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Caught in the act

Amelia Song had the TARDIS to herself, well almost. Her mother and father had gone out for the evening and given her strict instructions that she was in charge of her siblings whilst they were gone which gave her the perfect opportunity to spend time with her newly acquired boyfriend leaving her brother and sister to amuse themselves in the Library.

Amelia currently lay in a tangle of sheets, completely naked and in the middle of a hot make out session, so much so that they didn't hear the front door open and shut or the sound of her parents waking along the corridor to where her room was, only when it was too late did they realise. River's hand was on the handle and the door swung open,

''Sweetie, where a-, Oh my god! What the hell do you think you're doing!''

They pulled apart quickly, pulling the sheets up over themselves to try and regain a little dignity

''Mum!'' Amelia squeaked, blushing furiously and still fumbling with the covers

''I'll ask you again. What on earth are you doing, we were gone for an hour?''

''Uhmm, this is not what it looks like!''

''Oh, I think this is exactly what it looks like'' she said dangerously before turning her attention to her daughter's boyfriend ''I think you better leave Daniel, and you'' she pointed at Amelia ''better hope I don't tell your father about this and thank heavens he wasn't the one to walk in on you''

''Walk in on what?'' came a cheery voice from behind River

''Nothing sweetie'' she said hastily, shutting the door quickly as to prevent him from getting a glimpse of what was going on in their daughter's bedroom, ''nothing at all''

''But you just said, River what's going on in there?'' he reached for the handle but River brushed him aside,

''It isn't anything, I told you'' she hoped her voice was convincing enough to make him believe her, but somehow she didn't think it was.

''I hope you're not hiding something from me River Song'' he said quietly, too quietly. He looked her straight in the eyes and she held his gaze, daring her to answer but before she could he reached for the handle again and the two of them battled, fumbling over each other to try and stand in front of the door.

The Doctor, having the advantage of more physical strength was able to get past River relatively easy and was about to slam open the door ''-Sweetie, listen to me. Don't get mad but I really don't think you should go in there,-no!'' too late, damage done. The door crashed open and hit the wall loudly, the Doctor's eyes widened, more with anger than shock.

A boy he'd only met once and his daughter, his teenage daughter were both hastily pulling on various items of clothing, purposely concentrating on what they were doing so they didn't meet his angry glare.

''What the hell are you playing at?'' he yelled, glowering at the two of them. When Amelia had finished pulling her hair from around her jumper neck, she stood still but was unable to come up with an answer so instead stared at a space above her father's right shoulder, preparing herself for what she knew was going to be a long shouting at. ''You better have a dam good explanation for this''

It was Daniel who spoke first, relatively shaky ''Uhm, excuse me but we haven't actually done anything wrong-,''

''Shut up, I wasn't asking you!'' he spat, practically seething and taking a slow step towards him

''Dad you can't speak to him like that!''

''Sweetie, calm down'' River put an arm across his chest and rested her hand on his opposite shoulder; pulling him back slightly, afraid that he might actually punch their daughter's boyfriend in the face ''Daniel, I'd like you to leave please''

He was about to protest, but thought better of it. Picking up his jacket and bidding goodbye to Amelia he left the room with his head down, knowing all too well that the Doctor's eyes were practically burning holes in the side of his skull.

''You are unbelievable!'' Amelia muttered angrily when he had left, ''I can't believe you made him leave. He's right, it's not like we were doing anything wrong'' The Doctor just laughed and started clapping sarcastically,

''Amelia shut up, you are in enough trouble already'' her mother snapped

''Oh that's right, not doing anything wrong. I don't suppose that coming home to find my teenage daughter and her boyfriend – that I still think is too old for you by the way – in bed together, whilst her younger brother and sister are left to look after themselves so that you two can have sex in the next room!'' his face had gone completely red and his voice had become louder and louder and by the end he had practically bellowed the last few words.

''I'm not going to apologise, so if that's what your waiting for then you're going to be waiting a very long time'' she was on the verge of tears and could barely stop her voice from cracking ''God I hate you! Sometimes I wish you weren't my dad!'' and with that she stormed out of her room

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