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*Alpha Male*

(Northern India)

*camera pans down to look at a print on the ground – a Velociraptor print*

Hunting Man: *kneels down* What the-?

Director 2: Seriously guys? It's the first scene! Why can't you just not?

Robin: *appears beside director* Aw come on, that wouldn't be any fun.

Director 2: *grumbles* Whatever. Let's just … roll again.


*Hunters walk up to see the tiger in the tree*

Random Girl: *pops up in front of the camera* HEY! Poaching is illegal and horrible and hunting should be banned everywhere! SAVE THE ANIMALS.

Director 2: How do all of the yahoos keep getting onto the set? *into megaphone* Can someone get her out of here please?


(Mount Justice)

Martian Manhunter: *typing away on computer*

Computer Voice: Now activating, party dance mode.

Martian Manhunter: *Very confused, tries to get out of it but nothing he tries is working*

*strobe lights and disco balls drop down and electric music starts playing*

Kid Flash: *dances onto the scene* Woo! This one is my JAM.

Green Lantern: Robin. I saw you messing with the computers earlier.

Robin: *shouts from the sidelines* You can't prove ANYTHING.

Director 2: I don't care who did it just fix it so we can move on!


Green Arrow: *sets down a bowl of kale chips on the table*

Kid Flash: Ewwww…. What happened to the pretzels?

Green Arrow: *shrugs* I just grabbed the first thing I could find.

Kid Flash: Well I'm not eating that rabbit food! Gross.

Kaldur: I would like to have some.

Kid Flash: Not helping my case here Kaldur!

Kaldur: *takes the bowl* But I like Kale Chips…

Director 2: Can someone please just get a new bowl of food? Roll again!


Superboy: You knew? *lunges at Kaldur*

Kaldur: *quickly side steps and sends Conner crashing into the wall behind*

Superboy: *groans* Oww….

Kaldur: That's what you get for charging me!

Superboy: *whines* But I was just doing what I was supposed to…

Batman: *glares at Kaldur* Don't goof off. We need to finish filming quickly today. Robin still has homework to do.

Robin: *groans* Noooo… I'd hoped you'd forgotten about that.

*the rest of the team snickers in response*

Robin: *glares at KF* What are you laughing about? You told me you have a huge project due tomorrow that you haven't even started on yet.

KF: H-hey! Don't throw me under the bus!

Flash: What was that KF? *raises an eyebrow at him and crosses his arms over his chest*

KF: *squeaks and runs away*

Flash: Where do you think you're going? This is a closed set! And besides I'm faster than you! *dashes after KF*

Director 2: Guuyyyysss… come on. Everyone take five minutes to regroup and then we're going again!


Conner: After I dismantle Red…. Red…

Robin: Seriously? We were just talking about him.

Conner: I'm having a brain fart. Uhhh Red… oh yeah! Red Tornado.

Director 2: Roll again!


Robin: Batman please! Tell us you're not sending us on this joke of a wild ape chase.

KF: *busts out laughing* H-He said ape chase! L-Like goose chase except apes cause… cause… get it?

Artemis: Really? You think that's funny?

KF: Aww come on… It was funny….

Director 2: AND it was his actually line so let's go again! And this time, no laughing!


(Northern India)

Aqualad: Switch to stealth.

*Everyone does*

KF: Come on Robin, you call that suit stealth? I mean the underside of the cape is Canary Yellow! That's like going through the jungle with a neon sign saying "Hey! I'm right here!"

Robin: HEY You know why my uniform is this color- and even with it I can out stealth you ANY day.

KF: Oh really?

Superboy: Hey. KF. Remember like the third episode when you betted against Robin's ninja skills and lost? Do you really not learn from your massive number of mistakes?

KF: Yeah but- hey!

Director 2: Seriously guys. You were doing so well there for a bit. Roll again!


Superboy: Come M'gann, let's go this way.

M'gann: Okay!

