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Summary: Season 1Au Kurt gets pregnant at the same time as Quinn, only difference his is really Finn's. What will happen when Kurt decides to keep the baby? Will Finn accept responsibility of this baby too? And how will the rest of the team react.

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A/N: This story is the result of my new obsession with 16 and pregnant, and a prompt in the fluff meme that wanted Kurt getting pregnant by Finn at same time as Quinn with happy kinn ending, well my twisted little brain took that made it angsty and Puckurt... Also this is unbeta so all mistakes are mine, well sit back relax and enjoy:

What you want, and what you get

Chapter: 1

18 weeks

It was 3:30 pm and Kurt Hummel had just parked his black S.U.V. in his driveway. He was debating whether to get out and walk towards his house, he already knew that HE was waiting for him by the back entrance that goes straight into the kitchen.

The young countertenor took a deep breath ~I can do this~ and got off his black SUV slowly making his way to the back entrance of his home. Yep. He was here, after a quick hello Kurt made his way up the steps to the door.

The young diva hadn't even turn the key yet when he felt a pair of strong hands snaking their way through his body, and a second later he felt his hardness rubbing against Kurt's back.

Finally kurt got the door open and walked in with him glued to the smaller boy's back, without missing an inch.

Kurt felt his lips brushing against the countertenor's neck, his hands undoing Kurt's belt. Kurt tried to turn around, to face him, to kiss his lips; but he wouldn't allow it. Never face too face, never on the lips, that would make it too real, too...gay for the jock ravishing him.

Before the smaller boy knew it his pants and underwear where by his ankles, and moist fingers were trying to work their way to his entrance.

"Wait, not yet" Kurt tried to protest.

"Come on dude, I had a really hard day. I really need this." The taller teen counter counter as he pressed the first finger in. "Please" the Jock breathed on Kurt's ear, working a second finger in.

Taking the younger boy's loud moan as a yes he spat on his hard member as He lined himself at the young countertenor's entrance, making his way in slowly till he was sheathed deep inside Kurt before he started to move.

It was fast, and hard, and you could even call it passionate, it was everything but loving, never loving. Kurt felt a couple of tears escape his eyes as his body rocked back and forth against the kitchen counter.

He didn't complain though, after all this was all his fault. It was Kurt who talked him into this.

"It's no big deal, it's just releasing tension, stress" Kurt remembered himself saying.

"It doesn't mean you are gay as long as you don't reciprocate"

God he been so blinded by love, thinking that maybe he got him off he'd end up seeing Kurt in a different light, maybe even loving Kurt.

But now that didn't matter anymore. Things were about to get worse and Kurt couldn't even blame him.

Kurt had been so scared yesterday morning as he sat in his doctor's office. The nausea, vomiting, headaches, and the fatigue, and now this bump in his stomach made him run to his doctor thinking that maybe he had a cancerous tumor or something.

He'd been so relieved after his doctor told him that it wasn't a tumor, or anything lethal, and asked him if he knew what a carrier was. The relieve vanished once his doctor told him he was a carrier (which is very rare), and pregnant and walked him to the OB/GYN for further studies and a sonogram.

What terrifies him now is having to tell his Dad, but first he has to tell him, Dad will want to know who the father is, and if they can count on him. His mental torture breaks as the Kurt the feels prickling warmness start filling him up.

"Finn we need to talk" Kurt says as he pulls his pants up and leads the taller jock down to his basement room.


"I'm pregnant"

Those two words kept repeating over and over again in Finn Hudson's head, keeping him from sleep.

And it was just his luck, to get his girlfriend pregnant without even going all the way (something about hot water that still gave him a headache every time he try to think about it), and the only gay kid in school (how were they suppose to know Kurt was a carrier that's like super rare), when they were only suppose to be having no strings fun. Like I must really have like super sperm or something, gotta be more careful from now on two accidental pregnancies are more than enough.
He was scared shitless as to what to do. Quinn kept coming to him asking for money, and solutions, and yelling at him more and more when he didn't know what to do. He tried getting a job, but no one would hire him, and now to top it all of there was Kurt.

Thankfully Kurt was being really cool 'bout this whole situation.

"I'm not asking you to come out, and date me, I'm not asking you for money." The young countertenor told him earlier that day with watery eyes.

"I'm not asking you to take responsibility of this, since it's mainly my fault forgiving my self to you like I don't matter."

"I know you have your hands pretty much full with Quinn and her pregnancy. But I just wanted to let you know, and give you the choice to be part of this baby's life, if you don't want to I'll never bother you, I won't tell any one this kid will be only mine."

The look on Kurt's face when He asked if he could think about it almost broke him. But he really needed to think about it. Recognizing Kurt baby, means accepting he might not be 100% straight, and becoming the school's new pariah, he'd be at the bottom of the food chain getting harassed and ridiculed daily just like Kurt, as is he get mock for being in glee club, and cause of Quinn's pregnancy, he didn't think he can survive more than that.

Then there was his mom, he couldn't bare the thought of disappointing her again the way he did when he told her about Quinn.

And maybe if it was only Kurt that was pregnant he would step up to the plate, but there's also Quinn to think of, she needed him much more than Kurt did, specially now after she'd been kick out by her parents and had to stay with him after they found out she was pregnant.

The rest of the night was spent tossing and turning trying to dismiss any thoughts of babies and responsibility to no avail. Before he knew it was 8 am and he had to get ready for school.

The school day passed in a blurred of classes, football practice, and glee club rehearsal with those stupid wigs Mr. Schue was making them wear, and Rachel being all stalkery and flirty like usual.

Before he knew it glee was over and he asked Kurt to staying behind, saying he needed help with his homework as an excuse so no one would suspect a thing.

"Look Kurt, I really like you dude" and Finn would of done anything to have the ground open up and swallow him as a glint of hope shined through the young countertenor's eyes."As a friend." He corrected himself be the young countertenor could get any more ideas.

"And I would love to be there for you and the baby, but my plate it's pretty much full with Quinn, and her pregnancy that I don't really think I can handle two."He continue trying to ignore how Kurt's kaleidoscope eyes started to glaze over.

He kept talking, if he stop there's no way he'll be able to do this "I mean you are always so strong, and confident, and your Dad seems to really have your back, and I'm pretty sure if anyone can handle this alone it's you, and you won't be completely alone I mean if you really need some help or whatever I'll be around you know as long as it's just between us."

Kurt just stood there his face a mask of cold indifference, except for his treacherous eyes that where filling with tears.

"I understand Finn, I'll try not to inconvenience you again."Kurt said trying to keep all emotion out of his voice as he grabbed his messenger bag and start to make his out of the choir room.

"Kurt, Quinn she needs me more than you do right now. She's my priority. I'm sorry dude." Finn called out as the smaller boy reached the threshold.

Kurt just turned his head slightly, nodded, and left Finn alone in the empty choir room feeling worse than he has ever have in his entire life.

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