Anissa was always telling her little brother about how much energy he had; most of the time it was in a scolding manner. It was the same with his mother. And father. And Jin. And Irene. Even his younger cousin Van told him he should calm down sometimes. Well, maybe that little snot was just too calm for his own good.

Taylor didn't care about what they said, especially since Chloe had once told him she liked how lively he was. It may have just been in his nature to be a little ball of mischievous energy, but something inside him liked it when his friend praised his behavior, even when everyone else seemed to hate it. Besides, as a free spirit, he didn't need adults to keep him "calm" and make sure he was "a good child"; besides, it wasn't natural to be a perfect angel at his age!

Oh well, at least Chloe still liked him.