Hello~ It's my first fanfic I'm submitting here~ But no, it's not my first fanfic so you don't need to be gentle with me like Feli isn't with Lovi~ So I'll let you enjoy the first part of this "little" Itacest story~

WARNING! This story contains incest, violence, Yandere/Seme!Feliciano, rape/non-con and humiliation!
If you don't like that, go and read something sweet and fluffy, please!

The hit landed hard on Lovino's cheek, an inch to right and his nose would be probably broken now. The force of the hit threw him backwards against the wall. Feliciano made his move quickly, he dashed forwards and smashed his elbow in Lovi's solar plexus, making him to collapse right away. A pained groan escaped from Lovi's lips as he fell on the floor, back sliding along the wall. He sat there, not being able to move and dodge the next attack. Feli dropped himself between Lovi's legs and finished his work by landing hard punches on Lovi's upper arms, hitting the big muscles, making it almost impossible for Lovi to move his arms. They both stayed still, catching their breaths. How did they get in this situation in the first place? It had all started from a small argue about something pretty much meaningless. After yelling and some slaps it had turned into an actual fist fight. Lovino found out pretty quickly that his brother was physically a lot stronger than him, he couldn't land even a hit on him. If he had a strategy he even might have won, but Feli took advantage of Lovi's confusion and didn't let him to stop and think at all. That's how Lovi ended up on the floor all bruised up and body sore.

They both panted heavily. Suddenly Feli chuckled and wiped sweat off his upper lip.

-"Hah~ Seems like... I won... ve~?" He lifted himself to sit on his knees, looking at Lovi with a smirk. Lovi had barely energy to move, he still tried to catch his frantic breath. Slowly he looked up at Feli and hissed with a hateful tone.

-"Tch.. S-seems like you did... O-oh god, my whole body hurts..." He glared accusingly up at Feli, who just smiled back at him. Feliciano brought his hand up to caress his brother's bruised up cheek. Lovi flinched at the sudden touch, a whimper escaping from his bruised lips, afraid that Feli would hit him again.

-"Ve~ Fratello's so cute even when he's all beaten up~ Actually, that's when he's the cutest of all~" Feli giggled, lifting Lovi on his lap. Lovi didn't say anything, he just closed his eyes and leaned his back against the wall. Suddenly Feli giggled and asked with an innocent tone:

-"Fratello, are you a virgin~?" Lovi's eyes snapped wide open and a bright blush spread over his cheeks.

-"W-WHAT THE FUCK! W-what kind of question is that!" Lovi yelled at him, looking very confused and wary.

-"Calm down, I just wanna know...~ Tell me, fratello~" Feli murmured, pressing his finger hard on the bruise on Lovi's cheek, making him to flinch and groan.

-"O-Ouch! S-Stop that! Yes I am, happy! Couldn't you just fucking leave me alone now!" Lovi growled and turned his head away, pouting slightly as the scarlet blush decorated his cheeks.

-"H-huh? Not even Antonio-?" Feli started, but was cut off by Lovi's shouting.

-"Never! I'll never let that jerk that close to me! I truly hate him!" Feli settled to a thoughtful nod before smiling deviously.

-"Hey... Winners usually get a prize, don't they...~?" Lovi lifted his face and blinked, staring at Feli with a confused face.

Feli leaned his face closer to Lovi's and whispered:

-"As my prize I want fratello's virginity~"

Lovi's eyes widened in shock and he tensed up, breathing turning frantic once again.

-"...Y-You got to be fucking kidding me, Felici-!" He was cut off by Feli's soft lips pressing on his, kissing him demandingly. Lovi pressed his lips tightly shut as he felt Feliciano poking them with his tongue, he wouldn't let him inside. Lovi turned his head abruptly to the side, escaping from the kiss. He was gasping in shock, trying hard to figure out what the hell was going on. As soon as Feli leaned close again, he started to struggle desperately to get off his brother's lap and shout.

-"T-This is sick! You bastard, let me go right fucking NOW!" His struggling was no use, he was trapped tightly between the wall and Feli's strong body. Feli kept Lovi's hands pinned to the wall, chuckling softly.

