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*Independence Day – Part 1*

(Gotham City)

Bystander #2: OMG its Mr. Freeze! WAIT, I'm not supposed to talk am I?

Director: NO just RUN and scream. GO AGAIN!


Mr. Freeze: Enjoying picnic time-

Director: CUT, CUT, cut… its "family" time, FAMILY, alright? Let's try it again.

Mr. Freeze: *clears throat* *raises gun at family* Enjoying FAMILY time –

Director: No, no, NO! It says here you're supposed to do it in a "deep, gravelly voice in monotone" so ONE pitch, no emphasis.

Mr. Freeze: FINE, if you want emotionless, I can do that!

Director: *throws hands in air* That's ALL I'm asking! *pinches bridge of nose* ACTORS….


Mr. Freeze: *slides down ice* Whoa- Wh- WHOA! *flips and lands on back*

Robin: *on side-lines in his chair* Ahahaha! *falls backwards suddenly, chair tips* Whoa- Wh- WHOA!

Mr. Freeze: *stands up and brushes himself off* Not so funny NOW is it bird boy?


Mr. Freeze: Oh, Boy Wonder, the Bat sent YOU to bring me off to prison?

Robin: YEAH, you got a problem with that?

Director: CUT! ROBIN, you didn't let him finish his line. It's a critical line, too, for later… Besides, that's not even your next line…

Robin: *face palms* AH sorry… *points at Mr. Freeze* It just annoys me when people think I'm not CAPABLE of handling a villain on my own!

Director: *rolls eyes*ROBIN, just stick to the script, I know you're being PAID to be dramatic but just TRY and follow the lines and NOT add your own!

Robin: *scoffs* SOMEONE doesn't know theatre when he sees it…


(Star City)

Speedy: *slugs Green Arrow* White ONE! (1)

Green Arrow: REALLY? In all of this freezing chaos you're worried about the Slug Bug?

Speedy: *laughs* You're just jealous because YOU didn't see it!

Green Arrow: …


Junior: FINALLY! *arrow hits him in the head*

Director: *into megaphone* CUT! Speedy, you aren't supposed to be firing right now!

Speedy: *from top of bridge, cups hands around mouth* SORRY! ONE WORD from him and I get ANNOYED ALREADY! I just wanted him to SHUT UP!

Junior: *rubbing his forehead* HEY!



Speedy: *running down rail with Green Arrow* I hope this doesn't interfere-

Junior: *hears them* Interfere with what?


Director: CUT, CUT, CUT! GOSH what IS it with you two? You can't go one minute without arguing!

Speedy: HEY, I'm just staying in character.


Green Arrow: Kid had an ice jaw-

Speedy: *cough* GLASS *cough*

Director: *groans*


(Pearl Harbor)

Aquaman: Don't tell me you're not excited.

Aqualad: I am TOTALLY excited my king!

Director: CUT, you're supposed to be cool and composed and "focused on the matter at hand" Aqualad!

Aqualad: My bad… I just am!

Director: *sigh* WELL get out the excitement now, we're ONLY gonna do three retakes! OTHERWISE if you screw up, too bad!

Aqualad: *behind a hand, to Aquaman* SOMEONE woke up on the wrong side of the reef this morning…


Aquaman: *folds arms across chest* Well, you can let it out now.


Director: CUT! Aqualad, you DON'T talk like that, you're all proper and stuff.

Aqualad: Why don't YOU try staying all "properly worded" and stuff with Robin around!

Robin: HEY!

Wally: HEY! I don't talk slang enough for you too? Am I no influence on your speech at all?

Aqualad: Start using words that no one else knows more often and maybe you will get there.

Robin: *snickers* *behind hand to Kid Flash* I think that means I win.


(Central City)

Flash: Stealing ice, seriously?

Kid Flash: YEAH why would you want to steal ICE when you can shoot it out of that gun! What a waste!

Director: CUT! Kid Flash, that was NOT your line OR your turn!

Kid Flash: It's called IMPROV look it up!


Kid Flash: Come ON we don't have time for this!

