Cilan: It's sequel time!

Drew: What do you know about sequels?

Cilan: Didn't you know? I'm also a Story Connoisseur!

Iris: *sigh* Of course you are.

May: He's a lot of things.

Dawn and Paul: *makes out in a corner*

Misty: Man, those two love each other.

Ash: Yeah. *pauses for a few seconds* Wanna make out?

Misty: *shrugs* Sure, why not?

Me: Wait! You have to read the disclaimer first.

Ash and Misty: *sigh* Fine. CrazyGirl100 doesn't own anything, including us. Thank Dialga!

Me: *smiles evilly* Oh, really?

Ash: *looks at Misty with a nervous expression* Why's she smiling like that?

Misty: I don't know.

Me: Anyways, on with the story!

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning feeling fresh and relaxed. I stretch out my arms, as I peer at the ticking alarm clock on the bedside table. It clicked 11:00 A.M. in red font.

I slowly and quietly get up out of bed, trying not to disrupt my Azurill, who is sleeping calmly, under the covers. "What a beautiful day." I mutter, quietly, as I look toward the comforters with my roommates on top of them.

May is snuggled next to Glaceon, Dawn with Piplup, and Iris with Axew. Everything that morning seemed perfect. Just perfect, even though, last night, we were told that our worst enemies had just escaped from prison. Oh, and did I mention that there wasn't any evidence? How lovely.

But at least, something good came out of all this. And that was, I had a new boyfriend. He had raven black hair that was usually covered with a baseball cap. His hands were always covered with red and black gloves. He had black jeans with red and black high top shoes. And he also wore a jacket that covered his chest. A Pikachu sat on his left shoulder every day. This boy, my boyfriend, was Ash Ketchum.

I sigh, dreamily. Last night was one of the greatest moments of my life. I look down to see Azurill rubbing the sleepiness out of its eyes with its tail. I smile, as I pick it up. "Good morning, Azurill."

"Azurill." 'Good morning.' Azurill replies.

A yawn is heard from the top bunk of my bed. I look to see Iris stretching herself out, with Axew by her side, mimicking her movements. "Good morning, Misty." She says, jumping down from the bed in her pink boxer shorts.

"Good morning, want to get some breakfast?" I say, yawning a little.

Iris shrugs her shoulders. "Sure."

Slowly, we make our way out of the bedroom, through the small hallway, and into the kitchen. I stand at one of the counters, while Iris goes to one of the shelves and pulls out four bowls. Then she sets them down on the table in front of her, me, Axew, and Azurill. Afterwards, she goes to a different cupboard, grabbing out a box of Pichu Treats. Don't worry! It doesn't mean the actual thing. At least, I don't think it does. Huh. What is it made of?

Iris pours the cereal into all four bowls. I guess she thought it was okay for Pokémon to eat the stuff too. "Here you go." Iris says, as she starts to lower the box to the surface of the counter. Before she could, I snatch the box out of Iris's hand, startling her.

My eyes gaze down the ingredients list on the box. Please tell me we weren't eating Pokémon treats, or better yet, please tell we weren't eating Pichus! "What's wrong, Misty?" Iris asks, a little annoyed of my rudeness.

After seeing that it didn't contain Pichu or any ingredient for Pokémon food, I set the box down on the counter in front of me. "Oh, nothing. Uh, just seeing how many calories there were, I guess."

"No she wasn't. She was making sure there weren't any Pichus made in the cereal." A voice says from behind me, wearily.

"No I wasn't!" I snap my neck around to see Dawn, holding Piplup in her arms, both trying to push out the sleepiness from their eyes, just like Azurill had done.

"Yes you were. I read your mind." Dawn replies, smirking. Great. She has another psychic power. What's next? Flying?

"I heard that. And no, I can't fly. But Paul can. It comes from his father's side of the family." Dawn says, walking toward us.

I start to take out a piece of cereal one at a time from my bowl and then dropping it into my mouth. "I hate your psychic powers."

Dawn pats my back in comfort. "I know."

I glare daggers at her, as May stumbles out of the hallway, falling onto the couch in the living room. "Tired, much?" Iris asks. "Why didn't you sleep in?"

"Shut up. And, also, I wanted to have breakfast with you guys." May says, her voice muffled with her face in the pillows.

Dawn sets Piplup on the counter, before walking toward May, and helping her stand up. "There you go." Dawn says.

"Thanks." May answers, as her stomach rips out a growl. She lays a hand on her stomach, groaning, "I'm so hungry."

I sigh and laugh. "You know there's cereal over here, right? Take a squat and have some breakfast."

