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Once Blaine was settled back in bed, the nurse had gone to alert the doctor that Blaine's water had indeed broken. Kurt and Blaine were alone again after the nurse had asked him a bunch of questions that he had answered in short sentences.

"Oh my god, I'm not ready for this." Blaine whispered to no one in particular. His face had drained of all color and he swallowed nervously.

"You're going to be just fine. Don't you worry." And Kurt was glad that the doctor came in then because he didn't really know how he could keep Blaine calm because he was scared as hell himself.

"Hello, Blaine." Dr. Mariad rang out as she came in. Kurt immediately liked her voice and hoped she could do a better job of calming Blaine right now than he could. "I hear we're moving things along?"

"Is the baby okay? I'm not supposed to…" Blaine sighed.

"I know he's wanting to come early but we'll do the best we can alright? Know that there is nothing we want more than the safety of you and your baby." She assured him and Kurt could see Blaine relax. He hoped that Blaine felt like he could trust this doctor. It would make things a heck of a lot easier. "Are you having contractions?" That tensed Blaine right up. So much for making things easier.

"Yes," he answered with a sheepish look at Kurt.

"What? Why didn't you tell me?" Kurt was more hurt than angry.

Blaine mumbled something that sounded very much like 'didn't want to worry you.'

"On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, how bad are they?" Dr. Mariad continued to take his blood pressure and temperature as she spoke.

"Umm… a two I guess?"

"Okay. How far apart to you think they are?"

"Umm… twenty minutes? I really don't know though."

"Try to time them and if they get any less than six or so minutes apart, page a nurse and we'll see if we can't get things rolling. But we'll see how your labor progresses from here."

"You're not going to give him anything to stop the contractions?" Kurt asked.

Blaine looked up at him. "Once the water breaks, they usually want to get the baby out, right?"

Kurt felt a laugh bubble up in his chest, but was silenced when Dr. Mariad smiled and said, "You could put it that way, yes. When the membrane sac ruptures, the baby is telling us he wants out. There's really not much we can do once that happens."

They knew their baby was going to be early, but Kurt had seriously been hoping for a few more days to help his lungs mature. Or at a time when his parents were here. Heck, he'd even settle for Finn right now.

"What happens now?" Kurt was practically rubbing a ditch into Blaine's hand, but Blaine didn't seem to mind.

"We have an OR available at noon. If there are complications, we can do an emergency cesarean, but for now, we'd like to let labor take its natural course."

Blaine squeezed Kurt's hand lightly and for a moment, Kurt thought it was because he was scared but he realized it was because he was having a contraction.

"You okay?" Kurt asked.

He nodded, mumbling, "Contraction."

Dr. Mariad checked the clock. "Still the same pain-wise?"

"Yeah." Blaine didn't really look phased, but he knew the worst was yet to come.

"If they get too bad, we can get you an epidural and don't be afraid to ask for one if you need it. You'll be getting one anyway once the anesthesiologist comes to prep you, but it won't harm the baby if you need one earlier. Did you have any other questions so far?"

"No, I don't think so." Kurt looked to Blaine for confirmation, who nodded.

"Alright, then. I'll be checking on my other patients, but feel free to page a nurse if you need anything."

"Thank you." Kurt said and Blaine echoed his words.

Then they were alone again. Kurt glanced at the clock on the opposite side of the bed. "7:25. Tell me when you have another one."

Blaine nodded, squeezing his fingers little more tightly around Kurt's. But he knew that it wasn't because he was in pain. Kurt squeezed back and his other hand trailed over his cell phone, where he plucked it out and dialed first his dad, then his mom.

Blaine pursed his lips together. That one hurt. A lot. It had only been around forty minutes since Dr. Mariad left and he'd had three contractions since then. They were getting worse, and closer together it seemed. And his fear was increasing.

This was really happening right now. It still felt like a he was in some kind of dream world. Until a very real contraction would snap him back to reality.

