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~Grace's POV~

After spending the most perfect night with Theo Marchand, it didn't take long for me to fall into a wonderful sleep, filled with images of my amazing night with the equally amazing boy.

I was at the part where we were at my door, and Theo was leaning in slowly to press his soft lips to mine, when I was rudely awakened by a shrill ringing. I instantly jumped from my confines of my comforter, and still disoriented from my sleep, I began searching for the source of the ringing.

It took me a moment to realize that it was my phone ringing from its place on my nightstand table, and took a moment to glance over at my clock beside it; 7:15. Who could be calling me this early?, I thought to myself grudgingly. Its probably Mom calling to check up on me again, I thought as I unwillingly pulled off my covers enough so I could maneuver myself so that I could reach over to the night stand table.

Still half asleep, I picked my still ringing phone, and without even glancing at the display, pressed the answer button on the screen, and placed it to my ear, "Hello?" I tried to make myself sound as alert as possible, but I must have failed miserably because next I heard in her thick Texan accent,

"Well, good morning to you too, sugar" , I snapped up at the unmistakable voice of my blonde haired friend, the one that I considered a big sister, whom I share everything with, including the unexpected but amazing trip to Monte Carlo, Emma.

"Emma? Oh my god, hi! How are you?" I stumbled over my words I was so excited, which earned a chuckle from the other end of the line. "I'm just peachy, darlin'. What about you? How's Romania treating you, girl? She asked, my heart skipping that she sounded just like how she did when I left, oh how I missed her!.

I chuckled before answering, "I'm great! I love it here! The people and kids are so awesome, Em. And I'm learning so much" I say sincerely, I heard her chuckling again, "Though I do miss you guys, and home" I say, my voice dropping.

"I know, sugar. It's not the same around here without you. Even Meg and I are getting along" she said, sounding just as surprised saying it, as I was to hear it, both of us giggling. "Well, guess that random trip to Monte Carlo did you guys good" I joked, earning a scoff from the blonde, and I could tell that she had rolled her eyes too.

"Speaking of Monte Carlo…" I could already tell where she was going with this just by the tone she used, my heart started jumping, "Heard your man showed up unannounced in Romania and you guys hooked up last night", my thoughts replayed last night, and how wonderful it was to see Theo again and making up after it killing me to leaving Monte Carlo and him on a bad note.

"Must have been a pretty good date if you didn't call me back last night" she said, her tone suggesting we were up to naughty things, things that I would never do, my face growing hot at the thought.

"First of all, he's not my man.." emphasizing my point, "And it was only a date, he surprised me with a picnic in the moonlight" I said, my tone becoming dreamy, ignoring her giggling in my ear, "Ouuu! Very romantic!. The boy still has the hots for you I see!" I felt my face burn at her words, "Is he still ding, dang, delicious?" she asked in her thick accent, I was instantly brought back to when she had whispered that the first night we were in Monte Carlo heading to the Prince's ball.

"Yes, Emma. He's as delicious as ever" I chuckled, playing along with her teasing. My ear drum suddenly filled with Emma's squealing, and I had to hold my cell phone arm's length away to prevent my ear drum from exploding.

After a few minutes, I was able to calm her down long enough to ask about Meg and her doings. Emma told me about their trip to Machu Picchu, which they apparently had a blast on, and did some more traveling around South America before coming home.

When they finally came back, Mom and Dad finally met Riley, Emma explaining they were a little skeptical about her meeting some Australian in Paris and "running off with him" as they put it. However, they took a liking to him and approved of him, and are making plans to continue backpacking sometime in the winter, though for now, Meg is staying with Mom and Dad, and Riley has gone back to Australia to be see his family and friends, but promised to be back for Thanksgiving. I was so happy to hear that Meg and Riley had an awesome trip, suddenly really missing her and home a lot.