Captain Cold: You're SPEEDSTERS how could you POSSIBLY ever be LATE for something! GOSH just blow me off, give me the cold shoulder, I DON'T CARE!

Director: CUT- CU-

*Flash and KF manically laughing in background, KF leaning on Flash for support*

Flash: *covers mouth with hand, trying to muffle his laughter* He said… *snickers* "cold shoulder"! *both hero and sidekick burst out laughing again*

Director: *throws script in the air* ALRIGHT, it's official! Heroes are IMPOSSIBLE to work with!


Flash: Calm down Kid…

Kid Flash: Oh PLEASE, you'll start up a conversation with ANYONE! Even a VILLAIN!

Robin: PSST! KF, you left out a few words.

Director: *face palms*


(Washington D.C)

*epic camera panning* *suddenly, Robin, KF and Speedy's faces fill up the entire screen*

Boys: *making funny poses and sticking out their tongues*

Director: CUT! WHO put the camera on them?

Robin: *remote in hand controlling camera* *snickering*


Batman: *smiles slightly, hand on Robin's shoulder* Today's the day.

Speedy: WAIT did you just SMILE?

Director: CUT! *mutters under breath* For once when someone is doing something RIGHT…


Kid Flash: AW MAN! *stops by Flash* I KNEW we'd be the last ones here!

Speedy: Which is pretty funny considering the fact that you guys are the speedsters!

Kid Flash: ROY HARPER! *tackles him, the two start wrestling*

Camera Man #3: *leans over, whispering* Aren't you going to yell cut?

Director: *seated in chair, hand on head* No, it's better they just get it out without me interrupting them…

Camera Man #3: *leans away slowly* Okay….


*everyone (heroes and partners) are walking towards the Hall of Justice*


*loud fan girl screams as Robin is suddenly tackled and lost under a mob of girls with Jesse McCartney merchandise on*

Random Girl #2: *pops up from dog pile* WAIT, it's not him!

Random Girl #3: Yeah… he just SOUNDS like him…

*girls all grumble and walk away, leaving a stumbling, tattered Robin who manages to get up with the help of his friends*

Robin: *eyes wide* Whoa…. That was weird. Whoever that Jesse McCartney guy is, I feel bad for him.

Wally: *letting go of the Robin's arm that he was holding to help him up* I don't! WAIT LADIES! What about me? Kid Flash? I just want your "Beautiful Soul"! *runs after them*

Speedy: *shakes head, elbow rested on Robin's shoulder as they watch him go* He's so desperate….


Extra #1: I see Flash Kid! (2)

Extra #2: No his name's Speedy…

Extra #3: NO that's Green Arrow's sidekick!

Extra #2: That makes no sense-

Speedy and Kid Flash: *suddenly explode* WE KNOW IT DOESN'T!


Director: *into megaphone* Cut. *sighs*


Kid Flash: Have all four sidekicks –

Speedy: DON'T call us sidekicks!

Robin: I don't know about you guys, but I'm a PARTNER, not a sidekick.

Batman: *rolls eyes*

Director: GO AGAIN! Kid Flash didn't even get to finish his line Roy.

Speedy: *very sarcastic* MAH BAD.


Kid Flash: First time at the Hall… I'm a little overwhelmed.

Robin: … *mutters* I forgot my line… LINE PLEASE!


Robin: *statues come into view* OH- *suddenly bursts out laughing along with Speedy and KF*

Batman: ALRIGHT, WHO'S idea was it to TP the statues?


Flash: Make yourselves at home.

Robin: *jumps and lands on chair, props feet up*

Kid Flash: *does the same and lets out a belch*

Flash: *wrinkles nose while pushing KF's feet off the table and then smacking him upside the head* I didn't mean LITERALLY!

Director: GAH! CUT! LORD can NONE of you just GET IT RIGHT on the first try? I SWEAR -

Robin: Don't swear! *stage whispers behind a hand* Kids are watching!

Director: *scowls*


Speedy: That's IT? You promised us a REALY look inside, not a glorified backstage pass!

Aquaman: It's a first step. You've been granted access few other's get.