He hissed out a breath between his teeth. Let labor take its course. Yeah, sure. He'd been so terrified that something was going to happen while he was pregnant that it really didn't occur to him to think about the actual labor. Then again, this wasn't supposed to be happening right now. He was supposed to have a cesarean on a predetermined day and everything was supposed to be fine. But munchkin was eager to leave his home, it seemed. And he was in pain right now.

Kurt sat next to him on the bed and held him. "Want me to get the nurse?"

"No, it's okay." When Blaine said he hated hospitals, he really meant it. If it wasn't absolutely necessary that he be at the hospital right now so they could monitor the baby, he would be at home in a second. He hated needles, he hated being stuck on the bed with limited trips up and down to stretch his legs, and he hated feeling like this. Thankfully, Carole had arrived about half an hour ago. It felt nice to have her presence in the room, even if she just sat and talked to him gently. It seemed to help.

She gave him a sympathetic smile. "You don't have to put on a brave face, Blaine. If it hurts, tell us."

He stared at her for a long moment. And another contraction hit. His features crumpled. "It hurts," he whispered.

Kurt had no idea what to do. He felt so terrible for Blaine and horrid that there wasn't anything he could do to make the pain go away. He was rubbing Blaine's hand raw, but he just felt so hopeless that he couldn't help.

"Is your back cramping too? Happened to me with Finn."

"Yeah," he breathed as the contraction subsided.

"Kurt, honey, why don't you rub his back?"

Kurt nodded immediately, glad to be doing something. Carole helped Blaine shift onto his side and Kurt climbed up next to him, putting gentle pressure on his lower back. Blaine sighed appreciatively, but Kurt kept his touches light for fear of making the pain worse. Carole petted Blaine's hair.

"All you had to do was ask, dear."

"I hate feeling weak." Blaine said, voice stronger that the contraction was at ease for now.

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked cautiously from behind him.

Blaine was quiet for a moment. Kurt saw indecision flash in his eyes. "My parents don't…" He sighed and Kurt said gently, "You don't have to tell us."

"No. No, I want to. It's just hard."

Kurt nodded against his neck encouragingly and Blaine continued slowly, choosing every word with care, "It's my dad, mainly. My mom just goes along with it because she doesn't want to disappoint him or something. He was so proud to have a son who he could make into his little business partner. Instead, he got me. My dad tried to instill the same ethics that his own father did in him, the typical 'traits of a man' if you will. I rebelled at first, but after a while, I just gave in. Whenever I was around him, I acted and dressed the way he wanted me to. One of the things I wasn't 'allowed' to do was show weakness. I'd fall and scrape my knee or something and he'd tell me I shouldn't cry. So I didn't. And I guess it stuck with me." He turned his head a bit. "Rules don't apply with you, Kurt. You've seen me cry more times than I can count." A small laugh echoed. "But-ah."

He tensed and lightly closed his eyes. Kurt put a little more pressure where he was rubbing Blaine's back and put his lips to Blaine's ear, whispering encouragement. Carole squeezed his hand. He let out a soft groan as the contraction subsided.

"But this hurts," he said in a voice weaker than before, "and I just hear his voice telling me to stop being weak. And it doesn't help that I'm in labor right now. He was so disappointed when he found out…"

Kurt's sad eyes flickered to Carole and he was so grateful when she said, "Well you don't have to worry about any of that here. We're all here for you. Burt should be here in an hour and Finn not long after that. We're all going to support you and if you need to cry, then do it." She smiled and it seemed to brighten the room. "That doesn't make you any less of a man."

He gave her a smile and it was the first real smile Kurt had seen on Blaine's face since the doctor had left. Kurt was so glad that Carole was here and even more relieved when Burt came in after finishing fixing the brake cables on the car he'd gotten called in for, saying Finn would be over soon. Kurt knew he wouldn't have been able to do this without his family there to support them.