I also asked Emma about her and Owen, she and her beau moved into a small house not far from us, and I was excited to hear they were planning a wedding for the summer. "Oh my god, Emma, congratulations!" I shrieked back into the receiver, I heard Emma giggling uncontrollably on the other end. "I mean, he had proposed just before we left for Paris but then I didn't think he was serious about it.

Then one night, I come home from the diner to the lights all turned down, my man all gussied up in a black tux, sitting at a candle-lit dinner waiting for me. I nearly dropped dead when he dropped down on one knee, Grace, you have no idea!" I could hear her tearing up at her own words, which caused a smile to spread across my face, my heart swelling.

Around Texas, they were known as one of those couples that had been together forever, and everyone suspected they would be together forever. However, after what happened between them before we left for Paris, her falling for Prince Dominic and her pouring her heart out to me at the hotel one night, I was overjoyed to hear that Emma had finally gotten her happily ever after.

"That's awesome, I'm so happy for you!" I said sincerely through my smile, it seemed like she couldn't stop giggling herself. We chatted for a few more minutes before I was surprised by a rapping at my door. Glancing over, I saw Rachel pop her strawberry blonde head in the doorway, her eyes landing on me still sitting on the bed in my pink shorts and white tank top, before lifting her arm to silently tapping the watch on her wrist, before closing the door behind her.

Confused, I glanced over at my bedside table, my eyes growing wide as I realized it was almost eight and we had to be down to the classroom by eight thirty. I quickly got to my feet, making my way over to my dresser for clothes, and interrupting Emma in the middle of her telling me a story about Owen trying to fix some broken pipe in their new home, only to get a face full of water; he was always trying to be the handyman.

"I wish I could stay and talk, Em. But I really have to go, class starts in half an hour" I rushed out, I heard her sigh on the other end of the phone, and my heart dropped, I hated disappointing my friends.

"Alright Grace, I understand" she said, but I could tell she didn't want to let me go. If I could, I would be able to stay on the line with Emma easily for the whole day, however, I knew I had to get ready for school, I stopped in my search through my dressers at the strange thought, never thought I would ever say that again.

"But I will call you later, and we can finish our little chat" I said cheerfully, hoping it would brighten her too, which apparently she did, because she agreed excitedly. "Now, don't you forget us because of your French beau over there" she teased, I merely giggled as I pulled on a fresh pair of shorts. "I could never forget you, Emma" I said, not even if I tried could I forget the energetic blonde. "Alright, have a good day, darlin. I want to hear all about your adventures later" she said sternly, causing me to giggle as I pulled a bra from the top drawer. Promising I'd call her later, we said our goodbyes and quickly pressed the end button on my screen.

Placing the phone ontop of my dresser, I quickly pulled off my tank top, clasped my bra around me and put on a fresh tee before I heard Rachel knock on the door once more. "Come on, Grace. Hurry up, I'm dying of starvation here!" I heard Rachel shout through the door. I rolled my eyes as I snatch up my phone and hurrying over to the door, stepping into my flats, I yanked open the door to see an annoyed looking Rachel.

"Its about time! I think my stomach was about to eat itself" she complained while I closed over my door and locking it."Rach, there are kids here that would kill to live in a house full of food, don't be selfish" I scold her back as we make our way down the hall.

She was silent until we began descending the stairs when she grumbled out a way to make me feel bad, Grace, I merely chuckled and shrugged at her. When we finally made it to the kitchen, we each grabbed an apple and bolted for the door, ignoring all the other volunteers' confused and curious glances.

We both shouted a quick goodbye to Jenny before bolting out the door and into the hot Romanian sun, chatting aimlessly as we half walked-half jogged to the school down the road. We made it into the building a good ten minutes before Ms. Barry started her teachings, the kids helping to organize the classroom, Rachel and I agreeing to help as soon as we walked through the door.

Throughout the day, Rachel and I helped the class with their studies, getting along instantly with the kids. The day seemed to fly by quickly and before I knew it, Ms. Barry was excusing us for lunch. I was gathering my stuff in my locker when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. Thinking it was just Rachel, I continued to dig through my locker, not even turning around.

