DISCLAIMER: I still don't own Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Oh! My Goddess, or any other property which might show up. What I do own is the idea for this story, the concept of the Flower Knights (but not the individual characters who become one), and story elements unique to this tale.

That Old Time Renewal

by Faerie Knight


Well isn't this a fine pickle I'm in. Me, 'man among men' Saotome stuck as a girl at least for the time being. Why's that? Because no one's bothered to explain how I depower. Speaking of which, she gave me a power boost. I hate unearned power boosts. It always feels like cheating. Then there's that stupid whip. I don't need a weapon! Don't want one either! But now I'm stuck with it. Just great. What else can go wrong?

I suppose I should go meet the others. I haven't spoken with the girls since the battle. I suppose being the 'flower knight of love' isn't too horrible. I'm rather use to being a girl these days. In fact I spend time like that by choice. I hope no one else had fallen. The deaths of Rei and Minako had been bad enough. Too many had fallen that day. And that was before my own near-fatal accident. If it hadn't been raining that day, I'd not have survived.

Till the sun has gone complete around, knowledge is there to impart. Greetings young Dreamweaver.

Huh? Who are you? I think as the voice echos in my mind.

Not a who, but a what. I am the magic that flows through you. The source of your queen's power. I am Faerie, and Faerie is me. For one day it is given for your questions to be answered.

I sat beside the koi pond, my lake I guess. For three hours after my queen's visit I tried convincing Kasumi not to return to it. The final solution wasn't a happy one. This home is now under my protection. And yet I had to make a deal. One which sits poorly with me. In exchange for my protection, Kasumi and her line will guard my pool. Not just guard it, but guide others to me. Others who's dreams have been lost. People who would welcome the escape. It is then up to me to judge each person.

What am I becoming? The thought raced through my mind. No answer was expected. So of course I was surprised when one was offered. You are the first of your kind. A keeper of lost dreams. But fear not Dreamweaver, for you are neither good nor ill intentioned. As with all faerie kind, you simply are. But what of the seelie and unseelie? I asked. The answer was one I dreaded. For if the foes we'd fought were not evil, then what was?

Faerie must do as their nature demands. That some take pleasure in causing harm is but natural. For it is how they always have been. Do you not enjoy granting the lost the life denied them by others?It was true, I did find satisfaction. It was only after the fact that I felt remorse for taking Kasumi. And when I freed her I felt as if my heart was being torn asunder. Forgive me Soun, but I didn't want to let her go. Not really.

What is a 'flower knight' exactly? I asked the voice. They are champions of the queen. Guardians of nature's balance and defenders of the innocent. Know this Dreamweaver, only humans may be flower knights. It is only your former status that lets you temporarily take on this task. But only until another comes along.

Author Notes:

As always, if I spelled something wrong or used the wrong word without knowing it please let me know. I hope you enjoy this continuation of Old Time Magic. This is the second major storyline for that world setting. While this is a Sailor Moon crossover, due to events in the previous story not all of the sailor senshi survived. There will be new scouts, and one IS an original character. While this chapter isn't as long as I normally try for, the ending point seems to fit nicely.