Well... This is it. The end.

I don't have enough energy nor interest to continue this any further. The end is as planned, but a bit sooner than I first thought.
And no, I don't support abusive relationships. I'm gonna say this before some smartass decides to educate me on how wrong I think.

Fiction is fiction. And enjoy it good!

Lovino gulped softly when his brother turned around, bending over to him. His skirt lifted up a bit as he leant his upper body against the desk.
-"Is this good, sir?" Feliciano asked in a playful voice, wiggling his ass the slightest. Lovi gathered himself for a second, though it being quite hard as the beautiful figure of Feliciano laid before him. The tightness in his pants wasn't yet unbearable, but pretty close already.
-"Yes. That's very good..." Lovino managed to mumble before reaching his hand to pull up Feli's skirt. He was wearing white panties with red lace decorations. Oh that sick, sexy bastard... For Lovino's surprise, he actually thought it was cute how Feli worked that hard to please him. But as it was a payback from earlier, Lovino couldn't appreciate it that much. Too many thoughts raced trough Lovi's head but once he laid his hand on the soft and warm curve of Feli's ass, every single one of them flowed off his mind. Feliciano peeked cutely over his shoulder.
-"S-sir...? What are you doing? W-what kind of punishment is it...?" He asked in his sweet voice, cheeks dusted in deep red. Lovino caressed the soft skin lightly, just wanting to feel it against his fingertips. Feliciano was so cute, so cute and helpless right now... It infuriated Lovi for some reason.
-"...I'm going to punish you hard, my little nurse... I call you to my office and you offer yourself like some kind of slut." He whispered with a hoarse, a bit malicious tone and brought his hand up. Feliciano didn't even have time to look surprised before the hand was sharply lashed down on his buttocks. A startled yelp left his lips and he gripped the desk under him.
-"A-ah! S-sir...! I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean it like t-that!" A red mark stung on his skin, the burning feeling making him crave for more. Lovino didn't listen to him, but raised his hand once again and brought it down with an echoing smacking sound. Feliciano yelped softly, slightly surprised that Lovi actually had enough strength in his slaps to actually hurt him. He took every smack with a wide smirk, enjoying every second of it. Hit after hit they landed on his ass, making the scarlet hand marks deepen in colour. Lovino enjoyed it as well. He could take his frustration on Feli and hurt him, this time not getting even punished for it. This time he had the power and it felt so damn good...

Lovino kept delivering the sharp smacks until the pain brought tears in his brother's eyes. Just then he stopped and caressed his sore bottom.
-"Have you learned your lesson, my little nurse? Is this enough of a punishment?" He murmured softly, slowly sliding his finger along the deep red skin and making Feli shiver under his touch. Some bruises started to form on his dear fratellino's ass, how lovely~
-"Y-Yes, d-doctor...! I-I won't be a bad nurse anymore...!" Feliciano moaned back, little tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. Lovino smirked and took a grip of the collar of Feli's dress, pulling him to stand up. He kept his younger brother tightly against his body, just feeling his shivering figure and whispering in his ear.
-"That's good to hear... I'm glad you learnt your lesson. I'm gonna give you a treat for that." Lovino leant in to kiss sensually on his quite helpless brother's neck, smirking against it as he felt how fragile it was. Just a little twist and it would snap in half... Slowly he let go and took few steps back, sitting down on the edge of their bed. Feliciano turned around a bit tentatively, looking so cute that it almost hurt. Lovino couldn't take his eyes off those long, shapely legs wrapped in fishnets. Feliciano's legs trembled a bit as he took a wary step towards his older brother, giving him a sense of being in charge. He just loved acting. But everything for his brother, even this. Lovino made an eye contact with him and grinned slightly.
-"Get on your knees. I bet you'll like this treat...~" Feliciano nodded and took few steps forward, then kneeling before his older brother. Quickly he proceeded to open Lovino's pants with his slender fingers. Feliciano wore a content smirk when he pulled his brother's erected member out. It felt so hot in his hand. Feli couldn't remember when was the last time he wanted something inside him this bad. Lovino leant back slightly and spread his legs to give Feli more space to work with.
-"Well, my nurse... Do you like it?" He grunted, enjoying his new position. Feliciano nodded with a rosy blush on his cheeks.
-"Yes sir! Thank you~" He chirped before leaning down and giving a lick on the tip. The way Lovi shivered made him to smile. He gave few teasing licks more, one from the base to the tip before placing it on his lips. Lovino couldn't stand it any more, he wanted into that wet heat as soon as possible. Without any warning he grabbed his brother by his hair and forced his length all the way in his mouth. Feliciano's eyes widened in surprise and he instinctively tried to pull back as he couldn't breathe. He felt dizzy as his brother's taste filled his mouth; mild, salty honey. Lovino just pressed him down harder, making him gag and tear up. Feliciano frowned a little, his brother was getting carried away... Through the panic that clouded his mind he quickly scrambled a little device from his pocket and hastily pressed the button.

