Chapter 1

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The sun was just coming up when Charles Ingalls walked out of his house and into the yard. He looked down and saw a girl lying facedown on the dirt. Carefully he went over to her, picked her up and carried her inside the house and laid her on his bed.

A few minutes later, Laura, Charles's second oldest daughter came down from the loft where she shared a bed with her sister Mary, she saw the girl on her father's bed and went over to him. "Who is this?" she asked as she watched her father gently stroke the girl's head.

"I don't know who she is. I just found her lying outside." Charles said as he continued to stroke the head. " I knew that I couldn't keep her lying there. I had to bring her in."

Laura nodded her head and slowly left the room, looking back at her father and the girl, tears were starting to form in her eyes. I hope Pa won't start loving her more than he loves me. she thought.

Meanwhile, Caroline Ingalls was at Olsen's Mercantile when Laura came in the store and ran into her mother's arms. "Laura, what on Earth are you doing?"

Laura bit her lip, trying to hold back the tears and vented her feelings of fear. In her calm, sweet voice Caroline told Laura that there's nothing to be afraid of, and that nothing could change the way Pa felt about her.

Laura let go of her mother and went back to the house to see if there was anything that she could do to help her Pa out.

Mrs. Olsen watched the two Ingalls and thought to herself, Laura is going to have watch out because I think that she's going to have a little bit of competition at home.

Caroline just shook her head and smiled as Laura exited the mercantile. Meanwhile, Pa was at home taking care of the young girl he had found.

He looked when he heard the door open and saw that Laura was coming back. As she was about to go up the ladder he stopped her and said. "Laura, I need you to stay here and take care of the girl while I go and get Doctor Baker."

Laura nodded her head and sat down next to the girl as her father stood up, got his hat, and walked out of the house.

Laura felt guilty that she had ever been jealous of this girl, who was in such a bad condition. Quietly, she prayed that the Lord would heal her.