Director 2: Cut! Cut! No, Superboy the line is "Come on M'gann, I'll keep you safe."

Superboy: But that sounds so rude. Like, she's a superhero, she can keep herself safe. I'm just extra support.

M'gann: Aw, isn't he sweet?

Director 2: *sighs* Conner... that's just not the line. Just… say the line, please?

Superboy: Fine.


KF: *going through the jungle* So.. Robin… *turns around to see his friend gone* Rob-?

Robin: *lands on top of KF, knocking him down* Haha. Canary Yellow and I still snuck up on you.

KF: Aw come on, I never bet you. You didn't have to do that.

Robin: I totally did. You're just upset I snuck up on you.

KF: *grumbles* Stupid Batman helping ninja show off…


*ground starts shaking*

Camera Guy #3: *is holding a cup of water, which starts to ripple* *drops the glass and shrieks* AH! No! Not this dream again! I will NOT be eaten by another dinosaur! Not today! *runs off set yelling the whole way*

Director 2: What the…. Okay then.

Robin: Someone watches too much Jurassic Park.

Director 2: *into megaphone* Can I get another camera man out here please?


Superboy: *starts to get attacked by dogs* Wolf! Help!

*Wolf jumps from off of the cliff and starts to help Superboy*

Director 2: No no no not yet! Wolf isn't your friend yet Superboy so he can't help!

Dog Trainer: Sit boys!

*all of the dogs on set sit*

Superboy: *sits up and scratches Wolf's ear* But he's my boy… *to Wolf in a doggy voice* Who's a good boy?

*Wolf eagerly licks Conner's face*

Director 2: It's just for a bit Superboy! He has to be serious for this scene. You think you can handle it?

Superboy: Fine… But only because I love him.

Director 2: Okayy… Roll again!


Robin: I thought vultures only ate dead meat?

KF: Well we're going to be dead meat if we don't hurry up!

Director 2: Wally! Seriously?

KF: I like improv, okay? Maybe someday you'll recognize my actual genius and let me use one of my lines!

Director 2: Yeah. When pig's fly.

Robin: I can make that happen.

Director 2: No! I mean, just, maybe someday Wally. Not today though.

KF: *grumbles* Everybody's a critic.


*as Artemis and M'gann are fighting off the alligators*

KF: *from sideline, eating popcorn* M'n… *swallows* those are some Jaws sized alligators. Where did we get those from anyways?

Robin: Well it's more like movie magic, I mean-

Director 2: Guys. We can hear you.

Robin: *sheepish* Oops. Sorry.

Director 2: Roll again!

Artemis: Seriously? We were doing so well!

Director 2: Blame those two.

Artemis: *looks at the two and makes a slicing motion across her neck*

KF: Ohhh we're so dead later.

Robin: *gulps* Yup.


Artemis: Okay.. nearly drowning two nights in a row is way less fun than it sounds.

M'gann: It really doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Artemis: It's just an expression M'gann.

M'gann: Ohhhhhh.


KF: *spins out of the tree in a ball and hits one of the birds* I learned that one from Sonic!


Kaldur: Team, report status.

KF: Um Watered Down this is Lightning McQueen, currently talking to a salesman about an icy treat, over.

Kaldur: Ice Cream?

Robin: *suddenly sprints off the set* Woo! Yeah! Ice cream!

Director 2: *sighs* I guess we needed to take a break anyways. Go on. Be back in ten!


Captain Marvel: Batman stopped everyone from talking with one word.

Kaldur: Because Batman is… Batman.

KF: Wow. Much intelligent. Very words. Amaze.

Kaldur: Hey! That's my line! Besides you try to describe how Batman does his thing.

KF: Uh….

Robin: It's mind control guys. He's secretly from Neptune here to take over the human race. *behind his hand in a fake whisper* I've seen it all firsthand! The Bat Cave is actually a cover for his spaceship!

Batman: *glares*

Robin: See! He's mad because I revealed his secret. *cackles*

Batman: Stop stalling Robin or I'll go get your homework myself and you can do it here and now.