-"Oh~? Doesn't fratello want me~? Such a shame... But I don't care. Fratello will get all of me, no matter does he like it or not. And after all a bit of resisting makes it only more delicious...~" He murmured, letting go of Lovi's wrist and instead gently cupping his cheek, turning his head towards his. Lovi's hazel-green eyes were full of fear and his teeth clattered.

-"Feli... P-Please, don't do it... I-I don't want to..." He whimpered quietly with a shaking voice. Feli just giggled and tried to kiss Lovi again, the latter turning his head away to avert the kiss. Feli frowned and sighed, moving his hand on the back of Lovi's head and taking a tight grip of his hair, forcing him to be face to face with him. Lovi shuddered, the rough gesture eliciting small tears in the corners of his eyes. The tears fell down his cheeks as Feli pressed his lips against his again, with more force this time. He ran his tongue along Lovi's lower lip while murmuring softly.

-"Come on, Lovi...~ Part your lips, let me in...~" He gave small, soft kisses on Lovi's lips and continued.

-"It would be such a shame to bruise you up any more than this... If you resist too much, I'll just become rougher with you...~"

Lovi shivered and hesitated a bit before lightly parting his lips, letting out pained whimpers. Feli smirked triumphantly.

-"I'm glad fratello understood his position here...~" He whispered before capturing Lovi's lips in his owns and sliding his tongue in between his parted lips. Lovi shuddered and mumbled a slight protest as Feli entered his mouth. Feli tangoed his tongue harshly with Lovi's, nipping on his lips quite roughly. After a moment of the forceful kiss Feli pulled back and licked his lips.

-"Fratello's so delicious~! His taste only makes me crave for more...~" Feli chuckled and crushed their lips back together by pulling on Lovi's hair. A little fear and pain filled whimper escaped from Lovi's lips as Feli kissed him a bit harder than before. He was too afraid to resist, he couldn't even imagine what Feli would do if he'd bite him.

Feli stole few deep kisses more before he was satisfied. He let go of Lovi's hair, who let out a shivering but relieved sigh. Though that sigh turned into a sharp, shocked gasp as Feli took a grip of the collar of his shirt and tore it violently open.

-"N-No! Stop it! Y-You're really not going to rape me, a-are you!" Lovi shrieked, shuddering as Feli tore off more of his shirt.

-"Tch. What kind of question is that? I clearly told you what I was going to do, take fratello's virginity and that's what I'll do." Feliciano chuckled while tearing off a fine stripe of Lovi's sleeve.

-"L-Listen... If this is a-about the lack of affection I-I'm giving to you, I can change! J-Just please, I don't want this!" Lovi cried out with a pleading look in his hazel-green eyes. Feli let out a cold laugh.

-"You? Change! Don't make me laugh! And after all, It's not that, I'm doing this out of pure lust for you..." Feli hissed and buried his face in Lovi's neck. A little, shuddering moan escaped from Lovi's lips as Feli licked on his neck. The moan turned quickly into a surprised yelp when Feli instead bit and sucked on his neck, leaving a black and blue bruise on it.

-"Try and explain this to your dear Antonio..." Feli hissed before sucking another bruise on Lovi's neck.

-"I-I hate that bastard, I have NOTHING to explain to him!" Lovi yelled and tried to struggle off Feli's hold again, gasping and falling limp with a mad blush as he felt the bulge against his ass. Feli chuckled and rubbed himself against Lovi, causing him to blush even redder than he already was.

-"Do you feel how hard you've made me~? I can't wait to get inside fratello...~" Feli murmured, running his hand up Lovi's inner thigh, making him to shudder and tear up again.

-"Oh... Do I disgust you that much...?" Feli asked with a little sad tone in his voice. Lovi glared furiously at him, though a tiniest glint of fear could be seen from his eyes. The small tears glistened in the corners of his eyes, threatening to spill on his cheeks at any moment even though he tried to act tougher than he actually was.

