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Chapter One

The Doctor's mind raced as he tried to get them out of the latest mess they had landed themselves in. No worlds were ending, but it was beginning to look like one of the worse trips. They had been captured, pretty standard, but also separated, not good in the very least, and it was making him more anxious than usual. He feared that they weren't going to be let go, ever. Although they weren't being sentenced to death, a small blessing as things often turned out like that.

Someone had overheard or they had been scanned without their knowledge or something like that and the bottom line was that the people in charge here had gotten wind that he was a Time Lord. They happened to be one of the places that did indeed remember who they were and decided to capture them in order to attempt to learn the secrets of time travel. Unfortunately, the inhabitants were not only none too pleasant but they were also rather intelligent—a bad combination. They took a number of safety measure most forgot about such as checking them for weapons or tools, confiscating his sonic screwdriver and even taking it out of the room as well as putting them in separate rooms.

The Doctor hated not knowing where Rose was but he knew the way to escape and save her was centered on him figuring a way out. So, he tried to put away those feelings as he assessed the situation. He had been left in a white room with guards outside the door. No windows, no table, just him and the chair he was tied to by some fabric that was developed on this planet as well as strong, surely not a very promising sign.

His mind worked quickly, but he really needed more information as to the more specific reasons behind the capture and how they planned to get any time secrets from him. He had a grim look on his face, most likely some form of torture. The fact that they had been captured obviously showed that they knew he would be unwilling to give up the information quickly. He wondered what else they knew about his people. The situation was turning worse by the second.

After a while, the door opened and a couple of men stepped in along with a guard. "Hello, Time Lord. What do they call you?"

"I'm the Doctor. Where's Rose?" he didn't need to feign the iron in his voice but he did have to work not to let the desperation through.

"Your companion is being questioned in another room," the man answered, dismissive. "Now then, onto business. We want to possess the secrets your kind discovered about time travel. We've been hoping for an opportunity like this to come up, although, we had begun to give up hope. Then, low and behold, you fell out of the sky. We had never hoped to find a real Time Lord. Most thought you were extinct."

"I'm the only one left," he said with a grim finality; it never got easier, saying that. "Rose—"

He was interrupted, "Are you really? Well, then we are very fortunate indeed. Are you willing to divulge the secrets of time travel to us? After all, if you are truly the only one left then surely it can't be violating any rules. Wouldn't it be good to share them with someone else so they don't die with you?"

"Yes, really. And no, I'm not telling you anything. Time travel is dangerous, not only to the traveler but also to the places you might go, the events you might interfere with, let only simply knowing the concepts is only part of time travel." He answered firmly, a grim look on his face.

"Surely you face those risks yourself?" the man mentioned conversationally, not at all put off by the Doctor's uncompromising stance. "Oh well, if you're sure—"

"I am."

"Then we'll just have to get it the hard way," he sighed, "I had hoped it wouldn't have to come to this." However, as he had the entire conversation, he didn't sound particularly unhappy. His whole demeanor was very flat, unemotional. Something the Doctor disliked even more than if he had seemed intentionally cruel. Instead the man merely seemed calculating and indifferent, barely a person.

He motioned to one of the other men who began to set up a variety of equipment. "We brought our newest, most power tools for you, Doctor. It is said your race was quite powerful as well as telepathic in some aspects. This technique is as well."

"What are you going to do?" the Doctor asked, as if asking for directions. He really should have researched this planet more. Most of his information must have been from further in its past than he had realized.

"Since you won't tell us we'll have to breech your mental defenses and take it by force. It's a combination technological and psychological invasive attack. It takes longer to work on some rather than others, but in the end—none have stood up against it for more than a couple days. And for you we have weeks, months. I'm a patient man." He began to help the other man and moved to place helmet type piece of the device onto the Doctor's head.

"It's not going to work," and the Doctor was fairly confident that it wouldn't. It would be near impossible to create a machine that could mentally match a Time Lord, let alone destroy one's defenses.

The man shrugged as the device began to start up, "Perhaps not right away. But it will eventually. I have time. Soon I will have access to you and your companion's minds and through them—access to an entire universe of information."