"Hey Rach, I will just be a second. You can go ahead to lunch, I will be right there" I said. I was surprised to hear a deep chuckle in response before I heard, "I was hoping you could join me for lunch". I turned around, and there standing in all his gorgeousness was Theo Marchand.

A smile instantly graced my lips as I jumped forward, wrapping my arms around him in a tight hug, acting as if I hadn't seen him in months. I heard him chuckle as his arms went around my own waist, leaving me smiling into his silk shirt. "I will take that as a yes then?" he spoke after our brief moment of silence, I pulled away, smiling up brightly at him.

"Of course you can!. I just need to let Ms. Barry know that I'm leaving" I said, reluctantly pulling away from his warm embrace, and beginning to walk towards the class room, Theo following.

Of course, Ms. Barry had no objections, she seemed more than delighted at the idea, in a very motherly way, and sent us on our way, but not after I caught a glance at Rachel out of the corner of my eye, sending me a playful smirk, her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I knew I was in for it when I got back to the classroom, but right now, all I cared about was having lunch with Theo.

I quickly grabbed my purse and jacket from my locker before we walked side by side down the hallway and down the stairs, the silence around us growing irritating, not knowing exactly how to break it,

"So, where are we going?" I asked him, hoping to break the tension. My heart skipped again as Theo turned to smile down at me, I could never get over the feeling of him towering over me, it just made me feel so safe, protected somehow. "I know this great little bistro not far from here" he told me. "So I will get you back in plenty of time" he then joked,

I almost enjoyed not knowing where he was taking me, like it was some kind of adventure, like Monte Carlo. We had driven down in his greyish blue convertible that I remembered from our first meeting, I watched as the trees seemed to fly by, the air was warm even though it whipped around us, and I couldn't help but reach out a hand and let the wind dance with it, a smile spread wide across my face, and eyes closed, just enjoying this wonderful afternoon with Theo.

All too soon, we arrived at a little village I remembered from the tour the other volunteers and I had gotten when we first arrived, I was especially excited, the first time I had seen it we weren't allowed to wander around and get a feel for the small village, but now I was able to get the chance!.

A few minutes later, Theo stopped outside what looked like a little bistro, I could already smell the lovely pasta and various herb seasoned breads from outside. Cutting the engine, Theo immediately hoped out, and taking his lead, I grabbed my purse and was about to open my door, however, Theo already beat me to it, and, not only had it open, but also held out a hand for me to take.

The smile that had recently disappeared now spread even wider across my face, as I accepted his hand, feeling light headed as I felt him pull me from the car and to my feet, I turned to see him shut my door closed, and reach back into the car for the blazer he had taken with him incase he needed it, in one swift movement. With the blazer thrown over one shoulder, Theo smiled down at me, slipping his larger, warmer hand in mine before leading me into the shop, my heart already leaping at the gesture.

~Time Elapse~

The afternoon sun had already hit its peak and descending when Theo and I finally left the Bistro, ice cream cones in hand, giggling to ourselves as we made our way down the street. I had mentioned during our pasta lunch that I had wanted to visit some of the shops in the village, which surprisingly, Theo took an interest to, and agreed whole heartedly, I could tell he already had it in his mind to show me around the place.

So, there we were, strolling hand-in-hand down the street, slurping our ice cream as it began dripping down our hands, but we didn't care, it was hands down, one of the best afternoons I had ever had. I forgot all about the school, and Rachel surely waiting to bombarded me with questions about our date.

I completely forgot about the outside world, beyond the little world Theo and I were currently lost in, that is until, my cell phone ringing from inside my purse interrupted our peace. Groaning, I immediately reached into my purse, feeling around for it, before finally wrapping my slender fingers around it, Rachel's ID flashing on the screen. It was in the form of a text message that read; where are you?! You were supposed to be back over an hour ago!. Hurry back!. And say hi to Theo for me ;).

