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A Misleading Conversation

"And they lived happily ever after," The traditional verse softly whispered from the lips of a proud father as he looked down at the drowsy eyes of his three year old little girl, Inumimi. She was the spitting image of her dear sire, long silky hair, and tribal markings on her porcelain face. The only two features she earned from her sweet dam were his trademark ears and his moonless, violet eyes. She had his stubborn spirit and her sire's intellectual wit.

These were two advantages, Inuyasha knew the little rugrat would use to her will. Being so cute and adorable was an added bonus in her girly department. "Papa," she whimpered, snuggling under his armpit. "I wan' a'other bedtime stowy p'eas."

Pink lips, stretched into a small smile, as Inuyasha shifted to the edge of the bed, "No Love, time for bed."

"Don' wanna," She whimpered sleepily. "Wan' daddy."

"I'm sorry darlin'," Inuyasha mumbled, tucking her beneath the sheets under her chin. "Daddy's working another late shift. You can see him in the morning."

"Nahuh," Inumimi sadly sat up, kicking the thick quilt off her pink and yellow one piece as she crawled over the bedspread to grab onto his arm. "Wan' Daddy kissy."

Too bad daddy's too worried about his damn business then the sake of his own flesh and blood. Inuyasha prevented speaking those words, substituting for a better angle. "When daddy comes in tonight, I promise to wake you up for his goodnight kiss, ok?"

Inumimi wasn't keen on that deal in the least as she sniffled, tears building below her deep purple eyes. "Papa, wan' daddy. . ." She ended on a body shaking sob. "Wan' daddy, wan' daddy now."

"Oh Love," Inuyasha scooped up his sorrowful pup, tucking her little pigtails between his chin and chest as he rocked her from side to side. "I'm sorry sweet one. I'm sorry." He really wished there was a way he could give her some peace of mind. "Say, you want another bedtime story? We can read the Three Little Pigs again."

Inumimi shook her head. "Wan' daddy. W-wan' daddy," She whispered over and over again in his red and white sleeved t-shirt. "Can I sweep wit' you Papa?" She wormed her way under the cape of soft, bouncy white hair, making herself at home on his back as toddler demons came to do when distressed.

Inuyasha chuckled, standing with kid and all, "Sure, you can sleep with Papa." How could he deny his daughter anything? It was the least one of her parents could do to show they still cherished her very existence. Even if one of them was a fool to forget he had a husband and daughter at home.

It was a quarter past one in the morning when Inuyasha heard the house alarm beep from downstairs accompanied by the gentle click of the kitchen door. Both his ears listened attentively to every bump and sound, impulse possessing him to wrap his arms tight over the tiny body spray on his chest, until identifying the noise as his soon-to-be dead husband.

Sesshomaru was home. Inuyasha tiredly glanced over at the nightstand wearily noting the illuminated crimson digits. 1:26 A.M. Another day without his soul mate. Another day Inumimi cried for her father. Another day Inuyasha went without a kiss good night. He sighed, closing his eyes against the anger and dread that swelled in his ribcage.

This was the last time they were going through this. For nearly the full extent of their ten year marriage Sesshomaru's worked day in and day out for his father's advertising companies, flourishing the Inuyoukai name from Japan to the western continent of American. The very name was a legend among the ranks of Uchiha Enterprises and Kurosaki Networks , but naturally all wonderful things came with a price.

Sesshomaru's sacrifice was time spent with his child and spouse. In a matter of sixty straight days, Inuyasha could count on one hand how many times he'd seen Sesshomaru for dinner or the last time he'd taken his daughter to the park. Inuyasha was left to handle all the household duties alone and worst of all, raise a young girl without the touch of a dominant role model. He was forced to perform both father and submissive parent for the girl.

So, if this was the case—if this was how it was going to be for the most of their marriage . . . he really didn't see any reason in continuing with a one-sided relationship.

Inuyasha loved Sesshomaru. God help him he would sell his soul to the devil to keep that man alive. But there was only so much he could take from this. At times Inuyasha had scarcely been worried that Sesshomaru was seeing someone else and blandly using his job as an excuse.

