The Start of a New Beginning

Chapter: 1

It seemed as if everything would be all right, after Rusty took over Kappa Tau.

And almost everything went as planned, years later.

Evan Chambers continued on with law school as planned and became one of the world's top lawyers. He had about three major firms along with several hundreds of minor firms all over the world. He dated Rebecca throughout law school and eventually married her. He became closer to his parents after some more convincing from Rebecca and Rusty. But he still refused his inheritance, he now makes the same amount as his parents do, some people even think he makes more. He established a name for himself, not just another Chambers' family member, who seemed to get everything handed to him.

Rebecca Logan finished her presidency at ZBZ along with achieving to dismantle the Gamma Psi house once and for all, also getting Natalie expelled in the process. She then graduated CRU but continued onto law school like Evan. But in the middle of the first semester she dropped out of law school, she had realized that she didn't want to have anything to do with law or the government for that matter. She then contacted the international ZBZ President in hope of getting into ZBZ politics, with no news she decided to call back, only to find that days beforehand the ZBZ President died from a sudden heart attack, that no one seemed to expect. And apparently in her will, she asked for specifically Rebecca Logan to be the next ZBZ President. The reason was right next to the name, saying that she could see Rebecca as a great future leader who was willing to work her way to the top. Rebecca had taken up the job and currently still is upholding the task alongside her supportive husband Evan.

Rusty Cartwright became the President of Kappa Tau and during the summer he found an unused house only a few houses down from the demolished Kappa Tau that had toilets that actually work. In his year of Presidency he had made the highest GPA Kappa Tau ever had along with becoming the number one fraternity on campus. He became one of the many legacies of Kappa Tau. Throughout the rest of college he dated Ashleigh and eventual marrying her a year after college. After Kappa Tau, he became a world-renowned polymer scientist that everyone well respected also gaining tons of money for his work and finishing his self-healing wire that the Chambers' family so kindly allowed after hearing that he was the one to bring their son back to them.

Ashleigh Howard had excelled in starting a marketing career with Cassandra her former professor. The marketing firm took off with the two. The job became very time consuming and Cassandra left the firm leaving it in Ashleigh's hands knowing very well that she could handle it. Now, Ashleigh is the head of the firm having many major companies as clients. She married Rusty a year after he graduated from CRU. And is starting another company in fashion that is slowly taking off as expected. She even had her old boss that fired her begging for a job now. In about a month she plans to have her designs in Mulan, Italy where the newest fashion show is scheduled to occur.

Calvin Owens graduated CRU with a degree in philanthropy. After, CRU he continued traveling the world with Heath helping many third-world countries in dire need of food, water, and first aid. Eventually Calvin and Heath settled down for a while, though they never did get married. Now they live in a quiet town in New Jersey.

Dale Kettlewell graduated CRU with Laura by his side. The two got married at a spur of the moment and have two kids, a boy named Dale Jr. and a girl named Lila-Casey. They live near CRU, with Dale sponsoring the Omega Chi house while working as an electrical engineer. Laura works as an anger management consultant after taking some herself.

Casey Cartwright had left CRU as a graduate alongside her boyfriend at the time, Cappie. They had decided to travel to Washington D.C. in hope to start out fresh. There, a senator that happened to run into her offered her a job. The senator got really close with Casey (as in friends with her) and gave her a job right under her, so if for some reason she couldn't do her job Casey would step up in her place. It turned out that the senator had a brain tumor and died only after a few months. Casey stepped up and became one of the U.S. senators. Having the job for a year and her ideas were so wonderful that, she was allowed a grant to run to a senator again. She ran but lost as senator because many thought it was unfair to give her another chance and some thought she made friends with a senator that she knew was ill so she could take her job. After hearing all those rumors made Casey really upset. She left the politics world completely and decided to write a book. The book held her version of life at CRU, including the love triangle between Cappie and Evan over the years. The book turns into a huge hit leaving her continuing her series writing about her life after CRU. She has won many awards as a writer and is still continuing the career as a writer.

Captain John Paul Jones aka Cappie left CRU with Casey. They went to Washington D.C. together. He then found his career. Cappie became a Public Relations Representative for a huge beer company. His job was to deal with actual customers to see what they liked and disliked about the beer and report back to the company on those findings. Also, he got to convince people why they should try the beer. His job made him very successful considering the beer company is the best in the entire world and many of his friends weren't surprised. In truth, all his friends could see that Cappie is a lot smarter than he looked.

Katherine had gotten together with Walter "Beaver" and the two have been happy since. Katherine got both her degrees like planned and is now working as a full fledge lawyer, the top of her current firm she's working at. She planned to start her own firm soon. And Walter became a kindergarten teacher, the most popular one at his school. Many parents loved his attitude and his kid like personality. The couple has gotten engaged but no further plans yet. Both of them decided to hold back on marriage till they both got more time on their hands.

Everyone's life turned out well it seemed.

Zeta Beta Zeta at CRU is still number one sorority on campus and number one internationally too. It's currently being run by a younger sibling of Heather pronounced Heether. The house mom being Heather herself.

Omega Chi is the number one house again competing with Kappa Tau still as number two fraternity on campus. Grant's unknown younger brother is now running Omega Chi.

Spidey is running Kappa Tau, even though he was suppose to graduate years ago. He remained as President and in college to rebel against his father. His father even stopped funding his son. Spidey still resents his father for what he did to Kappa Tau, even though Rusty helped with the new house. Spidey often still asks for advice from Rusty and Cappie, which they happily give.

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