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Summary: What happens when our favorite Seigaku Regulars decide to go camping? With only them, the forest and a few tents and supplies something is bound to happen!



Camping Trip Gone Wrong?



Chapter 1


Before my brain could register what was happening I felt myself falling. Plummeting down towards the raging river below. Above I could hear the screams of




But I knew their cries were hopeless. I couldn't swim, not in the slightest. I also knew that the minute I hit the water I would be dragged down by the raging current. In the best case scenario the rocks would give me a concussion, in the worst...well lets just say, did I mention I can't swim!

Suddenly I felt a searing pain and blackness as my fall plunged me into the ice, cold, river water. I felt my vision blurring as the water dragged me under. I began flailing desperately to stay above the water and actually crying out for help from my teammates, who I knew were still on the bridge above. I didn't dare breath. I knew if I did I would only black out faster. Just as I felt myself slipping over the edge of consciousness I suddenly felt two strong arms snake themselves around my waist before everything went black.

Third Person

(The Regulars)

They could only stare paralyzed in shock as the railing Ryoma was leaning on suddenly broke off towards the river below, with their Kohai soon following. They could hear his cries as he plummeted down towards the river, but could only stare in a daze.

"Ochibi!" Eiji screamed, he was the first to snap out of the shock.

"Ryoma!" Cried Momoshiro having also snapped out of shock.

Within seconds the realization of what had just happened dawned on the rest if the regulars bringing with it a set of panic.

"Tezuka!" Exclaimed Fuji who was waiting for orders from their Captain. Fuji may have looked calm, but the fact that his striking blue eyes were suddenly revealed made it obvious he was also worried for their youngest team member. The rest of the regulars also turned to stare at Tezuka.

"We should..." Tezuka began, but a loud splash cut him off . All the regulars quickly hurried over to the bridge to find that the current was pulling Ryoma farther away. They also saw their Kohai trying desperately and failing to stay above the water.

Momo jumped to his feet and quickly climbed the fragile railing which creaked and groaned under the weight of him. "Wait! We should devise a plan first!" Suggested Oishi.

"There's no time for that Sempai!" Shouted Momo before lunging off the bridge railing and down towards the spot where Ryoma's head had last disappeared under-water.

"Momo!" Oishi yelled, but it was too late. Momo disappeared under the water where Ryoma went under only seconds before. For the regulars watching it felt like hours before he finally resurfaced dragging along an unconscious Ryoma and making his way to shore a couple of yards away from the bridge.

The regulars quickly ran to the end of the bridge and down the forest path that would lead them to Ryoma and Momoshiro.

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