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The week Ichigo's uncle had given him to decide was almost up. Grimmjow and Ichigo had avoided that subject since Grimmjow wanted to send Ichigo home now, to protect the younger male but Ichigo refused to listen to anything about it.

Earlier Ichigo had introduced Shiro to the others who were a bit surprised to meet Ichigo's dead brother as well as the other personality who they had gotten to know a bit. They noticed that no one else in the room could see Shiro.

When Shiro was not in Ichigo's body he would float around Ichigo. If Ichigo wasn't on Grimmjow's lap, Shiro would hang on the oranget's back, staring at everyone from there.

"Ichigo… tomorrow, your uncle suppose to come again. … are you going to leave?" Szayel asked.

"…Nah … I think I'm just going to stay here." Ichigo replied.

"What about Rukia, Renji, and Shinji?" Shiro asked.

"They will be fine… they all have lives." Ichigo murmured.

"And Tensa? He doesn't have a life and he needs you there for him." Shiro stated.

"No he doesn't." Ichigo tried to insist.

"You're his family… is that fair to take away his family?" Shiro asked.

"You are his family too!" Ichigo snapped.

"Ummm, who's Tensa?" Nel asked.

"He's a ghost me and Ichi grew up with. He was like a little brother to us." the albino replied.

"I'm staying here and that's final Shiro!" Ichigo snapped before he stood up. The guards tensed a bit. Ichigo ignored the stares, kicked the door down, and went out. Shiro sighed, hands running through his snow white locks. "He is taking this too hard..." the ghost sighed before he followed the oranget.

Ichigo was curled up in his bed with Grimmjow. The oranget had his face nuzzled into Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow could feel a slight wetness on his neck and he could feel Ichigo shaking as he cried silently. "Ichigo." Grimmjow started.

"No… just be quiet!" Ichigo snapped, lifting his head and glaring at Grimmjow through wet eyes.

Grimmjow sighed, cupping Ichigo's cheeks. "Stop crying," he said softly. He used his thumbs to wipe away the tears at the corners of Ichigo's eyes.

Ichigo felt a lump growing in his throat as he stared at the soft, caring expression on Grimmjow's face. Then Ichigo pressed his lips to Grimmjow's. Grimmjow blinked, surprised to find them kissing but kissed back. Ichigo opened his mouth to Grimmjows probing tongue. Ichigo's hands threaded into Grimmjow's messy hair.

Ichigo broke their kiss, starting to kiss Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow snorted softly, amused at his berry's persistence. Grimmjow pushed Ichigo back a bit. Ichigo frowned, feeling rejected. Then he watched Grimmjow strip off his shirt before stealing Ichigo's too. Ichigo stared at the beautifully carved muscles of lightly bronzed skin. Then Ichigo was pushed down to the bed. Their lips locked again and Ichigo's mouth was opened easily. Silent words flowed through their passionate kiss.

When their lips parted, Grimmjow dipped his head to attack the oranget's perky pink nipples. He rolled the nub between his teeth and licked at it. Ichigo moaned at the attention. That sound went straight to Grimmjow's growing and straining erection.

With lustfull eyes, Grimmjow ripped away Ichigo's pants and forced three fingers into Ichigo's mouth. Ichigo was sure to thoroughly lick and suck at the fingers.

Grimmjow quickly prepped the oranget underneath him as he kissed away all the pain. Then he pushed into Ichigo who gave a throaty moan. "Mmmmm so tight..." the bluenet purred.

Grimmjow didn't even start slow, he went fast, hard, and needy. Ichigo loved how the bed creaked under the force of Grimmjow's strong thrusts. He loved how Grimmjow continued to kiss his chest and neck and all over his face as the pounding continued. He loved how Grimmjow commented things in a low mutter and purred sweet things into his ear. He loved how Grimmjow's rough, messy blue hair felt between his fingers and how Grimmjow groaned when he tugged at it.

Ichigo felt warmth in his stomach. "Grimm," he groaned. "I am about to c-"

Grimmjow wrapped his hand around Ichigo's attachment, stopping the oranget's release. His cock was still burrowed in Ichigo. "W-what?" Ichigo asked, staring at Grimmjow through his half lidded.

"Ichigo, you have to promise me something." Grimmjow muttered. "You have to go home, this isn't the right place for you." the bluenet continued.

"No Grimm, I love you and I'm not leaving… now let me release!" Ichigo whined.

Grimmjow cupped Ichigo's face with his other hand. "Ichigo, jail isn't the place for you… I rather you safe at your home then here in jail." Grimmjow sighed.

"B-but..." Ichigo started.

"Ichigo, please!" Grimmjow begged.

Ichigo closed his eyes for a moment before nodded. "I will go, but you have to promise to come get me as soon as you get out!" Ichigo replied.

"Promise." Grimmjow replied as he leaned over, kissing his Ichigo as he gave him a few pumps. Ichigo's seed spilled out and Grimmjow gave a few more thrusts before coming as well.

The pair fell asleep curled in each other's arms. And Shiro who had been sitting on the other bed the whole time, wiped up the blood just above his lips and smiled. "Good boy, Grimmjow." he chuckled.

Ichigo was going home. Urahara was waiting but he said he would give Ichigo a few minutes to say goodbye to Grimmjow. Shiro was being forced to wait with Urahara.

Ichigo was being held close by Grimmjow as the bluenet nuzzled his younger lover. "I want you to be good and safe, okay?" Grimmjow asked. Ichigo nodded. "You know I will be out in a few years, right?" Grimmjow asked as he leaned back a bit to look at Ichigo. The oranget nodded again. Grimmjow smiled and spoke again. "And you know that once I'm out, I will track you down and I will fuck you till you can't move?"

Ichigo's cheeks turned a deep red. "I do Grimmjow..." he stated softly. Then their lips locked for the final kiss they would shared for a while.

"I love ya Ichi."

"I love you too Grimm."

Then the lovers parted. Ichigo was lead down to the office where Urahara and Shiro were waiting. Grimmjow watched Ichigo go down the long hall until he disappeared around a corner. He had to force himself to not chase after his lover. And for the first time in like 15 years, Grimmjow's eyes started to water and he had to force back the tears begging to fall. The bluenet turned and went back into his cell with a heavy heart and wet eyes.

"Urahara…how much did you have to pay to bail Ichigo out?" Shiro asked now that they were in the car and driving home.

"You remember how much Ichigo spent to go to college?" Urahara asked. Shiro nodded. "About twenty times that." the blonde finished.

"…You are the best adopted dad ever!" Shiro laughed while Ichigo looked like he was in shock from the amount of zeros in said amount.

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