Speedy: OH REALLY? *gestures to window which fans are gathered behind**all of them have their faces pressed to the screen, flashing pictures madly* *all turn and see Kid Flash and Robin striking poses for them*

KF and Robin: *look at them innocently* What?


Speedy: They're treating us like kids! WORSE like sidekicks! We deserved better than this.

*KF, Robin and Aqualad look at each other quietly*

Speedy: You're kidding right? You're playing their game. WHY, because you think they play fair? TODAY was supposed to be THEE day! Step ONE in becoming full fledged members of the League!

Kid Flash: Well sure, but I thought step one was supposed to be a tour of the HQ.

Speedy: Except the Hall isn't the League's real HQ!

*all have shocked looks*

Speedy: I bet they never told you it was just a false front for tourists!

Flash and KF's Manager: CUT!

Director: *explodes* WHAT? They were doing just fine!

*man suddenly rushes in with plates of sandwiches*

Flash and Kid Flash: FOOD! *instantly start eating*

Flash and KF's Manager: It was their break time. They have a high metabolism you know and need to eat regularly! It's in the contract that I can stop at any time if I think they need to eat!

Flash: *through food* I ike er ana gr.

KF: *swallows* Me too.

Director: *sits back down, pinching bridge of nose with eyes closed* I didn't sign up for this…


Green Arrow: *looks at Batman who folds arms across chest*

Batman: *BAT GLARE*

Green Arrow: Uh…. *squeaks* Sorry?

Director: UGH! Someone give him his line! And BATMAN, tone down the glare a bit!

Batman: *casts glare at Director*

Director: *suddenly nervous* N-never mind y-yah-y-you're doing f-ff-fine Don'tHurtMe!

Robin: *snickers behind a hand*


Speedy: Or what, you'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son!

Robin: *behind Speedy the whole time, mimicking his actions with heavy sarcasm*

*heroes start laughing, but try to hide it*

Speedy: *notices* It's not funny! *turns around and sees Robin* HEY!


Superman: It's a small fire. The local authorities can handle it.

Batman: Then Cadmus can wait.

Robin: *raises hand* What's Project Cadmus?

Batman: *sighs* Not NOW Robin.

Director: CUT!


Batman: Stay put!

Robin: What- WHY?

Aquaman: This is a League mission –

Kid Flash: SO! We can still help!

Director: NOT your turn yet KID FLASH! GO AGAIN!

Kid Flash: *blows raspberries at him when he's not looking*

Robin: *snickers*


Flash: You're not trained –


Robin: YEAH, calling ME not trained is like saying KID FLASH can't down a hotdog in less than two seconds!

Batman: *suddenly sweeps Robin's feet out from under him and he lands on the floor with a grunt* You need more work.

Kid Flash: OOH you just got schooled!

Robin: *suddenly kicks KF's feet out from under him before hopping to his feet* *brushes dirt off of his shoulder before glancing at KF* You need more work.

Aqualad: *chuckles*


Green Arrow: Glad you didn't bring you know who?

Robin: You mean Megan?

Director: CUT! Just because you know what's gonna happen in a different episode, doesn't mean the audience does!

Robin: Oops, sorry.



Aqualad: My mentor, my king, I thought he trusted me.

Kid Flash: -

Robin: *interrupts* Dude, why do you talk like that?



Computer: Access Denied.

Robin: *laughs* Wanna bet?

Kid Flash: Ten bucks on Robin!

Director: NO, you don't actually bet, it's just an express- never mind. JUST go on…


Aqualad: Solve their case before they do… it would be poetic justice.

Robin: And they are ALL about Justice.

Kid Flash: They ARE called the Justice League!

Robin: *turns to face KF, hands on hips* You just HAVE to put in your two-cents don't you?

Director: KF I told you before! NO IMPROV!

Kid Flash: *throws hands in air* DUDE you are KILLING my MOJO!


Robin: *whispers* Puppy Dog eyes on three.

KF: Three!

Robin and KF: *turn and face Aqualad with puppy dog eyes*

Aqualad: ARGH! You two are idiots!

Directors: BOYS wrong begging face!


KF: *runs towards building, tries to go up the wall but hits his face instead* OUCH!

Scientists: AH! *hit ground* Ouch….