-"Yeah, you do. You're sick and disgusting. Now let me go before you break something that cannot be fixed..." He hissed trough his clenched teeth, trying to push Feli off him.

Feli grabbed roughly his wrists, slamming them tightly against the wall and spat out the words.

-"You still don't get it? I won't stop until I get what I want. And before that you can't stop me." He grabbed Lovi's hair instead and slammed him on the floor on his back, quickly bending over him and pinning him down. Lovi yelped as he was slammed down, breath hitching in panic and body shaking. He shook his head franticly.

-"No, no, no! Stop it right now Feliciano!" The tears streamed freely down his cheeks as he started to figure out how hopeless his situation was. Feli smiled down at him, enjoying the pure fear Lovi's face showed. Once again he forced his lips on Lovi's, kissing him harshly while his hands travelled down his brother's sides. He dug his nails in the soft skin darkened by bruises, making Lovi to cry out against his lips. He pulled back from the kiss licking his lips, smirked contently and slid his hands down to Lovi's belt. Lovi's hands shot quickly to grasp Feli's wrists and stop him. Feli frowned dangerously at the resistance and yanked his wrists off Lovi's hold, giving a pissed grimace to him. Lovi earned just a hard slap across his face for that. He ceased refusing and let his hands fall down by his sides, freely letting Feli to open his pants. He shut his eyes tightly, breathing picking up speed, waiting with despair for what was coming. He flinched and shook violently as Feli pulled his pants down to his knees, at the same time fumbling open his own pants.

Lovi opened his other eye as he heard sounds of the belt and ruffling of fabric. His eyes snapped wide open as he caught the sight of Feli's big, hard and menacing cock.

-"I-I beg you, stop it right now! T-That won't fit in me...! D-don't!" He cried out, trying to struggle free once again, just to be pinned down and his legs to be lifted on Feli's shoulders. He gasped sharply as Feli bent over him smirking like a maniac and guided his member to Lovi's unprepared entrance. At least he licked on his hand and rubbed the saliva on his length, making it a bit easier for them both. Lovi was too afraid and worn out from the fight earlier, so he just laid still under his younger brother. He knew Feli wasn't going to give him any mercy and would be ready to hurt him if needed. Lovi tensed up, letting out a terrified gasp and losing the rhythm of his breath as he felt the tip of Feli's member prodding against his entrance.

-"Just relax, you have nothing to be afraid of if I'm gentle...~" Feli grinned face close to Lovi's and continued.

-"...Note 'if'~" Lovi let out some gasps and sobs as Feli began to push himself in, painfully inch by inch. He shuddered as he felt his brother sliding all the way inside him, Lovi couldn't believe this was actually happening, this wasn't the Feliciano he knew. Feli smirked at him and held himself deep.

-"Fratello, you're squeezing so tightly around me, like you wouldn't want to let go of me~ Haha~ If so, that would be something brand new after all of your pushing away and insults...~" He chuckled while holding on Lovi's shoulders. Lovi dug his nails in the floor beneath him and panted heavily in pain.

-"N-ngh... P-Please stop, pull it out...! It h-hurts..." Lovi whimpered and tried to pull his hips back to get Feli's length out of him. He managed to get it out to the tip before Feli slammed himself roughly back in with a wide, malicious grin on his face. Lovi cried out loudly, back arching in pain and tears of desperation flowing down his ashamed red cheeks.

-"Why fratello's crying so~? There's no need for tears, I really love fratello~" Feli murmured with a smirk, bending down and cupping Lovi's tear soaked cheeks, kissing gently the corners of his eyes. He licked his lips and grinned.

-"All fratello's pain, despair and humiliation in a single, salty drop~ Delicious~" Feli murmured and moved his hands on Lovi's hips instead.

-"H-hng... J-Just stop this, please, I-I ask for n-nothing more..." Lovi whimpered, softly crying.

-"Tch. Like hell I would." Feli grinned and began to move, not even gently. He kept on thrusting mercilessly in the hot tightness of his brother, groaning in pleasure on every thrust.

