Dawn: Over here, Paul! *leads Paul to a computer*

Paul: What did you want to show me? *sits in the chair*

Dawn: These really awesome clips from scary movies.

Paul: Nice! *Dawn presses 'Play'*

*a guy with a hockey mask and a chainsaw cuts two hot women in half, blood dripping off the blade*

Paul: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

*the guy continues to kill girls, until a clip from 'Legally Blonde' appears*

Paul: AHHH! Too much pink! *Censored* No! *runs away from the computer and Dawn*

*Ash walks up behind Dawn and high-fives her*

Ash: *laughs* Thanks Dawn!

Dawn: *giggles* No problem!

Me: Oh…kay? That was probably the lamest thing I've ever written. *sighs* Oh well. As long as you know that I don't own Pokémon or Legally Blonde, then I don't care.

Paul: *in background* Too much pink!

Fear rushed down from my red covered sneakers to my orange-fiery hair, as I continued to look at the dead metal door. "What are we going to do now?" I asked, a little too angrily.

Iris turned her head towards me. "Just calm down." Saying this, she motioned her hands down, slowly.

Something inside me broke, as Iris said those words. How could she try to take it easy when we're in danger of being injured? "No! I will not calm down! If you haven't noticed, we're being targeted by our best friends, who want to kill us! And not to mention, the only way to get them back to normal is if we get the stupid bracelets off! But oh yeah, that's right. We can't! Or we risk hurting them!" I finish yelling, my shoulders heaving up and down with every breath I take in.

Iris looked over to May, who had a look of sympathy scratched across her face. Dawn, who was looking down at her feet, slowly raised her head to look at me. "Misty, it's going to be okay. We'll get them back." But I barely listened to the letters that slipped past her lips.

Before I could control myself, I was at it again. "Oh, shut up, Dawn!" I shouted, making Dawn wince a little in fear. "Everything is not okay. Because of me the boys are all like this." My knees buckled together, as I slipped down to the floor with tears burning the corners of my eyes.

Dawn knelt down beside me, putting a nervous hand on my right shoulder. "It wasn't your fault."

I shrugged her hand off, as I snapped my neck toward her, making a few tears slip down my cheeks. "Yes, it is! I could've stopped us from coming here. I could've done something. But I didn't. I let them come here. And now they're monsters." I breathed, before completely breaking down in tears.

Azurill and Pikachu both hopped off my shoulders to look at me from the floor. "Azurill." 'It's okay.' My blue water Pokémon said.

"Pikachu pi." Pikachu whispered; its ears and tail sagging to the ground.

Dawn still wouldn't stop flapping her gums, as she looked away from me, her eyes not wanting to meet mine. "It wasn't your fault." This time, I looked toward Dawn. Her blue eyes were staring intently, at the ground, as if her mind was trapped with miscellaneous thoughts. "We all could've done something. But we didn't. Instead, we followed their tricks and lies to end up here; crying in a hallway with all hope gone and our deepest, closest friends . . . lost."

My eyes shimmered a little at how sympathetic she was being. Dawn always told me how she wanted to be a fashion designer for people and Pokémon. At that moment, I was thinking to myself, 'Screw being a fashion designer; be a frickin' therapist for crying out loud!'

May stared down at me with her blue eyes sparkling. "Misty, it's times like these when you shouldn't give up hope." May started, watching me raise a hand to wipe more stray tears off my face. "How are the boys going to get well if you're down there crying? Right now, they're lost in their own bodies. And I know for a fact that they're in there somewhere."

Iris kneeled down on my other side while May stood where she was, in front of me, smiling. "So, I promise. We'll get them back. Even if that means getting a little dirty." May said, smirking proudly.

My eyes opened wide, as I looked up at her, tears still coming out from the corners of my eyes. May looked down at me, with one hand clenched into a fist on the right side of her hip. Then her knees slowly bent, as she brought her left hand toward me. "So, are you with me?" She asked.

I looked at the gloved hand that stayed before me, before finally wiping away my hopeless tears with my wrist, and grabbing her hand with my right. As soon as my hand latched onto May's, she quickly pulled me up.

I let go of her hand, as Iris and Dawn stood up beside me. "You're right, May. We need to get them back. But how?" I wondered.

The others thought for a second before Dawn's hand quickly shot up in the air. "Oh oh oh!" Dawn said, waving her hand around.

The rest of us looked at her with a worried expression. "Dawn, we're not in a classroom." Iris said.

But Dawn barely listened, as she continued to flail her hand around while saying, "Oh oh oh! Please pick me!"

We sweat dropped before Iris finally said, "Okay. I pick Dawn."

Dawn smiled a toothy grin, saying, victoriously, "Yes!"