KF: OOPS sorry! Are you alright?

Scientist #1: QUIT shouting in my ear! I'm just a stunt double I'm fine!

Scientist #2: Well I'M not a stunt double… I couldn't afford it… OW…

KF: *rubs back of neck* MAH BAD….

Director: ALRIGHT find another Scientist and stat! We need to roll again NOW!


Fireman #3: It's what's-his-name… Flash Boy!

Fireman #4: No I think its Speedy.

Fireman #1: NO that's Green Arrow's sidekick!


Director: CUT!


Aqualad: I appreciate the help.

Robin: You handled it!

KF: YEAH, BESIDES he had to save me! I was about to fall!

Director: *sigh* GO AGAIN!


Aqualad: *watching as elevator door closes with no one inside*

Genomorph: *runs up to elevator door and thrums on the button* AW CRAP!

Director: CUT! You're supposed to be ON it already!

Genomorph: HEY, give me a break! This is my first scene, I wasn't ready!

Director: And I repeat… ACTORS.


Robin: *shoots up grappling hook, it bounces off and goes down instead* AW COME ON! I only have one of these!


Robin: Welcome to Project Cadmus!

KF: SUPERBOY! Where are you?

Robin: *smacks him upside the head* NOT YET you idiot!

Director: *growls* COME ON GUYS! Roll again!


Aqualad: *paused to watch Genomorphs go by* Oh my…

Robin: Whoa! *stumbles back when one steps to close and hits his head on the wall* Ouch O, Doamne că doare! Fiu de căţea prost geno-

Batman: *on sides* ROBIN! Watch your language!

Robin: *blushes* As Wally would say "MAH BAD."

Director: GO AGAIN! And this time, don't get the Genos so close to Robin!


Guardian: A Geno on sub level 26 reports three intruders.

Dr. Desmond: Did I miss a perimeter breach alert?

Guardian: *throws hands in the air*What do you expect, the BOY WONDER hacked our motion sensors!

Director: CUT! That's a line for LATER Guardian, and it's not even yours!

Guardian: *rubs back of neck* Sorry, I got confused and I thought it would be appropriate...

Director: ALRIGHT... Indepence Day Part 1, Take... whatever... ACTION!


Robin: OKAY I'm officially whelmed…

KF: Dah shaw…

Director: *mutters* FML


KF: The REAL Cadmus generates its OWN power with these… THINGS.

Robin: Dude! Don't be rude the "things" have feelings!

KF: How do you know? Can you SPEAK "thing"?

*the two start to wrestle*

Director: CUT!

*boys don't stop*

Director: *sighs* Batman, Flash PLEASE pry them apart for me, we've already had one person get hurt trying….

Batman: *goes and grabs both boys by the scruff of the collar and they go slack, surrendering*

Director: Thank you.


Robin: They call them… Genomorphs. WHOA look at the stats on these things! They're like flippin Pokémon or something!

KF: *laughs* Gotta catch 'em all!

Director: CUT!


Guardian: DON'T MOVE! … Wait, Robin, Aqualad, Fid Kash- Bleh, blah… *wrinkles nose*

Robin: At least he got your name right… sort of


Guardian: Sorry, tongue twister.


Director: Just go again!


KF: You think the League is gonna approve of you breeding weapons?

Guardian: Weapons… what do you – OH you mean these things? *picks Genomorph off of his shoulder and cuddles it* Boogly Bear wouldn't hurt anyone.

Robin: I think they messed with his brain a little TOO much.

Director: CUT!


KF: WAY to be a team player ROB!

Robin: HEY! I was trying to find a way out! I just ASSUMED you guys were right behind me!

KF: We don't have any silent ninja communication with you like Batman does! Try SPEAKING for once!

Director: KF!

KF: *throws hands in the air* I know, I KNOW NO impov! But I was in the ZONE and that line was totally epic!

Director: "Totally epic" AND basically the same line as another episode later on, so NO.

KF: *folds arms over chest, grumbles under his breath*


Aqualad: We're heading down?

KF: DUDE out is UP!

Robin: Yeah but Superboy- I MEAN Project KR-

Director: CUT!