Lovi couldn't keep back his pained gasps, sobs and cries nor the occasional moans. He crossed his arms over his face to hide his expressions from Feli, he wouldn't give the pleasure of seeing him hurt to him, at least not willingly. Feli blinked, a smirk grew over his lips and he wrapped his fingers around Lovi's member.

-"Ooh~ Fratello's hardened up~ How's that? Do you actually enjoy getting raped by your fratellino that much~?" Feli let out a cold laugh and stroke on Lovi's length, eliciting shuddering gasps and moans from him.

-"N-no, it's n-not that! J-just stop it..." Lovi groaned, trying to muffle the little moans daring to escape from his lips. Feli smirked and picked up the pace with both, the thrusts and the strokes, chuckling at Lovi's desperation.

-"Yeah? What is it then? What makes you this hard if not me~?" Feli scoffed with a wide smirk, squeezing his fingers a little bit tighter around Lovi's length, picking up the pace even faster. Lovi squirmed and moaned as Feli picked up the pace, not answering to the question. He couldn't muffle his moans any more, it was all useless, they were just getting louder and louder by every passing second. Feli enjoyed his brother's heated moans and almost agonizing gasps of pain, he found those pathetic tears and ashamed red cheeks actually very attractive. His gaze was fixated to Lovi's beautiful light red, parted lips and the little trickle of drool dripping down his chin, that sight was such a turn on for him. He found it thrilling to see Lovi to enjoy himself despite of all of his protests.

-"Lovino~ You do enjoy this, don't you~? You've gotten so nice and hard just by my hands~ Tell me, how does it feel~?" Feli giggled, pulling the skin up and back down, twirling his thumb over the sensitive tip, making Lovi to moan louder than before and wriggling in ecstasy under him.

-"S-stop! I-I can't take m-more than this...! H-hngh... A-ah!" Lovi whimpered, trying hard to keep his voice steady, moans interrupting him. Feli just continued thrusting in him while rubbing his swollen member harder.

Feli's grin just widened when Lovi's moans turned more frantic and he felt the pre-cum leaking from the tip of Lovi's member.

-"I feel it, fratello's close~ Wouldn't it be humiliating to come by my hands now~? ...But you clearly are going to~ Hahaa, fratello's a pervert~!" Feli chuckled, stroking faster and faster on Lovi's length.

-"U-uah! Ngah! D-don't, please s-stop it! I-I can't take it...!" Lovi almost screamed before bucking into Feli's skilful hands. He came with a loud cry, back arching in the humiliation bittered pleasure and staining Feli's hands with his cum. Lovi panted heavily and cried softly while pressing his arms tighter over his face.

-"Ooh, Fratello came so much~ Did it feel good~?" Feli chuckled, thrusting deeper and caressing Lovi's cheek with his sticky hand. Lovi tried to lean away from the hand, shoulders shaking in the rhythm of his sobs.

-"Let me see what your face's like...~" Feli murmured, grabbing Lovi's wrists tightly to pull his arms out of the way. Lovi refused, he let out a scared whimper and shook his head, keeping his arms tightly in place. Feli had to force the arms out of the way pretty roughly, but he didn't really care was Lovi hurt or not, all that mattered now was to see his face. Jolts of pleasure run up his spine as his amber eyes met Lovi's hazel-green ones full of fear and tears of shame, pleasure and pain.

-"Fratello's so beautiful, especially in tears~" Feli murmured and bent down to capture Lovi's twitching lips in his owns, kissing him hungrily. He moaned against Lovi's soft lips and picked up pace with his thrusts, focusing completely on his own pleasure. He felt a drop of sweat roll down his back, tingling on his skin.

-"F-fratello, I-I'm so close...~ I-It's so good~!" Feli moaned, thrusting even deeper and biting on Lovi's lips, splitting the bruised skin and eliciting a delicious whimper of pain out of him. Without any warning he rocked his hips last few times before pushing in so deep he could get and releasing himself inside his older brother with a groan of pleasure.