May smiles. "Thanks." Then she runs past Dawn, so she can sit beside me. Iris pulls out three more cereal bowls, filling them up with Pichu Treats.

"Thank you." "Piplup." Dawn, May, and Piplup say in gratitude, before munching on their food.

Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door. I stand up from my chair. "I'll get it. I wonder who it could be." Saying that, I walk toward the door. I look through the peep hole, seeing an old man with some papers ruffled up in his arms.

I slowly, open the door. "Um, hello? Can I help you?"

The old man smiles. He's wearing a blue hat, along with the rest of his clothing. "No. But I've come here to tell you that you're going on a trip."

"A trip?" Dawn squeals from the kitchen, as she, Iris, and May run toward me, looking at the old man in curiosity. "What kind of trip?"

"A tropical one." The man says, holding out four envelopes, each with our name written on it.

We take them from the man's hand, as we open up the flap, revealing there to be a white piece of paper inside, with a card that looked like a card you get when you check in to a hotel for your room.

"But why are we given this?" Iris asks.

"Who cares? We're going on vacation!" May screams. "I've gotta pack." Then she runs into the bedroom, leaving me, Iris, and Dawn in the doorway with the kind, old man.

"Your principal is giving it to you. He felt grateful to you four for saving the school that he wants to repay you with a tropical vacation on one of the Orange Islands."

"Wow. Maybe we should say thank him." Iris says, smiling at Dawn.

The old man's eyes snap open. "Uh, no, that won't be necessary!" The man frantically says.

I turn toward him. "And why's that?"

The man sweat drops. "Uh, because. I'll tell him for you. He says he wants you guys on your vacation as soon as possible. He wants you to have as much fun and relaxation as you can."

Dawn swoons. "Aw. How nice."

"Yeah." I say, curiosity peaking out of every one of my pores, if I had any. Something did not settle right with this man.

"How will we get there?" Iris asks.

The man points behind him. "There's a portal in the basement, in one of the closets. It will take you to your trip."

"Oh, okay." Dawn says.

The man smiles, and tilts his hat down, before saying, "Good day, ladies. Have fun on your trip." Then he walks away.

Dawn and Iris smile, happily, while I continue to watch the man. I narrow my eyes a little to look at the back side of his blue uniform. But when I did, the blueness of his outfit shimmered green.

I gasp a little, rubbing my eyes to see if my vision was correct. But when I look back toward the old man, he's nowhere in sight. I raise an eyebrow in confusion.

I close the door. Then I turn around to see the room empty except for me and Azurill, who is still sitting on the counter, eating its food. "Where is everyone?" I ask, making Azurill's head rise from its bowl.

Azurill nods toward the bedroom. "Azur zur ril." 'They're packing in the bedroom.'

I look toward the bedroom entrance, before walking toward Azurill, picking it up and heading toward the bedroom.

And sure enough, there's Dawn, Iris, and May urgently getting everything in their suitcases. Axew, Piplup, and May's Poké ball that had Glaceon inside, were resting on one of the lower bunks.

"What are you doing?" I ask, leaning on the doorway in my pajamas.

"What does it look like we're doing? We're packing." Iris says, putting some pink skirts in her suitcase.

"Yeah. You have to pack too." Dawn says.

I sigh. "Fine. I'll pack. But I still find it suspicious."

"About what?" May asks.

I pull out my blue suitcase from under my bunk. "That the day after we find out that our mortal enemies have escaped from prison, we're suddenly being sent away on some vacation."

May and Iris roll their eyes in unison. "You worry too much." Iris scoffs, as she continues to pack her bag.

Dawn zips up her suitcase. Then she hops up, joyfully. "I know! I have to call Paul. He might get worried about me if he doesn't hear from me for a few days."

Dawn pulls out her purple phone before running out of the room and into the living room, punching Paul's number into the phone.

I sigh, before looking into my suitcase. Everything was there. My clothes, my swimsuits, everything really, except for my make-up and bathroom necessities. I walk out of the bedroom, and toward the bathroom, grabbing the bag that says my name on it, with the many bath things inside.

I walk back in the bedroom, seeing May and Iris changing out of their pajamas so they can dress up in their normal attire.

I put my bag full of bathroom necessities neatly inside one of the pockets in my suitcase, before closing it, and zipping it up. "There we go. Finished."

"Great, now come on." May says. "You have to get ready too."

"Right." I say, slipping off my pajama bottoms, and pajama shirt. Then I replace it with my usual dark red swimsuit, under a pair of yellow shorts. Then on top, I slip on my yellow vest with the blue button in the middle.

I sigh. Then I rearrange my hair into a side ponytail strapped inside an aquamarine elastic band. Then I slip on my red sneakers.

"Are you done?" Iris asks.

