault. You saw an oppurtunity, and you took it, you brought harm to no one" I assured her, though the words hit Grace harder than I thought, as she lowered her head possibly to hide the tears that were probably running down her face. Though after a moment, when she faced me once more, there was non a tear stain. Maybe she was a better actress than I thought. "Perhaps, we should get you back to your home, yes?" I suggested, offering a kind smile.

"Oh, you don't have to go through anymore trouble" Grace piped up once more, "Not all we put you through". "Grace, he's offering! and you never pass up an offer!" Grace's blonde friend muttered, the brunette bumped her however, giving her a staredown. I had to chuckle at the three of them while they bickered, for Americans they were pretty funny. "It is the least I could do for you" I told them, hushing them in a moment. "After all, you did raise alot of money for the foundation. You were a great influence, Grace Bennet. Thank you so very much" I told her, took her hand and kissed it in thanks.

"I will leave you to gather your stuff, my driver and I will meet you out front" I said, and took my leave and making my way through the crowd. I tried to find Theo, hoping that he would be sulking somewhere near by, that I could somehow convince him to give Grace a proper goodbye before she is whisked off to the states, however, there was no sign of my stubborn son anywheres, and still no appearance by the time that the three girls appeared through the revolving doors of the Hotel de Paris with their things. I watched silently as Grace and her blonde friend said goodbye to the brunette and her Australian companion, the blonde and her boyfriend getting in my awaiting car as Grace turned back to me. "Please tell Theo I said goodbye" she said, sadness and regret in her voice. "I will be sure to", I assured her, still hoping he would appear out of no where. Before she turned to leave, she stopped and continued, "And tell him he was right" she began. "I am different".

I offered her some condolance, "He knows that", I stepped forward and took her arms, "But I will tell him", I said with a sad smile, which she returned before getting into the car. Once, she was settled, I closed the door over and watched as the car pulled away, the three of us waving to them as they disappeared into the distance. I turned back to the remaining couple, "Au revoir" the brunette said, I bid them goodbye as they too walked off, her arm slung around his middle and her head against his shoulder. As I watch them walk off, I can't help but wish the same kind of love for Theo.

And he could have had that, had he stopped Grace from leaving, or atleast showed up to bid her goodbye and confessed his love or something. Sadly, my strong headed son was not one for the romance, and now I fear he has given up that chance to be with Grace, the only real girl that he has ever really cared for, maybe even loved. God knows when they will ever meet again. That is when I suddenly had a thought: I shall bring them back together myself!.

Author's Note: Hey. So, like I said at the top, I'm not really sure how long its gonna run, but I dont plan on making it this really big story, but we shall see. If any of you are my Diary of a Freak readers, I apologize for not keeping up with the story, I kinda got out of writing and have been really busy. However, if any of you are still waiting, I will keep it up again. Again, I am open to suggestions :).Thank you for reading, and please review.