The closer it got to noon, the more anxious Kurt felt. It had been another hour and Blaine's contractions were getting stronger. He'd refused an epidural so far and as much as Kurt tried to tell him that it was okay to get one if he needed it, he'd still put his foot down. Kurt knew this wasn't pride though. This was straight fear. Kurt could see that plainly in his eyes. He'd rather be in pain than have to deal with a needle.

And a large needle at that. He didn't know what to think when the clock ticked ten-thirty and the anesthesiologist arrived, complete with her little cart of torture devices. Blaine looked anywhere but at the blue cloth covered cart where the instruments rested underneath. Kurt could practically hear Blaine's heart speed up as she explained the procedure and what to expect. She had him sit with his legs dangling off the side of the bed and exposed his back. Kurt wanted to be there with him, to support him, but she told him to sit down. Precautionary thing because they didn't want him fainting. Grumbling, Kurt did as he was told while Burt and Finn went to wait outside and Carole knelt in front of Blaine. Carole held his hands as the doctor scrubbed iodine at the base of his spine and spoke to him gently. Blaine's eyes were huge with fear and he was squeezing Carole's hands so hard. But she squeezed back just as tightly and her eyes never left his as she continued to talk him through the fear. The needle wasn't even near him, only in the doctor's hands and Kurt's eyes went wide and he was glad she'd made him sit down, and he saw that Blaine was shaking terribly. When she announced to him to be ready, Kurt saw tears begin to streak down Blaine's cheeks and he whimpered.

Kurt was on his feet in a second, kneeling down beside Carole and locking his eyes with Blaine's, grasping one of his hands tightly. Blaine's head drooped forward and he was shaking so badly, the doctor had to tell him to try and stay still otherwise she wouldn't be able to do this. He let out a jerky breath from between his pursed lips. Kurt stretched his neck up and kissed his nose.

"You can do this, baby." He whispered, hoping that it would be enough.

Then another contraction hit and Dr. Amy was forced to wait until it was over. Kurt continued to talk to him in soothing tones to get him to stop holding his breath. Kurt felt Carole's hand moving gently on his back as he tried his best to help Blaine. After his breathing returned to a semi-normal rate, Dr. Amy told them that she had to do this now and it would be worse if she wasn't done with the procedure when the next contraction happened. Kurt felt his stomach twist at the amount of pain and fear Blaine would feel if that was the case.

"Let her do this, Blaine. Squeeze our hands, alright? This is going to help so much. Then we can see our baby sooner, okay?" Kurt let his mantra tumble off his lips. He didn't really know what to say and his throat threatened to close up with the way Blaine's eyes filled with tears again.

Blaine sucked in a sharp breath when the needle went in and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on his supporter's hands. Kurt had begun humming to him loudly, hoping that maybe he could focus on that and not the stinging hurt. His features seemed to relax the tiniest amount and then he let out a cry of pain. Kurt swore he felt his heart break. His own eyes welled with tears, but he didn't break his song. He pressed his lips to Blaine's palm as he hummed and Carole gently stroked the tears off of Blaine's cheeks.

It seemed like they were there for so long while Blaine gripped their hands to the point of putting their extremities to sleep in an effort not to move. Because then they'd have to start all over again. And Kurt seriously did not know if Blaine could be put through that a second time.

But finally it was over and Blaine was told he could lay back. Kurt tucked the covers gently around him. He was still shaking, but didn't seem too scared anymore. "You did so good, baby." Kurt whispered and lightly stroked his slightly damp hair. His eyes no longer held straight fear. Dr. Amy collected the consent forms that Blaine had signed a while ago and left.

Kurt could almost immediately see the affects of the medication slowly dripping from the clear fluid filled bag into the line now in Blaine's back. His eyes darted to the clock, where it showed Blaine was supposed to have another contraction, but there was hardly any registration of it on his face.

"Baby? Do you feel anything?"

