Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum and ThisLife103.7's Forbidden Love challenge on the Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.


Hermione prided herself on logic.

She considered herself intelligent, not the sort to react to foolish whims. This was, she thought, her greatest strength. While Harry and Ron lost their tempers and behaved stupidly as a result, she, Hermione, could keep a clear head. Look at situations objectively. Not allow emotions to get in the way.


Except when it came to Pansy Parkinson.

Logically, Hermione hated Pansy Parkinson. She was stupid and shallow and rude and obnoxious. Everything Hermione hated in anyone.


But she couldn't quite stop herself from wondering.

What was it like to be that free with ones emotions? When Pansy was upset, she took it out on anything and everything that got close to her. When Pansy wanted something, she got it. No questions asked.

Hermione wasn't like that.

When Hermione was upset, she kept her feelings locked deep inside. When Hermione wanted something, she ignored it, no matter how desperate her desire for it was.

Hermione ignored her desire for Pansy.

She hoped that, in time, it would go away so that she could forget Pansy Parkinson altogether.

It didn't, of course.

Pansy haunted Hermione's mind, taunting her for her weakness, until Hermione nearly went mad.

Potions class. Hermione followed Pansy out, ignoring Ron and Harry – who weren't paying attention to her anyway. She followed Pansy Parkinson, waiting for a moment to catch her on her own, and was finally given the opportunity when the strap on Pansy's bag broke. She – Pansy – waved her friends to go on ahead, while she struggled to loop the strap back through the ring on the bag to secure it.

Hermione took her chance.

She darted forward, out of the shadows, grabbed Pansy by her short, dark hair, and pressed a deep kiss against her mouth. Pansy let out a shriek, and Hermione broke away and rushed off again, leaving Pansy stunned.

Once out of sight, she leaned against a wall, panting from running.

Hermione managed to convince herself that she had dispelled her obsession with Pansy by kissing her.

She hadn't, of course.