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Chapter 9

The first few weeks of school passed in a haste between trying to recruit an elusive twelfth number (a situation that was made even worse by Rachel Berry and her inability to share the spotlight), school and taking care of the baby.

Kurt was convinced that had he been alone, without any support from his Dad and friends he would of dropped out of school by now. Thankfully he had his Dad, who even though would grumble about it loved taking care of Eli, and having the baby on his lap whenever there was a game on. He also had Mercedes and Puck who were a daily constant at his house after school, each of them taking turns entertaining Eli while the others studied or did homework. And lately there was even Carole who's visits became more frequent as her relationship with Burt flourished. She had even become a regular feature in the Friday night family dinners (luckily Finn always seem to be "busy" at those times and had yet to make an appearance in them).

All in all Kurt Hummel felt himself lucky specially whenever his gaze would fall on Quinn. The blonde cheerio had gotten pregnant almost at the same time as him, and given birth to her and Puck's daughter a couple of a month after Eli was born, and had to give her up for adoption even before she had left the hospital.

Kurt didn't know whether to pity or admire the blonde girl, who acted as if the whole pregnancy, and fall from grace had just been a dream, now she was trying to get back in the Cheerios and to regain the coveted head cheerio spot. Kurt couldn't help but wonder if it was all just a facade, a mask (and lord does Kurt knows about masks), to keep all the hurt inside or if she really didn't care. Although the young countertenor couldn't even wrap his mind around the latter. Just leaving Eli in daycare for the first time had been torture even though he knew it was for only a few hours, he couldn't even imagine how hard it had to be left not knowing when or if you'll ever see your baby again.

Thankfully Kurt could only wonder about such scenarios, for he had been blessed with all the support he has, and to be able to keep his son. This feeling of gracefulness filled him as he walked into his father's garage with Eli on one arm and his father's forgotten lunch on the other.

"Hello Dad, you forgot your lunch again so I decided to drop it off on my way to school" greeted Kurt handing his Dad a brown paper bag.

"This isn't my usual lunch.." complained Burt after taking a peak inside the lunch bag.

"Tow slim Jim's and a can of coke?" said Kurt trying his hardest not to roll his yes at his Dad 'seriously who's the adult here'.

"Breakfast of champions" responded Burt with a cheek grin on his face before he sighed in defeat as Kurt and Eli kissed him farewell.

"Don't forget Carole had a late shift on Friday so dinner is gonna be earlier. Oh and Finn is actually gonna be there so you might want to make some extra food" Burt called out just as Kurt was about to step out.

The last sentence made Kurt freeze on the spot, he hadn't talked to Finn more than a few sentences nor been alone with the baby's father since, well since before Elijah had been born. The jock hadn't even made an attempt to meet his son since that day at the hospital, and now they were suppose to have a cordial "family" dinner. Kurt didn't think he was ready for that yet.

"Sorry Dad but I don't think I'll be able to make it. Mercedes and I are taking Eli to the sing along sound of music" replied Kurt with the first excuse that came to mind.

The incredulous look his Dad was shooting him told Kurt he was doing a very poor job at making an excuse.

"This friday night dinner are a very important tradition in our family, one your Mom started, and specially now that our family is expanding and Finn is finally going to be able to make it to one." Argued his Dad.

"I know how important your relationship with Carole is Dad, but I am not gonna cancel plans I've made just to accommodate Finn. He has had plenty of chances to be part of this family and I'm not willing to change my life just because he decided to make an effort. Now if you excuse I'm gonna be late."

"I gotta tell you Kurt I'm real disappointed in you" His Father said as Kurt made his way to his car.


"I'm really disappointed in you Kurt" Those words keep repeating in Kurt's head, an echo that accompanies him as he drops Eli in daycare and stays with him through his classes at school.

It is when Miss Pillsbury walks into his French class that everything comes tumbling down. All warmth leaves his body as soon as the words heart attack leave the counselors lips everything after that becomes a blurry haze, as if it was all happening to somebody else, and Kurt was just an spectator as he is guided from school directly to the hospital.

Only coming back to reality when the words comma reached his ears and he noticed that the doctor was addressing him, and with that all the severity of the situation comes crashing into him like a speeding train.

'This most be a nightmare' are his first thoughts, not to him, not again, not when the last words his father had utter to him were how disappointed he was in him. Not when he had a kid of his own and needed his father's guidance more than ever before.

A kid of his own... Elijah. Kurt had forgotten about his son in all the chaos that was surrounding him. Now he was torn between going to pick up his son, to know that he is safe and hold him tight just to prove to himself that whatever happens he won't be alone anymore, or to stay by his father's side who even though was comatose still needed him now more than ever.

He texted Mercedes and Puck the only people he trusted to take care of Eli as if he was their own. Giving them a quick overview of what had happened and asking them to please pick up Eli from daycare and take him home till the young countertenor was able to leave.

The replies were instantaneous, and appeasing as both of his friends told him that they'll look after the baby while his dad was in the hospital and not to worry about anything other than his father. Kurt's eyes started to water at the knowledge that he still had people to help him, that he wasn't truly alone.

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