Blaine's eyes narrowed for a moment and he frowned. "No." Then a small smile brightened his face. "I don't feel anything. It doesn't hurt!"

Kurt couldn't help but laugh. Finn and Burt had been standing in the back, but moved forward once it was clear that Blaine was not going to bite their hands off. They fell into an easy conversation together and Kurt felt comfortable enough to leave Blaine to sit in the nearby chair. Carole's hand stroked through his hair. He looked up at her and said quietly, "Those drugs are amazing."

Carole smiled. "Enjoy the drugged-induced happiness while it lasts."

He had to cover his mouth to hide his small laugh, then he sighed. "Is he going to be in pain after?"

She squeezed his shoulder gently. "If he is, they'll give him painkillers."

"I just feel terrible. He's been through so much and…" Kurt trailed off, eyes drifting to where Blaine was talking with Finn, one hand moving methodically on his belly.

Carole pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Oh, honey, don't worry okay? You and I both know that Blaine would do this again in a heartbeat for his baby and for you."

Kurt let out a soft breath.

"And who knows?" She whispered, "With everything that's been going on, we never did get you checked. We should probably do that…"

It took a moment for what she was implying to sink in. "Carole!" He hissed. "I think one baby is quite enough."

She patted his arm at the alarmed look on his face. "I'm just kidding, honey."

Kurt had never even thought of that. And now the door had been thrown wide open and it was all that was running through his mind. What if he did have the gene? What if he could have a baby? Kurt couldn't justify making Blaine do this again if he didn't want to and had just automatically set his far-off thoughts on adoption if they ever wanted more children. But… if he could give Blaine another baby if that was what he wanted….

Kurt wanted as many kids as they thought they could handle. In a perfect world, he wanted three or four. He shook his head lightly and quickly dispelled of all the thoughts as a nurse came into the room, announcing that the operating room was ready ahead of schedule. Blaine's face paled so quickly, Kurt would have been terrified he was going to pass out if he wasn't already sitting down. She began to check his vitals.

Blaine's eyes went straight to Kurt and he got up to hold his hand tightly.

"Are we ready to have a baby?" Dr. Mariad chirped happily as she entered and Blaine tightened his grip on Kurt's hand. Blaine laughed, but it was the nervous kind of laugh, with so much apprehension, it made Kurt frown.

"You'll be fine, baby." Kurt whispered, nuzzling in close pressing their foreheads together. Kurt felt Blaine nod against his hair.

If time had been seeming to creep by, now it was as though things were happening very quickly.

Blaine was unhooked from the heart and fetal monitors and the IV line and Kurt was told he could go into the OR if he wanted. He was nodding before Dr. Mariad even finished her sentence. Carole gave them both an encouraging smile as the nurses pulled up the locking brake on the bed and began to wheel Blaine out the door. Kurt returned her smile as best as she could as Burt said, "We'll see you in the waiting room, kiddo."

He nodded and followed along, keeping his hand intertwined with Blaine's. They were taken down to the OR and into a room, where Kurt was given a hospital gown, shoe covers, and a hair net, all in the same shade of light blue, before he was allowed to enter and sit beside Blaine's head. They'd given Blaine something in that time period. He had a hair net on too and seemed more groggy than before as Kurt gently stroked his hand. The nurses were bustling about and Kurt hardly even noticed as the surgeon came in and began to scrub iodine onto the incision site.

Kurt laughed lightly and laid his hand on Blaine's forehead, where stray curls were trying with all their might to break free of their hair net prison. "We match."

"Kurt. I can't feel my legs."

He pressed a hand to his mouth to stifle the bubbling laugh. Whatever they had given him had taken effect quickly and apparently made him a bit loopy. "It's fine, honey. Trust me, be glad you can't feel anything right now."

"Alright, we're ready to get started." The OR doctor announced and Kurt felt his heart skip a beat. There were nurses at the ready for when the baby was born and Kurt was thankful for that. Just in having more people in here, he felt better for the safety of their baby. But he really wished that Carole or his father could have been here. He smiled down at Blaine, who was looking with a great degree of fascination at the ceiling.