Feli breathed heavily and slumped on Lovi's chest, a bloodied string of saliva connecting their lips. He let out a deep and content sigh while Lovi was breathing in shuddering gasps, occasionally sobbing. Feli smiled softly and licked over Lovi's bitten lips, savouring the coppery taste of his blood. His gesture elicited a faint whimper from his brother. Feli continued, licking up some salty tears on his cheeks and pressing a little kisses on the corners of his eyes. Then he moved back to kiss on Lovi's bleeding lips, smirking against them and whispering softly.

-"Grazie fratellone, that was truly amazing...~" Lovi answered just with a breathless, hateful groan. Feli sighed and lifted himself up slowly, pulling out of the warmth his brother. Lovi let out a trembling sigh as he did that, laying limp on the floor and wishing that Feli would be satisfied and just go away. His eyes were dull and tear filled, not really even looking anywhere. He shuddered in disgust as he felt the sticky substance dripping down his thigh. Feli stood up and closed his pants, glancing down at Lovi.

-"You look pathetic. ...But somehow it turns me on~ Well then, ciao, at least I had fun~" He giggled and walked to the door. Lovi curled up to hug himself, feeling disgusted.

Suddenly Lovi felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He flinched, eyes snapping wide open and turning his head to see was that who he thought it was. His breath hitched in fear as he saw Feli's pouty face above him.

-"You really thought I could leave you like that! ...Fratello's in a pretty bad condition..." Feli murmured, picking gently Lovi's trembling frame on his arms.

-"G-gh... W-why do you even fucking bother...? Y-you don't really care about me..."

Lovi mumbled quietly against Feli's chest, who hugged him tighter against himself, carrying him towards the bathroom.

-"Oh? Because I truly love fratello and I really do care~ I was rough before, now I'm paying it back with being gentle~ Let me make it all better now...~" Feli murmured, pressing a soft kiss on his brother's forehead. Lovi didn't answer, he just let Feli to carry him to the bathroom. Feli set his brother gently on the floor, leaning against the wall while he turned away to start filling up the bathtub. He opened the tap and checked the water temperature before closing the plug. Then he turned to the cabinets and started to look them trough for something useful while the tub was filling up. Feli took a bottle of antiseptic solution, some cotton-wool and a band-aid before kneeling down in front of Lovi. Lovi flinched; it was the exactly same position as earlier.

-"Don't worry fratello, I'm not going to do anything bad now...~ You have some scratches on your face, let me clean them up...~" Feli murmured, soaking the cotton-wool in the antiseptic solution and started gently patting it over the scratches and bruises on Lovi's face, who let out faint whimpers because of the stinging. He let out a sharp gasp and tried to turn his head away as Feli patted over his split and bruised lip.

-"Don't Lovi. This is for your own good, you wouldn't like it to get infected, ve~"

Feli murmured, keeping Lovi's head in place by holding on his hair. He didn't pull hard and kept just few dark chocolate coloured locks in his grasp. That was enough to keep Lovi's head steady. After Feli had finished with cleaning the lip he placed a band-aid on a bad looking bruise on Lovi's forehead. He wasn't even sure how he managed to make such a beautiful black and blue mark on his brother's face in the first place. Feli smiled softly and caressed Lovi's cheek lovingly.

-"Done~ It didn't hurt that much, now did it~?"

Lovi looked away, little tears forming in the corners of his eyes again. Feli made a sad face and pulled his brother in a tight yet gentle hug, rubbing the back of his head soothingly. Lovi in turn flinched and tried to pull away, but eventually gave in, hesitantly leaning his head on Feli's shoulder and letting himself to cry. Feli felt a little pang of guilt of Lovi's state, so he continued to hug him lovingly. After a moment of the hug he pulled back and wiped the tears off Lovi's face. Then he smirked a bit and pulled Lovi's pants off, eliciting a sharp gasp out of him. He tensed up and panicked once again, teeth clattering and letting out delicate whimpers.