'Keh, an affair,' he bitterly thought. Seemed kind of troublesome even for Sesshomaru.

Inumimi's murmuring voice, stirred Inuyasha from his mental rant as he gazed down to see his baby girl's sweet eyes blinking open . . .

. . . Just as the door to the bedroom snapped and tugged outward, revealing a dark silhouette in the hall.

Inuyasha paused before reaching over to pull the bronze chain on his lamp, flinching as the golden lights bath the room and the corner of the doorway. "Sesshomaru," Came the hanyou's sleep cloaked grunt as he pulled himself into an Indian style pose. "You're late."

"Work," Sesshomaru explained, voice doing a splendid job of disguising his fatigue.

The littlest inuyoukai felt more than heard her sire's deep voice thunder in her tummy as she eased off her papa's shirt and looked to the side, finding Sesshomaru's handsome face only feet away. "D-daddy?" There was sleepy confusion, impossible belief, then the scent of saline ghosting the bedroom. Inumimi choked a shaky sob as she scrambled off the bed, all evidence of sleep barely noticeable as she hurried as fast as her stubby legs would take her to meet her daddy. "Daddy!"

Sesshomaru kneeled to the ball of his right knee to catch his tiny burden in his arms, wrapping her body two times over as he cradled her face into his neck.

"Missed you daddy," their child rasped so sleepy and happily in Sesshomaru's ear. "Kissy now?"

"Of course my love," Sesshomaru graced the rarest of smiles, one tiny and reserved for one person at a time. His fingertips lightly dusted away her prickled banes and planted a soft kiss against her forehead. The girl giggled, so full of mirth and cheer as she snaked her arms around his throat and held on tight.

Inuyasha's current emotions softened at a sight only seen so often. But when he was blessed with seeing his husband and daughter together, it always blossomed a surge of warmth in his heart. This was one of those tiny reminders of why he loved Sesshomaru as much as he did. His stoic personality matched well with Inuyasha's more robust ways, making them a perfect blend.

"Inumimi," Sesshomaru pulled her face back to look her in the eyes. "It's time you went off to bed."

"No," Inumimi definately protested as she immediately wiggled herself free and ambled over to the bed holding out her arms for Inuyasha to pluck her up. "Papa say I sweep in bed with you."

"I did," Inuyasha eagerly confirmed, swinging both legs on the edge. "She's sleeping here for the rest of the week." He stood, turning to retuck his daughter back behind the sheets. "Get some sleep Sweet One. I'll see you in the morning."

Inumimi yawned wide, slumber already claiming her fragile frame as she gazed at her parents one final time before falling asleep with a smile.

A peach colored hand cupped the side of her bubble round face, rubbing a thumb over her delicate features—then it was joined by another, much larger palm, enveloping the darker tone with an impossibly pale white. Inuyasha's breathing hitched when he felt the slight brush of satiny strays fan his ears and the lengthy pull of an arm encircling his waist.

He closed his eyes and drew back, refusing to look Sesshomaru in the face as he grounded out, "Kitchen, now." And stomped off to that very destination.

His feet were soundless as he descended down the stairs, face contoured into a masterful scowl. This was going to be a long talk. One he planned to make Sesshomaru listen to regardless of how late it was and how tired he claimed to be. Inuyasha had really had it now and wasn't going to let up any.

Minutes later he heard padded footsteps, gliding down the stairs and soon the face of his lover circling around the bin, eyes frosted as empty as a freshly washed bowl.

Inuyasha opted for the table to be his perch, hoping on its side, legs gapped and hands dangling between the space as he pierced Sesshomaru with the cruelest glare. "We need to talk."

"I gathered that much," Sesshomaru boringly said as he chose one of the stools as his seat. "So talk."

"Fine," Inuyasha took a very deep breath, not wanting an ounce of what he was about to say to be influenced by anger. "First off, I want you to be honest with me." He looked into equally hazel gold eyes carefully. "Are you having an affair with anyone?"

"No," Sesshomaru answered without hesitation or worry. His face was expressionless as the barbs of his knuckles supported his jaw, waiting for the next question.