"What are you looking at?"

"It's so pretty."

Kurt glanced up at the blank tiles above them, then back down at Blaine and just continued to smile. He was feeling so much adrenaline at the moment that he doubted he could do anything but smile. A screen had been pulled up at Blaine's chest and he could hear quick words exchanged between the doctor and assistants. Kurt kept his ears pricked for any change in the tone of their voices that would indicate a problem and just kept talking softly to Blaine.

"This is it, honey."

Blaine blinked, pulling out of his drugged up haze and gave him a genuine smile full of the playful giddiness Kurt loved. "We're having a baby?"

"We're having a baby," Kurt repeated softly and kissed his nose.

Blaine's smile wrinkled into a grimace.

"What's wrong?"


"Hurts? What hurts?" Kurt looked around frantically, but was hushed by Blaine.

"No, like… I don't know how to describe it. Pulling? I guess. Yeah, like pulling. More… uncomfortable than pain."

"Oh." Kurt trained his ears to hear the doctor.

And suddenly he heard a soft sound. Like the mewl of a kitten.

Oh. His eyes immediately filled with tears and he snapped his head up.

"Congratulations." The doctor said gleefully but Kurt didn't care who said it because there was a tiny baby in her hands peeking over the blue sheet.

Kurt forgot how to breathe then. His eyes were glued to the little baby, who was whisked away before he could entirely take in this moment. He craned his neck and spun around, watching the back of the nurse who was placing their baby in an incubator and putting something over the tiny, perfect mouth.

He felt Blaine's hand smacking against his arm. He whipped back around to see Blaine staring at him with terrified eyes.

"Why….? Where did….?"

Kurt choked back his tears. "It's a girl, Blaine," he said, the smile on his lips before he could help it. "You were right. You were right the whole time."

The tears began to fall when he saw Blaine begin to cry, the hot tears pooling in his eyes and dripping down the sides of his cheeks.

A nurse came up next to them while the doctor was quick at work sewing Blaine back up. "Congratulations you two. Your baby's quite premature so we're making sure her lungs are working just as well as they should be and getting her all pretty before she meets you."

Kurt nodded, feeling nothing but elation. He thought he might just float away from the sheer amount of happiness coursing through his veins.

"I love you," he said, kissing Blaine on his trembling lips.

"I love you too." He whispered back.

They were silent for a bit, tears streaking down their faces and holding hands in awe. There were times in these past months that had been hell, but now as they were moved to a recovery room and a nurse appeared a short while later with their daughter, those times were pushed out of their minds. Because this tiny little girl was worth all of that and more.

"Clean bill of health." The nurse in purple scrubs announced as she handed her off to Kurt's waiting arms. "She's a bit small, but that's to be expected with her being so premature. She'll have to stay here for a few weeks to make sure everything's okay, but she should be able to go home soon. I'll send up another nurse in a bit to see when you want the rest of your family to come up and see her. And Dr. Mariad should be in soon."

"Thank you." Kurt whispered and didn't even hear the nurse leave. He slowly turned back to where Blaine was sitting up, supported by pillows and a new IV line in his wrist, looking tired and somewhat stoned, but became alert the moment he saw his daughter in Kurt's arms.

Kurt moved forward and shifted his hold to give Blaine a better view, who couldn't move much right now, both from aching pain and an effort to not tousle the new stitches. A soft sigh fell from his lips and the tears welled up again.

"Oh, Kurt. She's beautiful. She has your nose."

Kurt smiled and gently lifted the hat from the head of his sleeping child. "And your hair."

They both grinned as the tiniest evidence of Blaine's dark curls peeked out. Kurt carefully laid her on Blaine's chest as he held her securely.

"She's perfect."

