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A/N: My first NextGen! Written for the "How I Met You" Challenge at HPFC (but since it's Teddy/Victoire, I went for their first romantic encounter).

Atthis is the species name for the common kingfisher.

Teddy stood in the short, muddy grass, staring at the ripples that extended towards the edge of the Burrow's pond. He rolled his eyes at Grandpa Arthur, who was whistling contentedly at the other end of the pond. Teddy didn't see what was so great about "the fantastic Muggle sport of fishing." It would be a lot easier to yell Accio fish! and Stupefy it in midair than to sit for hours on end waiting for one to bite the hook on the end of a pole. But five Galleons would be his if he could reel in a fish before Grandpa Arthur could. Teddy impatiently bobbed his fishing pole, creating thicker waves that lapped against the grass.

"If you keep doing that, you'll scare the fish away." Victoire was walking towards him, twirling a single spray of fluxweed between her fingers.

"Fluxweed, huh? Helping James with some sort of Polyjuice mission?"

Victoire giggled. "This isn't fluxweed, Teddy. Fluxweed is magenta after being harvested at the full moon."

"What? I could have sworn that fluxweed was green." Or maybe it was periwinkle. Teddy was awful at Potions.

"No, it's definitely magenta. This is a bullrush. It's edible, you know."

Teddy's hair turned an ill shade of green. "That's nasty!"

"It's full of starch. Perfect companion to a proteinaceous main course like fish."

Teddy sighed. "Whatever you say."

Victoire leaned over his shoulder, her soft blonde hair wisping against his arm. "Catch anything?"

"Not yet, but the kingfishers are really biting today." Victoire snorted with laughter. "Now what, smarty pants?"

"Th-the kingfisher isn't a fish, Teddy. It's a bird that catches fish."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is!"

Teddy dropped his fishing pole. "Accio kingfisher!" There was a rustle as a copper-breasted, blue-winged bird sped out of a bush and into Teddy's hand. The bird peeped angrily, flitting up to Teddy's face and pecking it with vengeance. "Ow—OW! Help me!"

Laughing, Victoire placed a long, gracious finger under the bird. Appeased, the kingfisher latched on and twittered merrily. "Smart little guy. See, he's all blue and copper—a Ravenclaw, like me!"

Teddy crossed his arms as the bird flew away. "Any more knowledge you feel compelled to share with me?"

"You've got a scratch on your face—right here." Victoire cupped Teddy's face in her hand and delicately traced the small scratch with her thumb. Her long fingers graced his pale pink hair and rolled down his neck.

Teddy felt a shiver course through him that had nothing to do with the cool summer breeze. "I—er—is it bleeding?"

Victoire's silver eyes locked with his. "No."

"Well, thats...good." Teddy chuckled nervously. "I thought that thing was gonna eat my face."

Victoire laughed again, and Teddy soon followed suit. Neither of them were sure what was so funny. Later that evening, Teddy handed over five Galleons to Grandpa Arthur, who proudly held up the trout he caught. Teddy turned his eyes from the fish, thinking only of the blue and gold shimmer that reflected off its skin.