Percy was feeling extremely downtrodden. It was their second month trying, and he and Annabeth had yet to conceive. At first they'd simply shrugged it off. They were young, and healthy people. How could they not conceive? However today their spirits had hit and all time low and Percy comforted Annabeth in the car.

'It's not your fault Annabeth. Maybe we will later."

"Percy, not that I don't enjoy, but we're having sex about three times a day and I still haven't conceived. What if there's something wrong with me?" Annabeth fretted cracking her knuckles and looking out the window, anything to avoid Percy's eyes.

"Annabeth, I'm sure we'll conceive sometime and soon. Besides it could easily be my fault." he said.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Since we have no idea what's wrong, it could be either of us, or it's neither of us." he persisted.

"That is the worst argument I've ever heard." she sniffled. Percy gripped her hand and held it, his voice warm and kind.

"We'll do it Annabeth. We're going to conceive and we're going to have tiny little babies running around with blonde hair and they're going to be safe, we just have to be patient." He said kissing her hand.

Annabeth sighed contentedly. Percy had been strongest of the two of them, but she wondered how he was dealing. He wanted kids even more than she did.

`He must really believe we'll conceive. If he can, then I can too.' She thought. They got home and Percy immediately ran a bath for Annabeth and went to the phone to call his mom. She wanted constant updates on everything and Percy dutifully did this. From the bathroom, Annabeth could make out the sounds of Percy speaking with his mother in quiet tones. Annabeth dunked her head under the water and reminded herself that she knew her research. She'd looked up anything that could hinder their conception plans, and had even(awkwardly) asked Chiron if her parents rivalry could somehow interfere. He theorized as best he could and concluded that since gods didn't even actually have genetics, it should be okay. So perhaps Percy was right and it was all a matter of time. She might've been worrying for nothing. She resurfaced and got the water out of her ears. She stepped out of the tub, a new determination rising in her. She wrapped her hair in a towel and blow dried it. She wanted to surprise Percy and so she put it on its lowest setting. She let it curl naturally and put light make up on. She put on her bathrobe and put her ear to the bathroom door. Percy was shuffling in the kitchen. She darted out of the bathroom and closed the door quietly. She ran to the closet in their bedroom and dug around in the bag of joke gifts she'd gotten from Katie. Annabeth remembered flushing when getting it though now the idea made her smile. It was lingerie, obviously and at the age of eighteen Annabeth could hardly look at it. She'd kept it for whatever reason and she was glad she had. She put on the blue one and got on her knees, and looked for some black pumps under the bed. She took a deep breath and almost left but she bit her lip. She decided that if she was going to do this, she was going to do it thoroughly. She pulled out her phone and left talked for about five minutes each, making sure to keep her tone quiet and serious. She hung up on her boss and took steeled herself and faced the door. She opened it slowly and closed it just the same. She walked confidently and could practically feel Percy's confusion.

"Annabeth what are you—whoa." He said when he saw her.

"Percy Jackson." She said his name like a prayer and stalked toward him her eyes intense and boring into his.

"Y-yes?" he asked looking distinctly uncomfortable. Annabeth smirked and sat on his lap straddling him. She kissed up and down his neck.

"We are going to conceive no matter what. If we have to have lots of crazy, rough sex to do it, believe me I will." she said shifting until she sat squarely on his lap. She heard him groan and smiled.

"We're making it happen this time, Percy. Even if it takes all night." She whispered into his ear and nibbled. What she like to call his wild spirit took over and Annabeth smiled when they didn't even make it out the living room.

The next morning, Annabeth was fairly sore, but it was the good kind of sore. The kind that left a dopey smile on your face and kept your bones like goo. She saw that Percy was still very much a sleep and snuggled closer. Almost ten minutes later he began to stir and Annabeth began kissing his chest.

"I'm going to be late if you keep doing that." He pointed out gruffly from his arousal.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that if I were you." She laughed.

"What did you do?" he asked suspiciously.

"I might have called both of our bosses and told them we'd contracted strep throat." She murmured nibbling a bit.


"Yeah. Oh. So are you going to stare or are we going to do this thing?" she asked fingering some of his hair.

He chuckled but it quickly turned into a growl when she gripped him.

After a few days of barely anything but making love, Annabeth really was sore and she could see that Percy was exhausted as well. They were laying fully clothed on the couch eating take out.

"Where did you even get that outfit, from the first night?" he asked munching on an eggroll.

"Oh, it was a gag birthday gift from Katie. I think I might thank her for it actually." Annabeth murmured scooping some friend noodles into her mouth.

"Really? Katie did? That's kind of weird. Never figured her for the type. What else did she give you?"

Annabeth flushed a bit. "Oh, just some things that I haven't needed in a long, long time." Annabeth mumbled. Percy looked confused before he flushed as well.

"Oh. I guess I'm flattered."

"As you should be. Oh, I'm so tired. Where did you even learn to do that thing with your tongue?"

"Oh you're the only one in this household who can do research?"

"You actually did research? Where did you even look for something like that?"

"Internet." He grumbled. It dawned on her in what part of the internet, and Annabeth burst into laughter.

"Did you have fun `researching?'" she asked trying to hold in her guffaws.

'You're impossible. Shouldn't you be just blissed out right now?"

"I am, but…wow, Percy I never figured you for the type. Wait, you didn't do this on my laptop, did you?"


"Oh, gods. I won't have to be careful when I type in web addresses, will I?" she teased, though she was partly serious.

"No. I delete the history. I didn't want you to know I was looking it up." Percy mumbled looking embarrassed.

"Well, I appreciate the gesture all the same. C'mere." She said crooking her finger at him.

He leaned over and kissed her soundly. There was a knock on the door and Percy groaned.

"Please let that not be either of our parents." He prayed, standing up and walking to the door. Even worse than either of their parents, it was Grover. Annabeth could practically feel the embarrassment creeping over her.

"Hey, guys! I just wanted to stop by. Sally told me and I—" he stopped and Annabeth coughed awkwardly.

"Oh, well I can see that you guys are really busy, and I will leave you alone. You can just call when you aren't so…busy." He said nearly running away.

"That was extremely embarrassing." Percy mumbled. Annabeth shook her head.

"I wish he wouldn't do that. Satyrs were notorious for their sexual appetites in the old stories." Annabeth grumbled. Percy made a face and shook his head.

"Please don't ever say anything like that to me ever again."

"What? It's called satyriasis for a reason." She said. Percy had a blank look on his face.

"That's the male version of nymphomaniac." She deadpanned.

"Oh, gods!" Percy exclaimed looking completely horrified.

"And of course, Juniper is a nymph, so those two should be having sex more often than the two of us! How can he possibly complain?" she mused. Percy covered her mouth.

"Because of you, I fear I'll never have a healthy libido ever again." Percy complained.

"Oh, please," she said moving his hand from her mouth. "Your libido is going to do just fine." Percy shook his head.

"How do we have these conversations?"

"We're strange people, Seaweed Brain." She murmured kissing his cheek.

"I don't think any kind of family genetics excuses this kind of conversation." Percy mumbled darkly.

Annabeth threw her head back, in a wonderful mood. She was practically high off of Percy's love and the feeling left her body warm and clean of whatever insecurity she seemed to carry around. She'd nearly forgotten this feeling. Could it be that those few days brought it back to her?

"Percy, everyone has some weird familial relationship. It's a normal thing."

"Says you."

"Have you forgotten who's the genius around here?"

"Oh, so you're a genius now?" he teased poking her belly.

"I was genius the moment I was thought up."

"You know I still don't understand how you were born."

"Are you ready for it now, then?" she asked.

"I think so. Is it gross?"

"Depends on who's asking."

"I'm asking."

"Well, my mom and dad were intimate to a certain extent. Not actual penetration, but when they both kind of `orgasmed' sort of, my mom had a thought of a child, and so I became a thought that was around until I could be born. I came from her skull and there I was." She explained. Percy stared and shook his head when he'd finally made sense of what she just told him.

"That's disturbing."

"Oh, please. Are you going to tell me the story of how you were conceived?" she asked rolling her eyes. Percy winced and made a disgusted sound.

"That's just disgusting." Annabeth rolled her eyes at Percy, but had to agree. She'd let her curiosity get the best of her, and her mother told her. It had been one of most horrible memories.

"Maybe that's how we'll conceive." Percy snickered. Annabeth shook her head.

"No, we're both half mortal, that doesn't even make any sense."

"I know, Wise Girl. It was a joke."

"It was a horrible joke."

Percy kissed her cheek and continued eating the take out, his hand reaching for the TV remote.

"We're going to be so fat and out of shape by the time we leave this apartment. I mean, it's the weekend, and we've been gone all week." Annabeth pointed out, putting her food away and standing reluctantly.

"Well I think we can afford some lazy days. Though, we'll probably have to get out vacation days back again." Percy complained switching to a comedy channel.

Annabeth stretched out her back, and yawned loudly. "That won't be too hard, all of our co-workers seem to flake out on us. Bastards." Annabeth muttered the last part to herself and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Chinese food was delicious, but sometimes it left an after taste that she could most definitely live without.

The next month or so, Annabeth began to notice some changes in herself. He breasts had become sore and the change was certainly not welcome. She was tired all the time and found she couldn't run with Percy like she used to. He teased her a bit, but never cruelly. He didn't seem concerned, but Annabeth felt very strange. He back was always hurting and she seemed to have headaches every day. It was the last straw. She decided it was best to go to her doctor and learn what was making her body completely turn on her. The tests he took were uneventful, though she wondered if she could let herself hope. If what she knew about biology was correct, this could be exactly what she was waiting for.

"Oh, please, let it be true. Please let this be what I've been waiting for." She prayed.

"Well Mrs. Jackson your tests are back. Congratulations, you're pregnant." He doctor said smiling. Annabeth's mouth fell open, in joy her surprise taking her over and making her heart swell.

"Really? You're sure?"


"Thank you doctor! I-I have to tell my husband." Annabeth said her smile threatening to break her face in half.

She practically ran to the subway. She figured it was best to IM Percy and figured a private place would be best. Her ADHD was acting up, and she found herself twitching. She must have been making the mortals nervous, so she did her best to stop doing her Percy impersonation.

She went to the house and got a drachma and made a rainbow with the sink nozzle. She'd clean the mess up later.

"Hey, Annabeth, what's going on?" Percy asked taking in her smiling face.

"I'm pregnant Percy. We're going to have a baby. W-we're going to be parents." Annabeth laughed her eyes shining with her happy tears.

Percy's face split into a large grin and he looked like he'd been hit with a heavy instrument.

"Do you want me to come home? We should start planning for it now. Oh, gods, I'm gonna be a dad. What kind of powers will they have? Oh, man I gotta tell my mom. And you're mom… do you think she'll castrate me? Annabeth, what in the world are you laughing at?" Percy demanded.

"You. You're making me laugh Percy. You're going to be a great dad. I know you are." She said, sitting on their bed and letting her happy tears fall."

"You'll be an even greater mom. Wow. We're going to be parents." Percy breathed, the thought was obviously enchanting him.

"Percy, I know this is premature, but if it's a boy, can I name him?" Annabeth asked biting her lip.

"Only if I can name it if it's a girl." Percy chuckled." Annabeth laughed in return and rolled her eyes.

"I hope it's a boy, because I really like this name." Annabeth said, smiling.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I'll tell you later. I don't want to let it go."

"Oh, come on. I want to know." He whined.

"Just be patient, Percy. Anyway you need to get back to work. Come home safe."

"I will." He promised. Annabeth swiped her hand through the image and fell back onto the bed. It was turning out to be a pretty amazing day. She waited for Percy to come home and even called her father. He seemed genuinely excited for her and told her to all if she ever wanted to talk or if she needed anything.

Percy came home, and Annabeth smiled seeing his arms filled with bags. Bags that contained books on pregnancy, and raising children. It was so much information, that Annabeth wondered if he was even planning on doing any of the reading. He looked so excited, Annabeth found herself laughing at his appearance.

"Okay, so I got books, on pregnancies, and raising babies, and ways to recognize sickness in young children. I think if we take shifts, we'll have each read them at least once. Also I think if we keep them of course because the lady on duty told me that a lot of parents find them very useful." Percy said looking winded.


"Oh, I'm so excited? Are you excited? I mean I know this isn't going to be easy, but I think we can do this. I mean after saving the world I'm pretty sure we can raise a child." Percy rambled running around and putting the books away.

"Percy, you need to calm down. Okay? We're going to take this one step at a time. Just, be calm okay?" Annabeth soothed sitting on his lap. Percy took a deep breath. He still looked ready to burst. He placed his hand on her still flat stomach and rubbed it tenderly.

"I know. I just. I've been waiting for this Annabeth. We're going to be parents. I mean can you imagine anyone calling us, mom or dad?" Percy asked his voice soft and tender.

"He will." She murmured her hand falling upon Percy's.

"He? How do you know?"

"A mother knows these things." Annabeth said a bright smile on her face.

"You can't know that. There's got to be some kind of thing you're not telling me." Percy complained. Annabeth kissed his cheek and patted it comfortingly.

"Believe me it's really just a mom thing. No, child of Athena trickery here." She laughed.

Percy pouted and kissed her stomach.

"I can't wait to meet her." He murmured.

"Her? Are you holding out on me? Got any prophecies lately?" Annabeth asked suspiciously.

"Nope. It's a dad thing." Percy boasted poking her side and laughing at the way she squirmed.

"Liar, you made that up just now. It is a boy and he will be handsome, just like his daddy." Annabeth said kissing Percy's cheek.

"Nope. A girl, with beautiful curls and she'll be incredibly intelligent, like her mother." Percy challenged.

"Are you trying to make a bet?" Annabeth asked a smile flitting over her face.

"I don't know, are you going to take it?"

"Yes. I bet that it'll be a boy, and he'll have black hair, my eyes and your temperament, gods help us." Annabeth teased.

"Then I bet she'll be a girl with blond hair, my eyes and your obsession with architecture."

"Fine, may the right parent win."

"Of course." Percy smirked kissing Annabeth's nose.

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