"Little Miss Perfect needs a name." Kurt said, a million girls' names now running through his mind. There was a few that he'd thought about that he liked, but he thought he wouldn't really know until he saw her. And there was one name right now that stood out from all the rest.

"Did you have something in mind?"


Blaine raised his eyebrows. "A la Audrey Hepburn?"

"The very same."

Blaine looked down at the peaceful bundle in his arms. "I like it. It suits her. It's perfect. Audrey Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson."

More tears misted Kurt's eyes. "Elizabeth?"

"If you want." Blaine said gently.

Kurt felt overcome by this new wave of emotion and it was all he could do to nod. After a moment, he pulled up a chair and rested his chin on his hands. "Seems like we've waited so long for this. It's kind of weird that she's here now."

"And I wouldn't have it any other way." A slight frown appeared on Blaine's face. "Well, I lied. I could do without the giant needle in my back."

Kurt laughed and the nurse came back, followed by Dr. Mariad. The nurse went to go get the rest of the family downstairs and bring them back up.

"How are we doing?" Dr. Mariad asked. "Looks like the little one is fast asleep." She smiled at them and then turned to Blaine. "It'll be normal to feel discomfort right now and for the next week or so. Be careful not to move around abruptly. Don't want to damage those stitches. You'll be given some painkillers and you should be up and walking around a bit within the next few days. Recovery can take a few weeks, but I know you'll have lots of help with the baby once you go home so you can get your rest."

Kurt nodded eagerly. He knew his parents would be very willing to help. Although he had a feeling he would have to get used to many sleepless nights. But he was okay with that.

"Once she wakes up, page a nurse and we'll have them show you how to bottle feed her and anything else you have questions about. Is there anything I can answer now?"

"No, I'm fine. Blaine?"

He shook his head.

"Thank you then, for everything."

"It's my job." She smiled. "And I love every minute of it. Take care alright?"

He smiled at her and then they were alone for a few more minutes until the rest of the Hummels arrived. Their meeting was filled with many tears, hugs, kisses, and passing around of little Audrey, who continued to sleep in dreamland. Finn didn't hold her because he was scared he would drop her, even though Kurt and Blaine both said they trusted him. But Kurt figured that Uncle Finn would warm up eventually.

"Hey, guys… umm, what do I tell people? I've been getting calls and texts like crazy for a while because both of you aren't answering your phones and I think Mercedes is about to 'get crazy up in here.'"

Kurt laughed. "Tell them the truth. But let them know we'll have Audrey's big debut when Blaine is feeling up to it."

Blaine sent Kurt a grateful look. Once all the adrenaline and strong painkillers wore off, he knew that the last thing he'd want to deal with was people, even if they only wanted to get a glimpse of his daughter. Carole had dutifully been taking pictures of the new family and now Finn snapped one with his cell phone of Kurt with his face pressed up against Blaine's cheek and their daughter between them to send to their friends.

Once the initial excitement had faded, everyone sat quietly while Kurt held Audrey in his arms and walked slowly around the room, humming gently. Blaine was tired but kept forcing his eyes open. Kurt didn't stop humming but threw him a look that said 'go to sleep,' which he ignored. He rocked Audrey gently and looked up when he heard the sound of the door being opened. And he almost stopped mid-hum.

He clutched Audrey tighter to his chest. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were in the doorway, closing the door quietly. Kurt glanced back at Blaine. Finn stood and clenched his hands into fists.

"What are you doing here?" he hissed quietly, eyes darting over to the still-sleeping baby.

Burt put his hand on Finn's shoulder. "Relax, Finn. I called them. I'm sorry, Blaine. I should have told you."

"Why?" Finn accused.

"They're his parents and they should know. Blaine is still a minor, even if he turns eighteen in two weeks."

There were tears in Mrs. Anderson's eyes as she saw her son. "Oh, baby," she whispered and took a few steps forward. "Oh, honey."

"What do you want?" Blaine asked, ice in his words.

