Grimmjow jerked his head up as a body flew into his cell, a quick yelp as the body hit and rolled on the floor. "Little freak" muttered the guard as he closed the door, locked it, and left.


"Shiro…you are giving everyone a headache…so shut up" came a softer, sweeter, almost female voice.

"But King…we were thrown in prison without a trial" the watery voice countered.

"You killed at least 10 people" the softer voice snapped.

"WE did King...don't blame me for everything" the watery voice laughed.

"Oh shut up…just because you used MY body for your lust for blood doesn't make this my fault as well"

"King, King, King, King, King…just cuz we are 1 body, 2 minds doesn't make it any less your fault…you could have talked me out of it but you didn't"

"Are you kidding me, you never listen to me…you think you are the ruler of whole goddamn world"

"You are King though…cuz this was your body first…but I can rule everything else" the watery voice finished.

"Are you done yet?" Grimmjow asked.

A head of spiky orange jerked up to met Grimmjow's icy blue eyes with a pair of odd eyes. One chocolaty brown and the other a golden color surrounded by black. "Maybe" the voices answered in unison.

Grimmjow looked over the rest of the odd teen. He had a lithe, feminine figure at 5'9 of sunkissed skin. He was dressed in black pants and a white shirt, barefoot like everyone else. But he also had a collar around his neck and shackles on his ankles and wrists. "I'm Ichigo by the way…the other voice is Shiro" the softer voice chirped.

"Grimmjow" Grimmjow replied.

"Nice to meet you Grimmjow" Ichigo chirped.

"King, you are going to get yourself killed if you continue being a nice little bitch like you are being right now" Shiro scolded.

Ichigo growled before going over to the corner. He started banging his head on the wall.

Grimmjow sat at a table to eat dinner. He sat with a small black haired male who had large emerald eyes and tattoo that made him look like he was crying, a tall, one purple eyed, black haired male, a pink haired scientist with golden eyes, a sleeping brown haired man, a green haired, busty woman who had hazel eyes and a childish personality, and a blonde woman with brownish skin and light green eyes. "Grimmy…is that your new roommate?" Nel asked, pointing at Ichigo alone at a table.

Ichigo was sitting silently at the table, no food on the table. He was sitting on his shackled ankles and his wrists rested on the table. Both of his eyes now a warm brown color. "He's kinda cute…what did he do to get in here?" Nnoitra snorted.

"I think he killed like 10 people" Grimmjow smirked.

"Interesting" Szayel stated.

A guard went over to Ichigo. "Are you stupid little freak…you suppose to eat at this time not just sit there" he snarled.

Ichigo turned his head to the guard. "We aren't hungry" Ichigo replied.

Suddenly a hand came down, smacking Ichigo hard across the face. Ichigo squeaked slightly, his breathing sped up. He unexpectedly smiled an insane grin. Both of his eyes shined golden with voidless black around them. He shot forward, catching the guard's neck and choked him against a wall. "Noone…NOONE touch King…unless you want to be trampled by the horse" Shiro's watery voice crackled. The other guards rushed towards the orangette as Shiro squeezed the guard he had's neck. Blood poured out of the mouth and Shiro gave a quick laugh. Then Shiro moved, snapped a metal table leg off and stabbed it through the man's chest. He pulled it out and licked up the blood. "mmm…blood" he purred. The other guards stopped, staring fearfully at Shiro. "What scared of a little blood?" Shiro asked teasingly.

He walked towards them; everyone was frozen as he walked past tables. He stopped, hissing, one of the golden eye flashed brown again. "Stop it Shiro…they haven't done anything so stop this crap" Ichigo snapped.

"These people are worthless" Shiro started.

"No one's life is worthless…you should know that" Ichigo whispered softly.

Golden and black eyes became brown and white again. Ichigo dropped the table leg with a loud clang. He dropped his head and went back to his table and sat down silently. Everyone inched out of their fear and went back to their previous actions, Ichigo not getting a second glance. The guards didn't dare question the orangette again. Grimmjow looked over and was surprised to find the teen crying silently. "Well I guess that is how he could have killed people" Nnoitra snorted.

"He has spilt personalities?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Doubtful…spilt personalities do not know the other exist usually" Szayel replied.

Grimmjow and Ichigo went back to their cell, Ichigo wasn't crying anymore. Both of them sat on Grimmjow's bed. "You okay?" Grimmjow asked, out of his usual character.

"F-fine" Ichigo muttered.

"Can I ask you a question?" Grimmjow asked.

"Ummm…sure" Ichigo replied.

"Why do your eyes change colors like they do?" Grimmjow requested.

"…Well brown is my eye color…but the odd golden and black is Shiro's eye color…so when I have complete control both eyes are brown, when we are sharing one is Shiro's color and the other is mine, and when Shiro is in complete control both the eyes are golden and black" Ichigo explained.

Grimmjow nodded slightly. "And who is Shiro?" Grimmjow asked, glancing at Ichigo.

"The instincts Humans lost as they evolved…I redeveloped them…and those instincts were Shiro" Ichigo replied, not knowing why he felt the need to share everything with this man.

"Ah" Grimmjow murmured.

"Ask to sleep next to him…ask to cuddle if you like him so much" Shiro teased Ichigo inwardly.

Ichigo mentally rolled his eyes. Grimmjow noticed Ichigo wasn't paying attention anymore and grabbed his arm. Ichigo squeaked as he pulled on Grimmjow's lap. Ichigo blushed furiously while Shiro cheered. "W-what are you doing?" Ichigo asked.

"Nothing" Grimmjow smirked.

Ichigo blushed even more as he escaped Grimmjow's lap and hide under the sheets on his bed.

Grimmjow's smirk just grew. He would enjoy this roommate.