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"Revenge?" Harry asked curiously. "Against the teachers? Why?" He cocked his head to one side as they walked up to the tower. Cho grinned while Terry draped an arm around Harry's shoulder.

Still chuckling, Terry replied, "Harry, the teachers here may be smart, but they are so stupid."

"What?" Harry asked. "That doesn't even make any sense-" Terry held up his hand, cutting Harry off mid-sentence.

"They expect us to give them respect, yet they don't give us respect." They walked into the Common Room. Terry sat down on a couch facing the fire and continued. "They treat us like we're nothing. They act like we're lucky to be taught by the oh-so-great them."

"Well, Professor Flickwit doesn't that much, but we couldn't not prank him or else it would seem too suspicious." Cho added, leaning back into a comfy blue chair, throwing a matching blue blanket she had found over her.

Harry sat silent for a second, turning over the new information in his mind before asking, "But they don't really treat either of you so bad. Why'd you prank them then?"

Cho spoke up again, sitting on the floor around the table hugging her knees. "Yeah, but they treat you awful, so-" Harry stood up furiously.

"So you just did it to help me? Well, I don't need your help! I can do things by myself – I'm not a helpless little puppy!"

"We never said that Harry!" Cho said, shocked. He scoffed.

"Well, you might as well have!" He stormed up to the dorms while the rest of the Common Room stared after him.

"Why'd he do that?" Terry asked Cho.

"I dunno, Terry." Cho looked downward, playing with the edge of the slightly frayed blanket. "Do you think he's mad at us?" She bit her lip. "I'm going to bed." She stood up and walked to the girls' dorms.

Terry leaned back on his elbows. Why isn't Harry happy? I mean, we stood up for him. Shouldn't he be thanking us, not screaming at us? He sighed. Harry is so confusing. I guess I'll sleep down here for the night, 'cause I think Harry'll be mad… His head slumped against a pillow as he began to snore.

Why do they treat me like a fragile doll? I can take care of myself – I'm not weak! Harry furiously thought.

Or are you? Harry's conscious countered.

What? I can take care of myself. I don't need anyone's help!

They only did that because they care about you, not because they think you're weak. They actually care about you, which is more than your family, or anyone else, can say. His conscious argued. Don't let your pride get in the way of losing people dear to you!

No. Harry shoved his protesting conscious to the back of his mind as he got ready for bed. He changed and brushed his teeth as quietly as possible, as to not wake anyone up. Climbing in once he was done, he shut his eyes and slowed his breathing down until he fell asleep, vowing to himself he would not forgive Cho and Terry that easily.


"Hey, Harry? Hey, Harry? Hey, Harry? Hey, hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey-" Terry chanted by Harry's side, desperate to break the silent treatment even if it was only due to annoyance.

"What?" Harry finally snapped, glaring at Terry heatedly. He turned his eyes back to his toast, clearly not caring about what Terry said. There was a moment's pause before Harry looked back at Terry. "Well?" he all but snarled.

Terry looked down towards the floor, silently kicking himself. He didn't think Harry would be that mad, about the chanting and pranking thing. "I'm sorry." He whispered. Harry rolled his eyes.

"You don't even know what you're sorry for," He scoffed. "So why should I believe you?" Harry turned his gaze to Terry and looked straight into his eyes, Terry's sad, sad eyes that were pleading for forgiveness, even if he didn't know what he did wrong. May be I should forgive him, he looks so sad…

No, no I can't.

What's your problem? His conscience shouted. What do you want him to do, give you a million galleons and beg on his hands and knees for your forgiveness?

For a start.

You're… I can't even describe you right now. HOW CAN YOU BE SO FRICKEN' HEARTLESS? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! You're not a king, he shouldn't have to prove himself to you, come on - he's your friend! You know, the person who you can talk to because they won't judge you, the people who listen and not just hear, the people who you can laugh with, cry with, cheer with, boo with, those kinds of people! Ring a bell?

Some friend. Neither Cho nor Terry are like what you said. At. All.


Harry winced as his conscience's voice pounded against his ears. He placed his elbows on the table and rubbed his temples. When Terry noticed this, and realized that this wasn't a good time, stood up quietly and walked away. Harry didn't even notice him gone.

I was embarrassed and humiliated by him yesterday. Excuse me for not welcoming him back with open arms.

He only 'embarrassed and humiliated you' because he cares! It's not like he can hear your thoughts and know what to do all the time. If anything, it's your fault for being so narrow-minded.

Shut up.

No, you shut up. I am sick and tired of you playing the 'oh, I'm so humiliated because someone actually cares about me.' You've never had someone care what you think or what you do or just about you, not Aaron and it scares you. It scares you because you don't know what to make of it. Even your own parents never-

I said, SHUT UP!

Just think about it.

I'm done arguing with you. I don't even care what you say anymore.

Well, you should. Because when you lose a friend because of your stupid pride, don't come crying to me. It'll be your own fault for being so damn stubborn.

You don't get it. You don't get me. You've never gotten that feeling that says you're worthless and everyone knows it. You don't get it.

I'm a part of you. I get it more than you might think, Harry.

And with that, Harry's conscience stopped talking, thankfully. Harry sighed, threw his bag over his shoulder and walked to his first class, which, unfortunately, was History of Magic, since it was a Wednesday.

Harry walked a different way to class, the long route, in order to avoid Terry and Cho. He really didn't want to deal with either of them. They were dead to him.

When he got to class he was surprised to see that he wasn't the first one there. He had left breakfast early, as he wasn't hungry, but still, this small, blond girl clearly left before him or something.

Harry walked over. "Hey," he asked the girl who lifted her head out of her book at being addressed. "Do you mind if I sit here?" The girl shyly shook her head.

"No, that's alright?" She practically whispered, her voice going up at the end to make her sentence form into a question. Once Harry was seated, she held out her hand. "Lisa Turpin, and I'm assuming you're the famous Harry Potter?" Harry briefly wondered if she always spoke like that, but immediately shook the stray thought from his head.

"Sorry, but I'm not famous. Are you thinking of Aaron?" Harry replied softly, shaking his head. "He's much better known than me. And more well-liked." Harry added under his breath.

"No, everyone knows about you?" Lisa said, averting her eyes to the well-worn pages of her book. Slightly blushing, she added the next part. "Besides, you're much nicer than Aaron. I think people would like you more except for the whole him-defeating-Voldemort thing?"

Harry looked shocked. "That's the first time I've heard anyone say Voldemort's name without me asking them to." He grinned. "They usually say You-Know-Who, but what if you don't know who, and you're kind of already naming him if you call him He Who Must Not Be Named." Lisa giggled before breaking into laughter.

"You're funny." She said. This time her voice didn't go up – it wasn't a question.

"I swear to Godric, he won't even talk to me!" Terry whined to Cho. "Let alone forgive either of us. He didn't even sit near me in Binns' class. Harry sat on the other side of the room. He hates me, if not both of us!" Cho patted Terry on the head.

"Listen, he doesn't hate either of us," Cho insisted. "He just feels betrayed and hurt and- Oh. My. Godric. Are you kidding me?" Cho practically hissed, looking over Terry's shoulder.

"Wha-?" Terry asked, turning around. But he soon had his answer. Strolling down the hall, talking to some blond bimbo, was Harry. And he didn't seem the least bit hurt or betrayed. That much was for sure. Turning back around to face Cho, Terry spoke.

"We've been replaced."

It's fun making Harry argue with himself (: