Yeah, I know I am meant to be working on my other stories, but whatever... I wrote this on my birthday this year (10th June) for an English assignment, and i finally wanted to post it. :D

So here is a little Assassin's Creed Brotherhood-ness for y'all...

Disclaimer: I in no way own The Assassin's Creed Franchise or any of its characters. I just bend them to my will in my stories.

Summary: La Volpe thinks Machiavelli is the traitor. Ezio thinks otherwise...

"Raquestcat in pace..." I murmured as i laid his recently vacated body on the cold, unfeeling ground. Standing straight again, I looked around and finally realised what I had been told.
"Machiavelli isn't the traitor...But La Volpe is going to kill him!"

I knew that time was running out, La Volpe was convinced it was him, and knowing him, he was already too close for comfort. I had to get there before he did something he regretted.

"Brand new armour! Just in!" shouted Blacksmiths as i ran past, ignoring them all. I was a man on a mission, and i sure as hell was going to complete it.

"Mention me to your amici!" called another, to a leaving customer, whom i sadly didn't notice.

"Oof!" Grunted the man, just as I barrelled straight into him and onto the floor. Rolling swiftly back onto my feet, I continued running, desperate to save one of the only trusted people i had left.

Rounding another corner, I groaned as I saw the river surrounding Isola Tiberina. I wasn't in the mood to get wet right now. Bad enough I had to save a man from a bad mistake, but having to be wet and freezing cold until i could dry was just too much right now.

Glancing upward, I noticed a length of rope that connected the rooftop of that building to one across the way. I smiled in triumph as I realised 'This could actually work'

Scaling the walls quickly, I hauled myself onto the roof and darted across the rope, arms spread wide for balance.

"Hey! You! Get down from here!" And here i was thinking i was doing so well...
Turning in the blink of an eye, and throwing a knife the next second, the guard didn't even know what hit him. That was, until the blade was in his torso and he was falling backwards into the street below...

I sighed in relief when i finally reached the other rooftop and quickly surveyed the surrounding area.
I felt myself go pale as I realised just how close La Volpe was to Machiavelli. Without even thinking, I lunged forward off the building and onto the ground below.

Ignoring the burning pain in my legs, I sprinted to the gap between the two, just in time, my arms spread wide.

"No! Wait! It wasn't Machiavelli! It was a thief from the villa attack!" With shaking arms, I held out the letter I had grabbed from the thief before he impaled himself on my blade.

Panting and clutching my sides, I watched as La Volpe quickly scanned the letter, nodding to himself.
I nearly laughed as i saw Machiavelli turn in surprise at the sudden commotion behind him.

"Ah, Niccolo...Come, let us talk, it's been a while" La Volpe quickly sheathed his blade and lead a confused Machiavelli back into the streets of Roma.