The Start of a New Beginning

Chapter: 4

Casey and Cappie…

The power couple…

The it couple….

The couple that seemed to make it through thick and thin…

This couple is the one everyone wanted to last and it turned out just as expected.

After leaving CRU, the two headed to Washington D.C.

In Washington, it was hard at first. Each of them were new to the real world.

The only person that they new that experienced it first hand was Ashleigh and both of them knew that Ashleigh hated it.

So being nervous was a definite thing.

For what seemed like forever, Casey and Cappie had no jobs. They were barely making it until Casey had the whole run in with the senator.

While Casey was busy with the senator, Cappie had gone to the store to get more beer when he ran into a big time beer business owner.

When he saw Cappie buy the brand he owned he went to talk to him about a job.

And it turned out that Cappie was the perfect guy for the job.

Once Casey and Cappie both got jobs, they were set on taking a vacation together when they had some money saved up.

Yet that never seemed to happen. When Casey took over as a senator she became very busy. As did Cappie, the beer industry had gone up suddenly and he needed to promote the beer more to keep the business going.

After Casey lost her second run for becoming a senator and heard all the rumors, she became depressed. She barely ate or slept and Cappie got really worried. Cappie ended up taking two months off work to get her back on her feet again. She had lost twenty pounds and never seemed to get it back.

Casey began writing about her life at CRU a little after she decided to quit politics. She went from writing short little paragraphs into writing hundreds of pages. Cappie had no clue about it till he accidently found it while searching for his keys. He started reading it and told Casey about how he thought the book was amazing.

She didn't think so. So he took the book to a publisher and the book was published right away. People all around the world had brought and read the book. Casey finally stopped doubting herself after that and kept on writing.

She continued on after her CRU life and wrote on about law school and being a senator and even the depression. What she never admitted while she was depressed was that, she wanted to die. She hadn't ever told Cappie that. But she wrote it down in the book.

When she gave it to him to read, he was shocked. He couldn't live without her in his life. He wouldn't know what to do without her. She was his star in a dark abyss.

He told her all about her being the love of his life. And she cried.

It was a really sweet moment for them as a couple.

A few months later while the book was being published, Cappie brought Casey out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. She got everything she wanted and right after dessert Cappie went down on one knee and asked Casey to marry him.

She said yes in front of the whole restaurant.

Cheers had erupted from around the room.

Cappie was beyond excited as was Casey.

That night Casey called everyone she knew and told them about the engagement. Most of them expected the two to elope a long time ago.

Everyone they knew flew in for the wedding that was held only five months later.

The wedding was held on a beach while the sun was setting. They kissed right before the sun fully set and which created the perfect picture for the wedding album.

The wedding itself was beautiful. They both could afford it.

After all the wedding stuff, their lives went back to normal.

Ashleigh and Rusty had moved close by, a little after the wedding and the couple seemed to get even happier.

When the second book was published, Casey was surprised at the outcome. The second book seemed to be even more popular than the first.

She earned millions from the books she wrote. And she's gotten tons of fan mail about her depression and how lots of other people have been trying to get through it. Not just that, but she's gotten mail from people who use to hate her because of her getting a second chance at being a senator and they apologize for what they said beforehand, though it will never change her mind about politics.

Cappie was so happy for Casey.

Life continued on from there. Nothing went wrong, no more major drama like in the past.

Her life as well as his was peaceful.

Till the day Casey found out that she was pregnant.

Of course, both were as happy as can be about the child.

Surprisingly, when Casey went into labor it turns out she had not one child but two. According to the doctor, this was rare but it usually occurs when the heartbeats of each twin beat at the exact same moments.

Luck would have it that, one baby girl named Alana Bell Jones was born and one baby boy named Kevin Cap Jonas was born.

Casey, Cappie, and their twins were one perfect family.

The day of the party at Kappa Tau during freshmen year of college was the day fate brought these two together. Even through all the drama, they still lasted or at last got back together like they should be.

True soulmates make it through anything.