Robin: No no no wait. I'm going. We're going. Right guys? *nervous laughter* Just no homework. Please. I hate French class…

Director 2: Alright, reset guys! From Kaldur's line and… action!


*as Captain Marvel chases after a tiger*

Kaldur: Seriously? He acts like a giant kid!

Robin: *from off set* That's because he is one!

Superboy: *snickers off set*

Director 2: Guys, be nice.

Robin: Well it's true.

Director 2: I mean… yeah but… just-just roll again!


Robin: Of course since we're moles you probably think we attacked ourselves.

Kaldur: Just shut up and listen you guys! I'm trying to help you and you're being really immature!

Robin: I'm only 13. What's your excuse?

KF: I feel like you bring that up a lot.

Robin: Yeah. Cause I'm younger than you and still better than you.

KF: Hey! Why you gotta be so rude… Don't you know I'm human too?

Robin: Magic isn't even that good.

KF: Don't be hatin just cause you don't like my choice in music! Remember that one time I caught you singing Maroon5?

Robin: Maroon5 is amazing and you know it!

Kaldur: CUT IT OUT.

*boys, who looked like they were about to fight, back down*

Captain Marvel: *pats Kaldur on the back* Now you're getting the hang of it!

Director 2: *hitting head against clip board repeatedly*


The Brain: *a bunch of gibberish*

Captain Marvel: What was that? I can't *raspberry* understand *raspberry* your accent *raspberry*.

*Robin and KF start cracking up*

KF: Oh my god. I love that episode!

Director 2: Copyright guys! We can't use that! Roll again! And make sure that shot doesn't get into the bloopers footage!


The Brain: Prepare for surgery.

*Gorilla steps forward in scrubs*

Captain Marvel: Really? A gorilla? That doesn't exactly seem like steady hands to me.

The Brain: Oh ho ho, au contraire. He is a ten time Operation champion.

Captain Marvel: Huh. Okay then. *nods in approval at the gorilla* Proceed.


*monkey yells when the heroes get closer, causing more monkeys to come and alarms to sound*

Conner: GOD I hate monkeys. Why does it have to be monkeys? Can't it be like, dogs or… rabbits or something?

Robin: Rabbits?

Conner: I don't know I couldn't think of anything else, kay?

Director 2: Cut! Reset the monkeys and then roll again!


*Artemis easily shoots off two of the monkey's collars*

Robin: Geez Artemis, do you ever run out of arrows? How many are in there anyways?

Artemis: I could ask you the same about your throwing stars.

Robin: Touché.


KF: It's the Brain!

Artemis: Oh really? And here I thought it was the Arm!

Robin: *cackles* *in a spooky tone* OooOOoooOOOoo… Look out guys. It's your worst nightmare. The Arm has come!

The Brain: I could easily kill you all.

Director 2: Yes but you won't kill them unless you want Batman to shut you down.

*Batman steps out of the shadows behind the Brain*

The Brain: Okay, so they can joke but I can't?

Director 2: Maybe. I can't always tell if you're joking because of the accent. Anyways… Roll again!


Superboy: *breaks a wall with Wolf behind him, clothes tattered and arms scratched upon*

KF: Didn't Wolf like bite down on your shoulder? Shouldn't there be waayyyy more blood than that?

Robin: PG show, remember? Can't have too much gore.

KF: Oh yeah, right.

Superboy: And Wolf would never actually hurt me. It was all for show.

KF: Yeah but the audience doesn't know that you spoiler!

Director 2: Come on guys! Now he has to break down that wall again so we can start over. Do you know how much work that is? Ugh… just, everyone take a break!


(Actor's Lounge)

Robin: *grumbles as he sits at the table with a book in front of him* Stupid lines getting messed up… stupid French class…. Je sais plus le français que l'enseignant fait encore . Il est tellement stupide.

