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Baby diaries

By: degrassieclare1213


This can't be happening

I can't stop shaking I don't want this it will ruin everything I have going for me it will ruin my relationship with Munro he's not gonna want a baby not yet at least what about my role on degrassi my parent's are gonna kick out where am I gonna go I'm only 17 for god's sake im just starting

But now I can't take anything back because im stuck with it now the stupid pink plus sign laughing at me I just wanna take the thing and throw it at the wall until it changes to a minus sign but no that wont change anything I should of went on got morning after pills after the condom broke but no I thought that because he pulled out I'd be okay, oh this is great the hormones are already getting the best of me

"Ace…." Jordy said rubbing circles on my back" it will be okay-" "no it won't I'm pregnant and im 17 I don't want this" I told her and Chloe who were with her in her room "you have this now aislinn" Chloe said " I know that but I don't want munro to leave me I do not think I can handle doing this alone and I don't want the baby to grow up with out two parent's "I said " whoa ace one step at a time he doesn't even know yet " Chloe said "ya your right I have to tell him now" I took out my cell phone out and text him to come over" do you want us to leave aislinn" Jordy asked " I think I can tell him by myself " "alright" they both got up and left

I went to the bath room in the hall and cleaned my face from the make up that began to ran as I cried earlier and reapplied it before there was a knock on the door I put a smile on my face and went to open the door "hey" he said before walking in "hi" I shut the door and we went up to my room "so what's wrong" he said playing with a piece of my hair sitting behind me " munro I'm gonna tell you something and I don't want your to get mad or leave me" I said facing him "your not cheating on me are you" he asked why would he even think that he know I wouldn't cheat on him "no im not cheating on you " I told him " what is it then" I got up prepping my self for a mental brake down " ace…."

"I'm pregnant" his face went black I couldn't tell what he was thinking " your pregnant ?" he questioned to make sure he wasn't hearing things after minutes of sitting there motionless "yeah" he put his head in his hands "I can't believe I did this" he whispered "it takes two people to make a baby" I said sitting down beside him " what are we gonna do about every thing" asked " grow up and take responsibility" I said he finally looked up at me "are we gonna keep the baby" he asked I wanted the baby even with everything going on, think we could take care of it "I want to" he smiled at me instead of the usual smirk " me two how far along are you" I Laughed "do the math Munro" he sat there quietly for a couple minutes "9 weeks "I nodded my head yes

We both jumped as the door down stairs slammed unexpectedly "aislinn are you home" my mom yelled "yeah, munro's here to mom" I said loud enough for her to hear me "okay honey" I looked over at him "I think we should tell her ace" munro said "alright "I said getting up opening my door we walked hand in hand down stairs. Mom was putting food in the fringe when we saw her "mom" she jumped and turned around "guy's you scared me" she said "um can we talk to you about something…mom it's important "I said looking at the ground

"Yeah sure guy's what's up" she said pulling a chair out and sat down I sat on one of the barstools Munro sat beside me " mom I don't want you to freak out when I tell you this" "I promise " she said holding her heart trying to act like a cool parent because munro was there " um I'm uh um….I'm pre-pregnant" I finally got out I got the exact reaction I got form munro when I first told him " um wow your pregnant " I heard the disappoint meant in her voice but I couldn't find any anger which I was happy about I shaked my head yes "are you keeping the baby" she asked " we hope to" munro said a smile came on her face " im gonna be a grand ma " she said attacking me and munro with hug's that could kill us this is gonna be along 6 month's

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