-"Don't worry fratello, I'm satisfied already. And I don't think you use to bath your clothes on, or do you~?" Feli chuckled and scooped Lovi on his arms, setting him gently in the tub. He closed the tap and started to undress himself as well. Lovi let out a small sigh of pleasure as he was set in the warm water. He curled up and hugged his legs, watching cautiously yet curiously as Feli undressed himself, revealing the slim body little by little. Feli noticed Lovi watching him and smirked, stripping just for his precious big brother. He slid his shirt half-off, revealing his upper back and glanced seductively over his shoulder. Lovi blushed slightly at the notion, he had to admit that his fratellino is indeed gorgeous. Feli chuckled and helped his pants to fall down with a sensual swing of hips, stepping easily out of the pile of fabric around his feet. He turned around with a small smile and walked to the tub, stepped in and sat down behind his brother. Feli pulled Lovi to lean against his chest, making him to flinch in surprise but relaxing eventually since nothing bad happened. But for Feli's surprise Lovi leaned his head back cautiously on his shoulder, sighing nervously. Feli smiled gently at the notion and brought his hand up to caress his brother's bruised cheek, making him to flinch again, but slightly leaning into the touch.

-"...I have no place to go." Lovi mumbled suddenly. Feli got the meaning of his brother's words right away and asked.

-"Huh? But Antonio would happily take fratello to live with him~ ...Though I don't want to let fratello go..." He murmured, holding tighter on his older brother.

-"Tch! Hell no! I was stuck there for my whole fucking childhood with that perverted bastard." Lovi huffed, his hand shooting up as Feli nipped playfully on his earlobe. Feli grabbed his wrist expertly before answering.

-"I see. And you hate everyone else equally with a burning passion? Then I can keep fratello all by myself~!" He giggled but fell serious then. "...But does fratello hate me too for what I've done...?"

-"Well what do you think, you fucking rapist of a brother...!" Lovi scoffed right away, trying to pull his wrist free. "Let go of me, asshole!" He growled, struggling against his brother. Feli kept his tight grip and smirking dug his nails in Lovi's sore cheek. Lovi flinched and gasped, staying still.

-"If I'd be you, I wouldn't talk like that...~ You're completely defenceless, I could take advantage of it... I'm craving to feel your tightness around me again...~" Feli murmured in Lovi's ear before pushing on his cheek, turning his head to kiss him. Lovi had already fallen submissive again, he shook slightly, shutting his eyes tightly and parting his trembling lips for Feli. Feli stopped just an inch away from his brother's lips, smirking slightly.

-"...Fratello doesn't like my kisses, or does he~? He hates my touches, right~? And he most definitely feels disgusted of me~? Am I right? Does fratello detest me~? Be honest, I won't get angry~" He whispered with a malicious tone. Lovi was silent and shaking, clearly pondering what to say. He took a deep, trembling breath before whispering quietly with a nervous tone.

-"S-sì... I-I don't get why you're doing this..." Feli let go of Lovi's wrist and instead wrapped his arms tightly around his brother, pulling him closer.

-"I see... Why? Because I love fratello and I want to make him to be completely mine~ I'll make you to love me too, no matter how long it takes... I'll make you to addicted to me, make you to crave for my love... Ve~ Fratello prefers me being gentle, no?" Feli murmured, softly caressing his precious brother's cheek and side.

-"...Y-you're sick, Feliciano... You r-raped your own brother and now you expect him to love you for it... Y-you disgust me..." Lovi whispered, shivering under Feli's gentle touches. Feli fell silent for a moment before whispering back.

-"...But I had to... I had to make it clear to fratello that I'm stronger than him and I could do anything I'd want to him...~ I made fratello to be afraid of me, sickened by my twisted thoughts, soiled by my lust...~" Feli murmured, giggling a bit as he pressed a sensual kiss on Lovi's neck. Lovi gasped slightly, shuddering at his words before answering.

-"...I... You... You can't make love from such things... Fear and pain don't equal pure feelings of affection..." Feli frowned a bit before mumbling against his brother's neck.

-"I'll get you yet. Think! You under me, begging me to fuck you till you lose consciousness, screaming my name with purely ecstatic voice, lusty kisses full of passion and tint of blood...~ Wouldn't it be heavenly?"