KF: We ARE already here, so why not go for it?

Robin: YEAH, just trust me for once!

Aqualad: *pinches bridge of nose* Sigh…

Director: *fuming, gets up and leaves* ALRIGHT every TAKE FIVE… I need my god dam coffee… maybe something a little stronger… *mutters under breath* Stupid stubborn heroes and there bad sticking to script skills…


Aqualad: Which one…

Robin: *sips hot coco**sitting in chair on the sides while girls are putting his make-up on* OH wait, we're rolling again?

Aqualad: *face palms*

KF: DUDE you're wearing make-up! *snickers*

Robin: SO ARE YOU!

KF: Uh… no I'm not….

Aqualad: Yes you are.

KF: *smacks him* NOT helping!


Scientist Girl: *whistling*

KF: *turns corner sharply* AH! *suddenly screeches to halt but still knocks over lady* I'm so sorry! I-

Director: CUT! KF you were SUPPOSED to knock her over, it's all good.

Scientist Girl: *scoffs, get's to feet* Smooth one Flash Boy.



KF: *picks up canister but drops it on his foot and the door closes* OWWIE! OUCH OmahGOD that HURT!

Robin: DUDE you let the door close!

KF: YEAH and I stubbed my TOE! For a speedster who is on his feet a lot, that can do some damage!

Aqualad: *cough* Wussy *cough*

KF: I thought you were supposed to be the mature one!

Aqualad: *smirks*


Robin: I disabled the door, we're trapped.

Aqualad: We're safe…. WAIT we switched those two lines didn't we?

Director: *sighs* YES you did, at least YOU caught it yourself without me saying something… Kudos to you.


*Superboy's tank is shown*

Superboy: *waves* Don't just stand there! Get me out of here!

Director: CUT! Superboy, you're supposed to be UNCONSCIOUS.

Superboy: Maybe I don't want to be!



Aqualad: Robin, hack.

Robin: *still staring at Genomorphs in Superboy's cage* I wonder if one of those could make Batman let me drive the Batmobile for once…

Aqualad: ROBIN!

Robin: Huh, what? Oh, sorry, right…

Director: Robin, please TRY not to get distracted by shiny objects…

Robin: HEY this is the first time that's happened!

Director: Just go again!


KF: They're making a slave out of… uh… LINE!


Robin: No signal!

KF: Aw come on!

Director: NO Wally NOW is the time for one of your stupid, "witty" lines… Try it again.



Dr. Desmond: Yo realize once we get in there we can't ever let them leave.

Robin: *muffled voice by door* HEY! I don't want to die though!

Director: ROBIN, don't speak unless spoken to!

Robin: *mutters, muffled by door still* You sound like Batman.


Aqualad: Set him free… do it.

Robin: *types some buttons, door to Superboy's cage opens*

KF: *speeds over and taps Superboy on the cheek* Connor… wakey wakey eggs and bakey!

Superboy: *tries to hide a laugh*

Director: CUT!


Aqualad: We're trying to help you!

KF: *stands up, rubbing the back of his neck as Superboy tackles Kaldur* He never was one for words…

Robin: *coughs* Yep, he always lets his anger talk. *smiles*

Superboy: I heard that you guys!

Director: SUPERBOY you don't KNOW them yet, no being friendly! *Kaldur suddenly crashes into Director and both are flown back*

Superboy: *dusts hands off* Then I guess I don't know you either!

KF and Robin: *snickering in background*

Director: *mutters and Aquaman helps Aqualad up but not him* I swear, after this episode I'm DONE… screw my contract.


Dr. Desmond: *stands by Superboy*

*cameras fade out*

Director: *sighs in relief* Woo… we're done.

Superboy: *suddenly punches the Director* THAT'S for making me hurt my FRIENDS!

Director: OW!

Robin: Superboy! DUDE chill we're fine, it's just acting!

Superboy: Oh… sorry….

Director: I do NOT get paid enough for this, I'm DONE!

Superboy: *looks down cast*

KF: *comes over and puts a hand on his shoulder* It's okay man, I didn't like him anyways.

Director: I HEARD THAT!

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