Chapter 8

Right after breakfast, Charles decided that it was time for Laura to start on her new chores.

As he started to write them down the girl came out and stood next to the chair that Charles was sitting. "What are you doing this for?" she asked as she saw how long the list was.

Charles looked at the girl for a few minutes before he went back to writing the list. "It's a list of chores for my daughter to do as punishment for the thing that she did to you."

The girl understood the reason why Laura had done what she did. "I can understand why your daughter did what she did."

Charles stopped writing and looked at the girl "What do you mean by that?"

The girl shrugged her shoulders. "I mean if I had a father that found a complete stranger and started to give all of his attention to her instead of me, I probably would've done something almost exactly like she did."

Charles heard the door open and Laura was stood there with tears starting to form in her eyes listening to every word that was said between the girl and her father.

Laura ran over to the girl and hugged her. "I'm very sorry that I tried to get you to leave. I'd love it if you stayed her with us."

The girl hugged Laura back and said. "Are you sure that you don't mind if I stay here. I mean, what happens if your father decides to pay more attention to me?"

Laura looked at her father who smiled because his daughter was trying to make amends with the girl. "I won't do anything to hurt you again. I'm going to treat you like one of my sisters."

The two girls hugged andthen they walked outside to play and get acquainted with each other. As Charles watched them he knew that even though the girl couldn't remember anything about herself, he knew that he wanted her to become part of his family.