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Caught in the act

The Doctor was breathing heavily, staring at the space where she had just left form ''She didn't mean that sweetie'' River rubbed his arm gently in what she hoped was a comforting manner, she was about to explain to him that she was just angry and didn't think what she was talking about when her head whipped back round the corner; unruly hair falling over her face,

''Oh, and another thing. I'm moving out. Tomorrow'' she snapped before disappearing again. The Doctor took after her, River falling into step behind him,

''Like hell you are!'' he yelled at her retreating form, she didn't turn round; just kept on marching speedily along the corridor,

''Oh yeah? Watch me!''

''Amelia Song, you get back here right now or so help me god, I'll ground you for the rest of your life!'' he knew it was an empty threat, but it was the best and most rational thing he could think of at the moment ''I will not have my daughter sleeping around like a.. like a,-''

''Like a what, dad?'' Amelia hissed, spinning round on the spot to look at her father. She knew what he was going to say, what he wanted to say but she wanted to hear him say it,

''Like a whore!'' he all but screamed the words and immediately regretted it when he saw the look on her face – not angry or irritated anymore but upset, genuinely upset and it upset him. He could sense River beside him, he didn't turn round but he would bet his life that if he did she would slap him,

''Right…'' he was shocked at the uncertainty of her voice and took a tentative step forward but she backed away. Why did he always have to overreact, she didn't 'sleep around' as he had put it and to call her a whore... That was just downright hurtful; her own father thought that low of her.

''Amelia, I'm sorry, that came out wrong''

''No, it's fine'' she sighed ''if that's what you think then fine'' she walked away slowly and this time he didn't follow her.

''Oh well done Doctor. Yeah, really great'' River snapped ''you couldn't of put it anymore delicately could you? No, of course not'' she added, stalking off after their daughter leaving the Doctor by himself. He stood there staring at the floor, listening to the soft clicking of River's heels drifting further and further away.

Breakfast the next morning was tense to say the least. Amelia had barely spoke since last night, merely nodding or shaking her head or giving a short snappy response whenever she was asked something, unless it was the Doctor who spoke, in which case she would blank him completely.

''Amelia are you even listening to me?'' River said, casually flipping a pancake onto a plate. River never used to cook, still doesn't usually but since having children it was a skill she'd picked up, all a part of 'motherhood' apparently as the Doctor put it…

''Huh, what?''

''I said, do you want syrup on your pancakes?''

''Oh, uhm, no, I'm not hungry anymore. I think I'll go to my room now'' Amelia got up and left the table, the room was filled with a gloomy silence, well, except for the sizzling of the pan providing the delicious pancakes,

''I'll have them'' Alecia piped up happily, River sighed,

''Alright, give us your plate then'' The family ate their breakfast in silence with the occasional clatter of cutlery or clinking of glasses. It appeared River was still annoyed at the Doctor, shooting him piercing looks or only talking to him with a short, irritable few word sentences. When she'd finished, she picked up her plate, put it in the TARDIS sink and walked out of the room with not even so much as a word.

''Why's mum mad at you dad?'' George asked

''What? She's not mad at me… You wouldn't say she was mad at me, would you?'' he stuttered, sounding a little unsure, had it really been that obvious? Alecia rolled her eyes much in imitation of her mother,

''Oh my god, dad what have you done?''

''Hey! Why does everyone always assume I've done something wrong?'' she gave him a stern look, eyebrows raised and everything, ''Okay… Uhm, well.. I may have, urr, insinuated or accidentally, accidentally being the important word here, sort of said that, uhm… Your sister was a, ahem,'' he winced at what he was about to say, ''a whore…''

Suprisingly to him they both burst out laughing ''It's not funny! Now your sister wants to move out and your mother won't even speak to me!''

''Oh dad'' Alecia gasped through her giggles ''will you ever learn?''

The Doctor, now feeling a little offended and grumpy, left the room and left George and Alecia laughing loudly.


He'd tried to make it up to Amelia, he really had. He'd tried apologising but she ignored him. He'd tried talking to her like he normally would but if anything that just made it worse. He even offered to let her fly the TARDIS to anywhere she wanted (which was extremely rare), but she refused. It had gotten to the point where she didn't want to be in the same room as him so he gave up. Finally admitting that she was unlikely to ever speak to him again, he trudged along the corridors to his and River's room absentmindedly spinning the sonic in his hands as he went.

Opening the bedroom door, he heard the rushing water of the shower. River was in the shower. Usually he'd join her and he thought about it but decided not to, opting to sit on the bed and wait for her instead. He shrugged of his jacket, kicked off his shoes and loosened his bowtie when the bedroom door creaked open and Amelia's tear streaked face appeared


''Oh Amelia, come here'' he sighed and she walked into his awaiting arms and started to sob

''I didn't mean what I said, about wishing you weren't my dad'' he stroked her hair and rubbed soothing patterns on her back all the while holding her closely to his chest, he felt the front of his shirt become damp from her tears and he too felt the unfamiliar stinging sensation in his eyes,

''my Amelia, I'm so sorry for saying those horrible things'' she looked up at him through puffy eyes and smiled then actually giggled,

''I love you''

He kissed her forehead ''and I love you sweetheart, always''

They didn't know how long they stayed there; sat on the bed, but eventually River opened the bathroom door dressed in a white fluffy bath robe, steam seeping into the bedroom. She leant on the door frame and watched for a few moments, both far too stubborn for their own good, she thought to herself.

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