Inuyasha cocked a dark eyebrow, but continued on, "Things aren't going the way they should around here. You've been gone more than usual, you're hardly ever home for dinner and worst of all, your daughter is pining after you." His face structured into a frown. "Do you want our only child to grow up with one parent? Do you want her to go to school, telling friends she doesn't know who her father is because he's too fucking busy playing house with his company?" Each word rose higher and higher in octave and before Inuyasha knew it, he'd surged to his feet, fists balled in tight wads.

And Sesshomaru's unwavering eyes only added more fuel to the fire.

"I'm fed up Sesshomaru, I'm-I'm done. All you do is work, you never have time for your child," Inuyasha felt a sour sting flare his eyes. "You never have time for us. What the hell was the point of us getting married if all you're going to do is work day in and day out? Huh?"

"Are you done?" Sesshomaru pondered aloud, cupping a hand over his bemusement. "We should continue this conversation in the morning don't you think? I'm sure you could use plenty of rest."

The dog hanyou gawked at the man as if he'd lost his mind. Was this how Sesshomaru really saw this conversation? As a pointless bother keeping him from getting some rest? Had it really come down to this. . .

Inuyasha released a low wind out of his nostrils as he walked around the counter, stopping by Sesshomaru's side. "I'm through. It's obvious how much you give a damn about our relationship," he chuckled bitterly, lowering his banes over reddening eyes. "Guess that company's able to fuck ya better than I ever could. Oh," he roughly mocked a hand slap over his eyes, wishing he could keep the tears at bay. "The joy it must feel knowing your own husband practically loves being at work then his family. Wow be still my beating heart. Its slowly. . ." He sniffled."It's slowly breaking—"

Those last words were muffled against expensive cotton silk and the curve of his husband's neck, but Inuyasha wasn't having any of that. He pushed and weakly punched into Sesshomaru's chest until his fingers gave into clinging to him desperately. "Why, why do you do this to us?" The hanyou painfully questioned.

"Foolish hanyou," Smiling calmly to himself, Sesshomaru worked Inuyasha's vibrating quakes onto his lap, nuzzling into the powder white hair. "For you to really question my love for you. . ." he chuckled. "I suppose work has kept me from you long enough."

Long. Long enough? Inuyasha buried his face deeper, shoulders quivering.

"Inuyasha," Pulling his head back, Sesshomaru tilting Inuyasha's face with his claw, thumbing off the tears threatening to fall. "This pregnancy has you more excited than usual."

All movements ceased via hanyou. His breathing stopped, his eyes widened out of his sockets and the cutest blush rose from his neckline to the tip of his fuzzy ears. "How," he gulped nervously. "How long had ya known?"

"Two months," Sesshomaru had the nerve to chortle a deep rumbling laugh. "Which was why I was working as much as I have been; to get the next few months off to care for you and tend to Inumimi."

"So. . ." Inuyasha frowned. "You knew the entire time I was. . ."

"The entire time you were busying accusing me of infidelity and being in love with an inanimate object."

Oh that was just dirty. "I hate you," Was Inuyasha amused statement as he leaned back, face animated in a charming smile.

Sesshomaru dropped his brow against Inuyasha's rubbing their noses together, "But I love you. More than you'll ever realize."

"I know. I'm sorry. I," Inuyasha grinned sheepishly. "Maybe it is this pregnancy gettin' me all worked up. But you're still a jerk for making me put my foot in my mouth."

"Perhaps," He kissed him, soft, sweet and perfectly. "But I couldn't resist. You're very tempting when riled up."

"Careful, that's how we got these three."

Sesshomaru's smile dropped. "Three."

Inuyasha wiggled free, back walking to the stairs, the shittest grin splitting his face in half. "Maybe. Could be one, two, hell four." He winked before singing wisply behind his back. "You'll find out in a few months."

"Inuyasha. . . Inuyasha wait," What did he mean? The results didn't speak of their being more than one. Had he read incorrectly? Sesshomaru was quickly on his husband's heels.

Damn his misleading spouse.

Just how pregnant was his mate?

TBC: Misleading is the key word. But nonetheless I did enjoy making this for you all to enjoy. ^_^