-"S-so you want only sex from me...? I... ...can't... You're truly out of your mind..." Lovi mumbled back, shivering as Feli's hot breath hit his neck. Feli huffed a bit.

-"I didn't say that I wouldn't like to cuddle you as well! ... Ah, fratello, turn around~" Lovi blinked and very tentatively turned around to look at Feli's face. He glared a bit, scared of what his truly insane younger brother wanted now.

-"Fratello, kiss me." Feli ordered with a smirk. Lovi's eyes widened and he shook his head, answering with a steady voice.

-"No. Never. You can force me, but you can't make me do it of my free will."

Feli smirked even wider and nodded slightly.

-"So my first goal shall be to get you to kiss me of your free will~ Be glad I'm satisfied for now, otherwise I could do more horrible things to you...~" Feli giggled and bent forwards, capturing Lovi's lips in his owns. Lovi didn't resist, he shuddered and obediently opened his lips so Feli could get in if he wanted to, but in return he refused to kiss back. For his surprise Feli didn't deepen the kiss, he just gave a soft kiss and ran his tongue along Lovi's lower lip before he pulled back.

-"I think we should get off the bath now, fratello~" Feli said smiling softly. He stood up and stepped off the bath, grabbing the first towel he saw. He wrapped it around his lower body and grabbed the next towel, setting it down on the floor by the wall. He scooped Lovi up his arms again and set him gently on the towel. Lovi hugged his legs tightly, shivering from the cold air and a slight fear. Feli pulled the plug off the tub and watched how the water swirled down little by little. He got bored of watching that quite fascinating little swirl after a moment and turned around, getting another towel for drying Lovi. He crouched in front of his older brother and began to pat-dry him, trying not to put too much pressure over the worst bruises. Despite of how careful Feli tried to be, Lovi still flinched and gasped occasionally, whimpering softly. Feli tried his best not to hurt Lovi, but his brother was so helpless and weak looking that he just wanted to make him to scream and cry more and more, wanted to violate his body until it would break down. He almost slapped himself for those thoughts and concentrated on making Lovi to feel a bit more ease by running his fingers soothingly over the uninjured skin. Lovi first flinched a bit, but later relaxed more and let out faint moans at the skin friction. Feli smiled and nudged slightly Lovi's arms that he would let go of his legs. Lovi got the hint and let go, letting Feli to dry his legs.

Feli lifted Lovi's leg and wrapped the towel around it, rubbing softly. He pulled the towel off around his leg and ran his fingers over the smooth, bruise battered skin. Lovi gasped slightly, turning his head away and looking at the towel rack instead. Feli dried his other leg in the same manner but this time running his fingers over Lovi's thigh.

-"Fratello, you look kinda tense, you should relax a bit...~" Feli murmured, pushing Lovi's thighs apart. Lovi flinched and looked at Feli with wide, fearful eyes.

-"P-please, not again! Y-you said you're satisfied, s-so why do you-!" Lovi started but was silenced by Feli's finger over his lips.

-"I meant what I said, so don't you worry~" Feli whispered with a gentle smile. He ran his fingers up Lovi's inner thighs, making him to shiver and moan softly.

-"F-Feliciano, w-what are you doing...?" Lovi moaned, not really knowing what was going on. He knew that he couldn't stop Feli or he'd get violent, so he kept his hands tightly by his sides and clutched the towel under him. Feli wrapped his slender fingers around Lovi's member and smiled softly, pulling the skin down and back up.

-"I decided to make fratello to feel good, he deserves it~ ...Meaning: Shut up and enjoy!" Feli said the last sentence with a devilish smirk before bending down and giving a kiss on the tip of Lovi's member. Lovi gasped and moaned, digging his nails in the towel. Feli stroked few times before licking from the base to the tip and twirling his tongue over the sensitive tip, making Lovi to squirm and moan.