"My companion?" he asked sharply, "What are you doing to her?" His eyes bored into the man's as if trying to pull the answer from them.

"The same as we are about to do to you. She most likely possesses valuable information. We of course don't need the strongest for her. She is a type of early human, yes? They don't last long."

"Leave her alone!" the Doctor demanded, so strongly that it was easy to forget that he was the one tied up, about to be tortured. "She doesn't know anything!"

"But if she did, you would say the same thing," the man replied with a slightly raised eyebrow. "Besides, it shouldn't kill her. That's only happened a couple times. It's a very delicate process—finding just the right about of power, of pressure, someone can take. A fine line between one who can still hold out, one whose mind has been breached and one who is broken, useless. She seems fairly weak. It won't take long to break through and therefore her pain will be over soon."

"What?" he was confused. What he was saying didn't make any sense because that would mean…. "Are you interrogating her now?"

"Of course, it was much quicker to get a machine for a lesser being." And just as he said that the door opened and another worker came in with a cart containing the last pieces of the complex machine they had assembled. However, that wasn't the only thing that was let it.

A scream ripped through the air with the door now open. It was full of pain and anger and despair. It was Rose.

The man looked at the new person questioningly. He answered without prompting, "The female is proving much harder to crack than we had anticipated. We had to put her up to phase two on machine four but it doesn't to be helping to gain mental access. We are getting machine six. That should solve the problem."

The man nodded, "Very well. Perhaps one of the side effects of time travel is increased mental abilities. Have someone look into that." He seemed like he was going to continue but stopped due to a strange ripping noise.

He turned around to find the Doctor savagely tearing his way out of the chair. The head scientist looked on in mild surprise—klether clothe was extremely strong, even stronger than some metals, that's why it was used for binding. He didn't remember superior strength associated with the Time Lords.

The guard began to move forward, preparing his taser, as they didn't wish to fatally harm any prisoner but it was enough voltage to put most beings into a coma. Sometimes that made it easier to invade their minds as well. He moved steadily forward, wary as he wasn't sure what to expect. This Doctor had seemed fairly average as an opponent and, after initially struggling, he hadn't put up much of a fight, mostly concerned for his companion.

The Doctor grasped the remaining pieces of clothe in his hands as he slowly stood up from the chair. He lifted his head and stared at all of them, seemingly directly into each of the other four men's eyes, all at once. His whole demeanor had changed. Gone was the calm, intelligent, disagreeing man from before. In his place, with ice eyes, was a man inflamed with great rage and very little mercy. "Where is she?" his voice was deadly. He didn't seem to expect answer though and began striding to the door, confident—as if not getting to her wasn't even an option.

The leader motioned for the guard to take him down. Hm, rumors had been that the Time Lords were fairly unemotional, self-centered and not concerned with lesser races—leaving most other species alone. Perhaps this one was different. Perhaps that was why he was the only one left. Something else was nagging at the back of his mind, something he had heard or read.

The guard moved until he was a couple meters away before firing the taser. The electrical pulse shot out and hit the Doctor. He stopped for a moment before grasping the wires, sending hundreds of volts, and pulled. He yanked it straight out of the guard's hand, who was so surprised it was all he could to stare for the moment. Didn't even faze him… was his last thought before the Doctor turned it around and shot it back at him, sending him to unconsciousness.

The remaining men began to try to subtly make their way to the security button. However the Doctor was too fast and soon the other two had collapsed as well.

Finally he turned to the one he had spoken with before as he was in charge, "Where?" was all he asked, his gaze steady, unflinching, only an undercurrent of rage prevalent in his voice.

"Two doors over on the right," he answered, knowing his best hope was to answer the questions and then try for security himself. Besides, the whole building was full of guards.


"Delta-alpha-six-zeta-omega-six-six," and at last he remembered. There had been stories of one Time Lord in particular. One who showed up a bit more than the others because he seemed to disobey their rules on interference and was smart enough by their standards to stay out of their power to control. The Oncoming Storm he was called. As the taser shot towards him all he thought was that he understood why…

Once the man hit the floor the Doctor was off, out the door, down the hall and punching in the combination. Soon the door clicked and he rushed in.

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