"Yep." I nod, as Azurill jumps into my arms.

"Great." May says, as Dawn walks through the doorway.

"Did you tell Paul?" I ask, looking toward her.

Dawn slowly, nods while gazing at her closed phone. "Yeah, but-."

"But what?" Iris asks, zipping up her suitcase.

Dawn looks up. "But the boys are going too."

"What?" Me, Iris, and May say in chorus.

"Why are they coming?" May asks. "Not that I don't want them to come. But why?"

"They said that the principal wanted to repay them back as well, since they helped contribute in saving the school. And Brock's coming, apparently. For some odd reason." Dawn says, scratching the back of her blue-covered head.

So Ash, Paul, Drew, Cilan, and Brock were all coming on the trip with us? A weird coincidence, but cool. I smile. "Oh well. At least, we'll be with our boyfriends." I say.

"Yeah. Our hot boyfriends you mean." Dawn says, swooning over Paul in her mind.

"Um, Dawn?" May asks. "You better change out of your P.J.'s." Then May grabs Glaceon's Poké ball from off the bunk bed, and straps it onto her belt.

Dawn looks down at her pink night gown. "Oh right! The boys are coming in a few minutes so I better hurry!" Then she strips off her nightgown, replacing it with a pink skirt and black shirt.

"What do you mean the boys are coming over?" Iris questions. "You mean we're going together?"

"Yeah. We're going to the same place, right? So why not go together?" Dawn says. That made sense.

"Okay, okay. Fine." Iris says, crossing her arms, as Axew jumps into her hair.

A few minutes later, Dawn adjusted on her beanie, as the door knocked. Piplup jumped on Dawn's shoulder, as she grabbed the handle of her purple suitcase and rolled it out of the bedroom. Iris, May, and I follow her out.

Dawn retrieves the door, seeing the boys' faces meet her. "Hey, Dawn." Paul greets, waving at her.

Her eyes form into hearts. "Hey, Paul." Then she glomps him, giving him a warm, loving hug.

I sweat drop, as I pull my suitcase forward. "Guys? Why don't we save the love and compassion for later? We have a trip to go to."

"Like you wouldn't do the same to Ash?" Dawn scoffs, smirking.

"Nope." I say, crossing my arms and closing my eyes.

"Hi, Misty." A masculine voice says, directing it toward me.

I open one eye to look, which instantly makes the other open as well. Ash stands there, with a grin on his face; his Pikachu perched on his shoulder, and his body looking hotter than before. Is that even possible?

My face's temperature turns to what feels like over 100 degrees. "Uh, hi, Ash." I reply, smiling.

I can hear Dawn mutter to Paul, "Called it."

Ash's gloved hand slips into mine. "Ready to go?"

Okay, now my face was 500 degrees. "Uh, yeah."

"Okay. Let's go." Brock says, grabbing his bag. Once Iris and May are out, Dawn locks the door, with her power of telekinesis before walking with everyone down the hallway.

We carry/pull our suitcases down the stairs, before arriving at the final level- the basement. All of us were gasping when we reached the floor. It doesn't matter if we were going up or down the stairs, it was still tiring.

I stand straight up. "So, where's the portal?" I ask.

"It's supposed to be in a closet. Like the old man said." Cilan replies, looking around the room.

"Man, this place looks like it hasn't been used in forever." Iris mutters.

"Yeah." Drew says. Then something catches the corner of his green eye, as he turns to a door. "Do you think it's in there?"

"Maybe." May says.

I walk toward the door, as I open it. Sure enough, inside, on the far wall of the closet is a kaleidoscope of color- the portal. "I found it!" I yell, making everyone walk toward me with their bags in tow.

"Nice, Misty." Ash replies.

"Yeah." I smile. "Now you go first."

"What?" Ash chokes out. I push him toward the portal.

"Make sure that's it's the right portal." I say.

"The right portal? You mean there are others?" Ash asks.

"I don't know. Just check." I say.

"No." Ash says, crossing his arms.

"Please?" I plead.

"No." Ash stubbornly replies.

I sigh. Then I walk toward him, before swiftly, grabbing the sides of Ash's head and kissing him on the lips.

When I separate, Ash stares at me, his mouth posed in a dreamy smile, kind of what Dawn looked like after she first kissed Paul. Love drunk. I laugh a little.

"Now will you do it?" I ask.

Ash nods. "Uh huh."

"Thanks, Ash." I say.

"Taken like a man." Iris mutters, laughing in the end.

Ash's dreamy face transforms into a determined one. Ash turns his back to me, as he looks dead-straight at the portal. Then he gulps down some nervous saliva, before bravely, walking into the colorful portal door.

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