-"Fratello's starting to harden up~ It feels good, doesn't it~?" Feli chuckled before kissing, sucking and nibbling up and down the length. Lovi didn't say anything, he was just moaning and panting hard. Feli smiled softly, glancing up at Lovi's scarlet cheeks and the cute face he was making. Feli parted his lips and slid the tip in, sucking on it softly and stroking the length with his hand. He truly enjoyed Lovi's heated moans, so he took the hard length in his mouth to elicit more delicious sounds out of him. Lovi moaned louder as Feli started sucking lightly.

-"Feli...ciano... S-Stop...!" Lovi mumbled, killing the meaning of his words by bucking his hips up slightly to get deeper in the wet and velvety heat. Feli began to bob his head and move his tongue along the needy length, simultaneously caressing Lovi's inner thigh. His brother's moans got just louder and his breathing picked up speed, turning into frantic panting. Lovi moved his shaking hands on the sides of Feli's head in the blur of his lust, pushing him to take him deeper. Feli didn't really mind, he gladly opened his mouth wider and swallowed Lovi's length deeper in. The tip of Lovi's member poked against the back of Feli's throat, making him to gag slightly but he could keep on doing this for a while still.

Lovi's moans turned more and more frantic, Feli had to keep himself from smirking that he wouldn't choke on his brother.

-"O-oh god...! F-Feliciano, I-I'm going to... N-ngh...!" Lovi moaned pulling Feli's head forward, making him to take him deeper before he came with a loud cry. Feli's eyes widened a bit as Lovi pushed himself deeper. He let out a soft sound as Lovi filled up his mouth and throat. Lovi let out a long, satisfied sigh and let his hands fall down by his sides. Feli collected every drop he could get in his mouth before pulling Lovi's length out. He looked at his brother's face with a content smile. Lovi was such an arousing sight. His gorgeous hazel-green eyes were half lidded and the tears of pleasure glistened between his beautiful, dark and long lashes. The tears rolled down his adorably scarlet glowing cheeks. His bitten light red lips were parted and a little string of drool dripped down his chin, he was panting softly and shaking a bit. Feli smirked devilishly before bending up to kiss Lovi and grabbing his hair tightly that he couldn't turn his head away. Lovi's eyes snapped wide open as Feli pushed the sticky liquid in his mouth with his tongue. He tried to struggle, shuddering at the bitter-sweet, salty taste. Feli pushed his tongue in deeper in Lovi's mouth, guiding at least half of the sticky liquid in. He pulled back, a thick white of a mix of saliva and cum connected their lips. Feli swallowed and pinched Lovi's lips tightly shut before ordering strictly.

-"Swallow. It's your own, so that shouldn't be that horrible, right~?" Lovi looked up to him eyes wide and swallowed hesitantly, shuddering slightly in disgust.

-"That's good fratello~ I'm very proud of you~" Feli chuckled and ruffled Lovi's hair before pecking a light kiss on his sticky lips.

-"So... I think we're done for today, fratello~" Feli said and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Lovi glanced up at him, cheeks still red and panting softly. He nodded cautiously.

-"P-please... S-say it's so, I c-can't take any more..." Lovi whispered with a slightly panicked, shaking voice. Feli smiled, even once his violent and grumpy older brother was like this. He put his towel away before scooping Lovi up on his arms and starting to carry him towards the bedroom. He felt his brother to curl up slightly against his chest and hold on him tighter, trembling a bit. Feli set Lovi on their bed before going to close the door. The room became dark after closing the door, the heavy curtains on the windows prevented any light from getting in the room. Feli walked back to the bed and crawled over Lovi, kissing his neck. Lovi tensed up a bit and whispered with a frantic voice.

-"...N-no don't, please...! H-haven't you already got what you needed...?" Feli smirked and let himself fall beside Lovi.

-"I was just teasing fratello~ Don't worry, I'm satisfied for today~" He chuckled and wrapped his arm around his brother's waist, pulling his shaking body close in a loving embrace. Lovi let out a relieved, shaky sigh, curling up in his brother's arms.

-"Buona notte, fratellone...~ Ti amo...~" Feliciano whispered and pressed a kiss on Lovi's neck before closing his eyes.

-"...B-Buona notte, Feliciano..." Lovi whispered back and tried to sleep but couldn't do that in many many painful hours.

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