"Now what did you want to tell us, so badly?" May asked.

"Oh yeah. I got an idea for how to get the bracelets off!"

"You did? How?" I questioned.

"What if we made the boys take the bracelets off themselves?"

All of us looked at Dawn with an 'are-you-kidding-me?' look. With no surprise, Iris spoke up first at this. "Dawn, have your psychic powers damaged your brain or something? How in Hell are we supposed to make them do that if they're trying to kill us? It's not like they're just going to take it off in the middle of a battle."

Dawn's smile slowly disappeared. "I guess you have a point there."

But Dawn's idea instantly ignited a light bulb in my head. "No, that actually might work."

"Really?" Dawn asked, hopping up and down with glee.

"Really?" Iris asked, sarcastically.

"Yeah. It'll be hard, but it's worth a shot. I mean how else are we going to get them off?" I pointed out.

May smiled, triumphantly. "She's got us on that one."

Iris sighed, obviously still thinking that the idea was a waste of our time and energy but she reluctantly said, "Fine. Let's give it a shot."

"Great!" I said, as Azurill and Pikachu jumped on my two separate shoulders. "Now all we have to do is find them."

Dawn smiled wider. "Oh! I got that." Slowly, Dawn raised both of her hands to the center of her temple, before slowly opening her eyes to show her blue irises have transformed into a mesmerizing purple.

"What's she doing?" May asked Iris, quietly.

"Must be another one of her powers." Iris responded. Damn, Dawn! How many powers do you have?

Dawn's eyes stayed that way for a while, making the space around her glow violet purple until she finally closed her eyes back down and opened them, changing them back to their normal sapphire color. She slowly lowered her hands to her sides, before turning to look at us. "Well? What did you just do?" I asked, a little too impatiently.

Her happy-go-lucky smile had vanished in a mere six seconds during the time Dawn was using her power. She responded to me, in a slow and quiet voice, "They're here."

I could just imagine May and Iris's hearts stop beating at those words. "What?" May whispered. I could already tell that she was scared out of her mind when Dawn said those two words.

"They're auras." Dawn said, her voice quivering with fear. "I can feel them. They're here!"

Then as if on cue, an explosion erupted from the wall on the far end of the hallway. We screamed, as we ducked down to the ground; smoke blowing above us, as debris fell around us. I slowly, opened my eyes and stood up, along with May, Dawn, and Iris, as the smoke cleared. But once it did, not only did I know that the girls' hearts had stopped beating, but mine as well. I didn't even have the courage to gasp with fear, as I saw those five pairs of crimson red eyes glaring at us.

Ash stood at the head of them, with Paul, Drew, Cilan, and Brock perched beside him. An evil laugh erupted from Ash's throat, showing off his so-called teeth, which were now probably sharper than a Charizard's. "We've got you now." He growled.

I saw out of the corner of my eye, Dawn, May, and Iris huddle together, all their bodies shaking, frantically. I had to do something. "Ash, think about you're doing. Please." I pleaded.

Ash scoffed, cracking a smile. "I don't need to think about it. My plan is to kill you." Saying this, he pointed a finger directly at me.

That instantly broke my heart, but I urged more. "You've gotta remember who I am. Please, Ash." Tears burned like fire at the corners of my eyelids, just hanging on the edge, before they'd finally shoot out.

Listening to my words, Ash slowly lowered his arm, and his smile transformed into a confused frown. His red eyes stared at mine in wonder, as if they were searching for something, maybe to find out if I was really just someone to kill or if I really was his girlfriend. Maybe he was trying to break free.

"Please, listen to me." I asked.

"Pika pi." Pikachu said, its black eyes staring pleadingly at Ash.

Then a miracle happened. Once those words left my mouth and traveled to Ash's ears, his blood-red eyes faded away into his mocha brown ones. Ash was back!

"Misty?" Ash asked. I smiled and nodded, happily. He smiled back, but suddenly, Ash yelped in pain, his left hand shooting to his temple as a red electrical shock traveled across his skin. His brown eyes closed shut, as his teeth were pressed together.

"Ash!" I yelled. I heard the girls gasp from behind me, and before I could stop myself, I ran to Ash, and grabbed his wrist. "Ash? What's wrong?"

He didn't answer. Only another scream came out of his mouth, as another red electric current thrived through him. Ash shook his head in pain, as more shock waves came. That was when I heard the voice.

"Don't give in to her commands." The voice said. I looked around in search of the voice, until I realized that it was coming from Ash's wrist. My pupils shrank when I realized that it wasn't technically, Ash's wrist talking, but the bracelet. The freaking bracelet was talking!

"What?" I whispered to no one in particular.

A red string of electricity shot out of the bracelet and through Ash's body, making him scream in pain. "Don't give in!"