"Oh, crap" I muttered, before pressing a button on my phone that made the keyboard appear. "What is it? What's wrong?" Theo asked from beside me, seeing my distress. "Oh, Rachel is wondering where I am" I began, typing out a response text to Rachel; Sorry! Lost track of time, I'm on my way! .

I pressed the button on the top of my phone making my cell go black before stuffing it back into my purse. I turned back to Theo, "I was supposed to be back over an hour ago. I'm sorry but we have to go back!" I made sure to emphasize the need to return to the school without upsetting him too much.

Luckily, a smile slowly spread back across his face and I knew he understood. "No problem, I can just drive you back" he said in that sexy accent that made me melt every time! Every time!. Smiling back, we turned on our heels and bolted back down the side walk, dodging pedestrians as we made our way back to the car, which luckily, was just down the road from where we were. Within twenty minutes, the school came into view and I couldn't help feel my heart grow heavy as I knew our afternoon together had come to an abrupt end.

Theo parked the car right in front of the school and cut the engine, the whole car immediately filled with silence, besides the usual sounds of the wildlife. Unbuckling my seat belt, I grabbed the purse at my feet, I turned to smile back at him, hoping it didn't show too much of my disappointment, before turning around to open the door.

My hand had just landed on the handle, when I felt a firm grasp on my right arm. Surprised, I turned to see Theo staring back at me, his dark eyes shining with something unrecognizable, a the left side of his mouth turned up in a smile.

I opened my mouth to question him when he stopped me once more by tightening his grip on my arm, pulling me closer to him until I could feel his soft lips gently brush against mine, my eyes growing twice in size at the feeling, unable to move or even think, it was so pleasant!.

However, before I could unfreeze, I felt Theo pull away, slowly opening his eyes, only to find me staring wide-eyed back at him. He must have misinterpreted my reaction because I could see his expression instantly change to disappointment.

"I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have done that.." he began slowly, "I've just always wanted to do that, ever since showing you the fireworks back in Monte Carlo" he said with a little chuckle, I could feel my heart leap in my chest, my mind instantly flashing back to that magical night. "I'm sorry" he finished, sitting dejectedly in the seat across from me, silence filling the space once more.

It took me a moment to register everything; from him surprising me with our first kiss, him confessing he's wanted to kiss me since Monte Carlo, and him apologizing for it. And yet, I had no regrets, I would have actually kissed him back if he hadn't pulled away.

And with that thought, I quickly leaned forward, wrapping my arms around his neck. I watched for a moment as he looked back at me with a mixture of surprise, confusion and slight hope, I smiled before lessening the space between us, our lips meeting again in a sweet kiss.

This time I felt him freeze up, probably from the shock of my surprise kiss attack, before finally I felt his strong arms wrap around me and pull me even closer towards him as we deepened the kiss. I am not entirely sure how long we sat there, but we were so lost in our own little world, that we couldn't care less.

Once we were in need of air, we reluctantly pulled back, my eyes remained closed, savouring the last taste of one of the sweetest kisses I had ever had. I opened my eyes, instantly meeting Theo's sparkling brown ones, identical smiles spread across both our faces, and I knew we had the same thought; perfect first kiss. With one last, not so short, kiss and a promise to call later, I hoped out of the car, jacket and purse in hand, and made my way to the door of the school.

I turned back one last time to return Theo's wave before watching him drive off into the distance. Sighing in delight, I made my way back into the school, lost in my own little world, heart fluttering at the memories and feelings of what it was like to finally kiss THEO MARCHAND!.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I was completely oblivious to Rachel's constant patronizing of my current state, that is, until she was shouting loudly in my ear, waving a hand in my face. "What?" I asked, shaking myself from my thoughts. Her face merely broke out in a knowing smile, "Giiiirl. You got it bad!" she accused with a laugh, I merely chuckled, before heading over to my locker, depositing my stuff before continuing on with my day, my mind full of thoughts of Theo and our first kiss.

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