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Chapter 18

Tiara or veil?

Munro and I have looked at a couple houses since we choose to move, but we still haven't found anything yet, so we'll keep looking. We're taking a brake from house hunting today to go to Munro's family reunion, and we may also have a cake for Munro and Thomas's birthday too. Liesa and Tatum were babbling now, they weren't talking yet just making almost words.

I looked in the back of the car they are both sleeping; car rides put them out like a light.

"There's a kiddie pool right? Or something they can go in?" I asked Munro as he turned off into a country road

"Yeah, they always have something for the little kids who can't go in the big pool." I nodded

"So, how does it feel to be 23?" I asked taking his free hand in mine; he looked at me quickly and smirked then looked back to the road.

"I don't know I don't feel any different from yesterday" he told me trying to find a parking spot to his aunts house, he found one far awayish from the house. "Looks like were walking." He said turning the car off. I got out and opened the back trunk and took out the double stroller an set it up. Munro put both of the twins in; they weren't making much of a fuse yet because they were still half a sleep from the hour and a half drive.

As I put the bags in the back storage area in the stroller Munro asked "you ready to meet the rest of the fam jam?"

"Depends, are they ready to meet me?" I smiled covering my eyes with my sun glasses

"Oh yeah, they defiantly are." He said as we started to walk over.

"Well then I guess I'm ready too."

Wedding party check. Invitations check. Rings check. Decorations check. Where the wedding is being held, check. Dj check. Cake topper check. Flower girl basket check. Ring barrier pillow check. Catering check. Everything is done, except for my wedding dress, the bride maid's dresses and the boys' tuxes and also the cake, we still have cake testing and ordering to do.

"So who's the lucky soon to be bride?" The dress consultant asked

I raised my hand a little saying "I am."

"It's nice to met you, I'm Brittany and I'll be helping you today." The lady said putting out her hand; I shook her hand while saying

"Aislinn, it's nice to meet you also."

"Well aislinn, so who the groom and who are these lovely ladies you brought with you today?" she asked

I looked over at the five people I brought with me. "His name is Munro chambers and this is my mom, my maid of honor Chloe, my sister Ericka, and other bride maids, Alicia and Jordan." I told her

"It's nice to meet you all, so what do we want to look at and budget?"

"Umm something vintage with lace and with cap sleeves maybe? And 2000ish"I answered

"Vintage, lace and cap sleeves." She summarized "okay, come with me Aislinn " So I followed and ended up trying on at least 6 dresses, they were all so pretty but they weren't me, and also none of the girls like them very much. Brittany helped me with the 7th dress , it had lace all over and cap sleeves, it wasn't to vintage but it had a little bit of beading on the belt and was a off white, I loved it and couldn't help but smile with it on.

"I see smiling, and this isn't like the others!" She said I nodded.

"I honestly love this one; it's something I see myself getting married in." I told her

"do you wanna show them this one?" She asked

"Yes, I do."

"Tiara or veil?"


"I finally got my wedding dress guys!" I said after talking about the twins and other things in the Vlog. The twins were out like a light and Munro was playing video games in the living room with Justin and Thomas. I was in the kitchen recording

"Yeah, and she won't let me see it!" Munro wined.

"It's bad luck to let you see it before the wedding, that's why it's at my moms." I said recording the boys

"Can I see it?" Justin asked with a huge grin.

"Yeah, Kelly you can see it." I answered.

Walking away to the bedroom and I shut the door only to hear Munro bragging about winning the round of whatever they were playing." He's not seeing it either, guys." I recorded the clock on the night stand 10:48 then I put it on the dresser "okay, well that'll be all today" I said sitting on the bed "until next time, stay awesome, bye" I jumped from Justin this time freaking out because he won "okay, I'm gonna go yell at them now, I really mean it this time, bu-bye"

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