Suddenly, an electrical shock pulsed through me before I even had time to think. I shouted in pain, pushing away from Ash and falling flat on my back. "Pikachu pi!" Pikachu said on one shoulder.

"Azurill!" 'Mama, are you okay?' Azurill asked, on the other.

I slowly sat up, saying, "I'm fine. But what about-?" Laughter interrupted my question, making me look up in horror.

As more red shocks electrified through his body, Ash laughed with his head hung low, before throwing it back in a hard-on laugh attack. I gasped. "No! Ash!" His eyes were wide open when he laughed and they were not chocolate brown! In case you hadn't guessed already, they were red.

"Oh, yes!" Ash yelled, pulling off a good smirk in my direction. "Now it's time to get the job done!"

"Please don't do th-!" I was cut short as Brock's foot made contact with the underside of my chin, throwing me backwards.

"Misty!" Dawn, May, and Iris yelled in unison, as they huddled around me. They helped me sit up, as I looked at the boys, all laughing their evil little heads off.

Ash was patting Brock's shoulder with a smile of gratitude. "Thanks, Brock-o. She was starting to get on my nerves."

"No problem." Brock said. "Someone had to shut her up." Was I hearing things or did they just insult me?

I slowly stood up, my eyes glowing blue. "Girls?" I asked, as the three girls stood up as well.


I swiftly turned around. "It's time to stop them." Even though, inside, I knew it hurt them a lot to think of the idea of hurting their lovers, they all grew looks of determination and nodded.

Ash laughed, posing with a hand on his hip. "Oh, so you want a fight, do ya? Fine by me." Then with another finger pointed toward me, he yelled, "Attack!"

I followed Ash's motion, as I screamed, "Attack!"

As soon as the word was commanded, everyone was in full-on attack mode. Dawn with her now glowing purple eyes tackled Paul while he threw kicks and punches toward her. Iris instantly grew a long neck and a tail as she breathed a long, smoking trail of fire at Cilan and his now many clones. They dodged it in an instant, only a few being burnt, and quickly ran toward Iris. May was already on a disadvantage, as Drew tied her up with green roots. She tried to get out with her power of flexibility, but the more she squirmed the more tightly the roots would squeeze. Brock was on the side-lines, picking a fight with his own Croagunk, who somehow managed to get out again. Apparently, it wanted a round two for last time.

Before I could lift a foot, Ash was already punching his fist through my jaw, blood spitting out of the corner of my lip. I flew backwards, as Azurill and Pikachu quickly jumped off of my shoulders and onto the sidelines, cheering me on.

My back hit against a wall, before my body sank down to the ground. I slowly got on my hands and knees, but Ash quickly ran up and thrust a fist into my ribcage, making me cough up more blood onto the ground.

That was enough to make Pikachu and Azurill furious. Azurill quickly shot a Water Gun on Ash and Pikachu instantly hurtled a Thunderbolt attack toward him. Ash laughed, holding out a hand toward Pikachu and Azurill. "Oh, give me a break." Then in a flash, a red wave of energy shot out of his hand and hit the two little Pokémon.

I heard their little cries in the distant. "No! Azurill! Pikachu!" But before I could stand up, Ash shot his fist into my face shoving me backwards again.

I grunted as my back hit the wall again, a little harder this time. I opened my eyes, as I felt something seep out of my nose. I raised a hand and felt it. It felt like water except more thick. I looked at my hand and saw on my fingers, blood. How much had I lost? It didn't feel like a lot, but I was already weak and felt dizzier than when I am on a merry-go-round.

I heard footsteps near me, and looked up from my bloody fingers to see Ash with a grin embroidered across his lips, coming toward me. He slowly brought his hands to my shoulders, and helped me up. I wanted to fight back. My brain was telling me, begging me to. But I made no movement. And in that time, Ash fiercely pushed my shoulder back, a loud snap erupting from it. I screamed a small scream, as the pain deepened within me and my shoulder.

Ash removed his gloved palms away from me, letting me drop to the floor like a rag doll. I looked around, my eyesight slowly fading.

"Iris?" I asked, looking at her limp body on the ground, being surrounded by the many Cilans.

"Dawn?" I questioned, looking at Dawn's lifeless body with many scrapes and bruises in Paul's arms.

"May?" I pleaded, quietly, looking at May's pale figure still attached to the roots, having had the breath squeezed out of her.

"Azurill? Pikachu?" I whispered, looking at their burnt blue and yellow bodies.

My eyesight was turning to complete fuzz, as I said one last name to the person hovering above me, a smile of accomplishment reaching his peach-colored face. "Ash." I said, before my eyesight completely gave up and turned to darkness; Ash's glowing red eyes being the last thing I saw.

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