Kurt had quickly made his way to Blaine's side, their daughter safe in his arms.

"We… we came to see you, honey." She said, glancing back at Mark.

"I can see that. And now you can leave."

"Blaine, son, please." Mark said softly, stepping up beside his wife. "We were horrible to you. I was horrible to you. I've done so many things that I regret and there's nothing that can equate to how deeply sorry I am. I treated you like no father should ever treat their son and… and I'm sorry it took me so long to see that you are everything I could have ever wanted in a son. After I saw you on that news special, I wanted to go over and beg for you to forgive me. But I…" he let out a sobbing gasp, "I was so scared that you wouldn't. You had every right not to. And you still do. But you need to know that we love you and I know that that doesn't make up for years of every horribly wrong thing I've ever said to you, but I hope that you can forgive us, forgive me, someday. I don't deserve your forgiveness but I want you to know that I love you. And I accept you, and Kurt, and your baby."

There were tears streaking down Heather and Mark's cheeks. Blaine was silent, matching tear trails on his cheeks as he looked at Kurt. He'd been wanting to hear that for so long, for so very long now, and it almost didn't seem real. He didn't know if he could forgive them yet. But they were trying and it was more of an effort of love that he'd known in so long. And they not only loved him, but his family too, Kurt and Audrey.

Blaine slowly turned back to his parents and nodded. Heather let out a sigh of emotion and carefully cupped his cheeks in her hands to kiss him on the forehead, whispering how much she loved him and how very sorry she was for everything.

Blaine closed his eyes and swallowed hard as she let go and took a step to the side. Mark moved closer and very lightly, very slowly, reached out and pressed his hand to Blaine's cheek, the same cheek he had slapped. Blaine did not flinch, but grasped his father's wrist with his own hand, telling him softly, "I know."

Mark choked back a sob as the tears rolled down his cheeks and then he pulled away, looking up at those around him. Kurt was the first to speak.

"I can never overlook what you did to him, but if he forgives you, then I'm willing to try."

The hope and need was evident in the eyes of Mark and Heather Anderson and Kurt thought that, given time, they could be a true part of this family. Kurt's statement was echoed by Carole and Burt and though Finn said so grudgingly, Kurt hoped that they could prove to him that they were deserving of forgiveness.

The nurse in the purple scrubs came back a short while later and had to take Audrey back to the nursery for follow ups and rest. The Hummels left after that, with promises to be back later that day, and the Andersons followed, with promises of their own to be back if that was what they both wanted. Kurt and Blaine lightly held hands and nodded after a moment of silent communication.

As it was silent in the room with everyone gone, Kurt kissed Blaine's forehead and whispered for him to go to sleep. Blaine tried to resist, but Kurt wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Your eyes are so red, you look high. Go to sleep so our daughter doesn't think you're an addict."

"I'm high on love." Blaine sang, prompting an eye-roll from Kurt.

"Now she'll really think you're crazy."

"No, she'll appreciate my dorky sense of humor."

"Whatever you say. Now go to sleep before I make the nurse come in here and knock you out. Or I'll do it myself, whichever you prefer."

Blaine smirked, but his eyelids drooped and ruined the effect. He let his eyes slip closed and held Kurt's hand tighter. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too, my curly-haired miracle maker."

Kurt could see Blaine roll his eyes even under closed lids. "Miracles happen every day," he mumbled, half asleep already.

"Sure they do," Kurt whispered. "It's just another ordinary miracle in Lima." He smiled as the faint grin appeared on Blaine's face and then softened as he let sleep take over.

Kurt had never been so happy. And so damn tired. He rested his head against his elbow next to Blaine's hip and let his own eyes close, glad to be getting some sleep before Carole would wake him up when they came back to assess how little Audrey was doing.

And his dreams were void of any fear or darkness or worry and as he slept, Audrey curled her little fingers into a tiny fist and slept like the angel that her fathers had known she would be.