Sasuke walked into his room to look for his friend. Him and Naruto had been hanging out last night having a sleep over -a manly one-, but when Sasuke woke up the blond was missing. Sasuke didn't like having his blond missing.

Ok so Naruto wasn't his, but that didn't mean he couldn't wish. Even if Naruto was strait. When he didn't see Naruto he decided to go out to town to look for him. Before that though, he needed a jacket. It was so cold out even the he wasn't going out without a jacket. He was about to open the closet when he heard a voice. No not in his head. It was coming from the closet.

"No! Don't open it!"

So of course he immediately tried to open it. Key word being tried. He didn't want to break his closet, and that's what would happen if he tried to pry the doors open from the grasp of the person in it.

"Naruto what are you doing in my closet?" He asked exasperated, and sat on his bed to wait for the answer. Its not like this was the strangest thing his friend had ever done.

"Trying to find the courage to come out of the closet." Came the shaky replie of the blond in the closet.

Sasuke made a what the fuck look, only to remember that Naruto couldn't see him. "All you have to do is get up, open the doors, and walk out. Its not hard."

"No I mean COME OUT OF THE CLOSET." He said putting enfaces on the words.

Sasuke was shocked to say the least. Hadn't he just been thinking about how he wished his friend was gay so that he would have a chance with him. "Well you kind of just did." He said still in shock.

"No I - oh . . . Yeah I guess I did." He said in wonder. "Now I really do need to find the courage to come out of the closet. Literally this time though." he said nervous once again.

"I already told you how to do that one dobe." Sasuke answered becoming confused once again.

"Well see, the thing is that I'm only gay because of you." Came the voice of the blond from the closet. Naruto cringed waiting for the world to explode, or llamas to take over, or him to hate roman, or anything crazy like that.

Sasuke on the other hand, completely forgetting his wish to protect his closet doors, ripped them open, and pinned his blond friend to the wall of the closet.

"S-Sasuke." Naruto stuttered looking up at him with big innocent blue eyes.

Sasuke didn't bother answering. He merely crashed his lips onto the blonds kissing him with a fiery passion that no one had ever known he possessed.

At first Naruto was to shocked to respond, but he slowly melted into the kiss, moving his lips agents his raven haired friend. Naruto gasped when Sasuke bit his lower lip asking for entrance. Sasuke took advantage of this not waiting a secant, and slipped his tongue into Naruto's mouth.

After a few minutes though Naruto's phone range. Hanita.

Sasuke answered the phone, and in a husky voice that turned Naruto on more. "Bitch he's mine now. Get. Over. It." He then hung up. "Now lets continue this out side of the closet please." He said dragging Naruto out.

Somewhere in the leaf village you could hear the sound of Hinata crying, and yoai fangirls fangirl screaming.

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