KF: *looks up from his bowl of cereal that he's filled up twice now* What did you just say?

Robin: That my teacher is stupid. I'm only taking this class because I need a foreign language on my transcript. I already know a bit of French from when I was little and the teacher is dumb and teaches it weird and the homework sucks.

Superboy: I could help you with French if you need it. I have quite a few languages stored up here. *taps on his head*

Robin: Thanks Superboy but it's not that I don't get it it's just that I hate it… *groans and lays his head on the table*

Batman: *suddenly at the door* Well I told the director we are not going again until you're done, so you better work on it now.

Robin: Aww come on. *looks back at his textbook and starts jotting stuff down on his worksheet* Stupid Batman…

Batman: *out of sight* I heard that.

KF: Gosh how does he do that…. I'll never understand.


(Northern India)

*The Brain begins to transform*

KF: Ohhhh… so you're a Decepticon, huh? That makes so much more sense.


KF: Wait… that big weapon thing was… a light switch?

Robin: Yeah, you know like that one episode from Phineas and Ferb? Where Doctor D has that giant lever for a light switch?

Superboy: I remember that one! That one was called "The Lizard Whisperer"!

*everyone gives him a weird look*

Superboy: What? I… I really like Phineas and Ferb….


Captain Marvel: I think I'll call him Mr. Tawny!

KF: Mr. Tawny? Well… I mean it's more original that "Wolf."

Superboy: Hey! Don't hate on Wolf's name!

Director 2: Cut! Guy's we're almost done. Think you can pull through these last few minutes for me with maybe no interruptions? Let's see if we can, huh? Roll again!


Robin: Look, I need to know… why did you keep the mole intel a secret? *turns his head and points to a spot on his neck* Is it really that gross? I mean come on, you couldn't have said something about it so I at least knew? What if it's cancerous?

Director 2: Wow. You lasted less than a minute before you had to say something. Good job.

*KF is cackling and the others chuckled a bit*

Robin: What? It was funny.

Director 2: Yeah but come on, I mean I'd expect a line like that from KF, but from you?

KF: *stops mid laugh* Hey!


Kaldur: In which case I did not wish to alert the traitor.

Robin: Hate to say it but… I already knew all of this and it made sense from the beginning but I just had to follow the script so yeah. We cool.

*Team nods in agreement*

Director 2: We literally have less than two minutes left to film. TWO. Roll again!


KF: All in favor of... getting some Chinese after this?

*everyone raises their hands*

KF: Great! It's unanimous! I know this awesome place nearby with a killer buffet!

Director 2: *glares* *warningly* Wallly….

KF: *sheepishly* *cowers just a bit* What? I'm hungry.


(The Chinese Bull)

Superboy: So… Joke is going to be in the next episode?

Robin: Yeah. It's going to be weird. I mean, I don't really trust him to be, like, as serious about this whole filming thing as we are. He's kinda insane. Batman seems kinda nervous about it, too.

KF: *through a mouthful of food* 'o 'y 's he g'nna b' 'n s't anyw'ys?

Robin: It's part of the episode! It's a big one, actually, and I really like the idea of it. I think it will be fun just maybe a bit… risky to film. I hope the Director knows what he's getting into.

Kaldur: I'm sure everything will work out fine.

Artemis: I heard the whole League is going to be there to make sure nothing happens.

KF: *snorts* Which League?

Artemis: *rolls her eyes* You know exactly which one I meant.

M'gann: We really shouldn't worry about it. The League is going to be there and most of the villains we've worked with so far haven't been too crazy or anything behind the scenes so I'm sure this will be no different.

Robin: Yeah I hope you're right. I just have a bad feeling about this.

KF: It'll be okay man! Now, are you going to eat your crab Rangoon?

*KF begins to reach for Robin's plate but his friend smacks him away. The table laughs about it and KF makes a face at them*

Artemis: If you want more food the buffet is unlimited and it's like six feet away.

KF: *finally gets up* Ugh you guys are no fun.

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