Lovino yelped and let go of Feli's hair, letting him to pull back. Feliciano gasped air greedily, a string of saliva attached to his lower lip and from there connected to Lovi's cock. Then he looked up smirking.
-"Don't get too carried away. I give you power as far I'm comfortable with it...~" Feliciano murmured with a triumphant tone. Lovino rubbed his neck in a slight shock. It was the collar, he had felt a spark. Strong enough to hurt, but weak enough not to do any damage. Lovino's sense of power got quite a crack. Slowly he brought his hand up to the collar. Well, it had been a bit heavier than a sturdy leather collar should be, but... A shock collar. Of course, it was Feli who bought it... An easy way to keep him under control even in situations like this. Lovino sighed a bit and adjusted the collar.
-"Uh... Sorry? Can we continue now?" He mumbled, impatient and a bit embarrassed. Feliciano just smiled up at him.
-"At once, sir~!" He leant back down to take the length in his mouth. Feli ran his tongue up and down the length as he sucked on it, stroking with his other hand. His other hand sneakily slipped under the hem of his skirt, slowly and teasingly touching himself. Lovino moaned softly when the wet and velvety heat wrapped around his cock. Feliciano was really good with his mouth... His tongue and lips found all the right places, his hand squeezing down around the shaft. Lovino kept his hands away from his brother's head that he wouldn't get another shock. Feli knew by himself what he was doing, he didn't need a guiding hand even though it gave a nice feel of power to Lovino. The gloves on Feli's hands felt new and exciting. A bit sticky latex glove made an amazing contrast with Feliciano's hot and wet mouth. Feli smiled a bit into his work. The more he stroked and sucked on Lovi, the more harder he grew himself.

Lovino felt the familiar heat pooling in his abdomen. He didn't want to cum just yet, he wanted to make it inside Feliciano. So he carefully pushed Feli backwards that he would stop sucking on him. Feliciano looked up at him with his big amber eyes.
-"S-sir? Why you want me to stop...?" He whimpered softly, looking even annoyingly cute.
-"Need you to come up here with me, I'll give you something even better now..." Lovino murmured gently, pulling his brother up on the bed. Feliciano smirked slightly and pushed his older brother on his back and straddled over his hips.
-"Ah, of course~ Let me help, sir..." He moaned, skilfully slipping his panties off, still straddling over Lovi's crotch. Before Lovino could even understand what happened, Feli had already lowered himself on his hard length. The feeling was unbelievable, it was the first time he had been inside anyone like this. Though the bitter thought that his own brother was his first disgusted him. But he couldn't dwell into that thought much as Feliciano already started to move. The feeling was so intense he had to close his eyes and concentrate, or else he would lost his mind. At least he felt so.
-"Ah~ Sir, does this feel good~?" The younger Italian chuckled while riding his older brother. Lovino forced himself to open his eyes and look up. The sight of Feliciano's slender body wrapped in white spread across his vision. The lusty glint in his eyes, those scarlet cheeks and that soft panting... He focused his desire hazed mind on answering to Feli.
-"Y-Yes, t-that's very good...! I've never felt better, my nurse...~" Lovino managed to say between his heavy panting. His hands crept up on Feliciano's ass, gripping on it and forcing him to move faster. Feli yelped slighty of the surprise, but let Lovi do what he wanted. Afterall, it was a prize for his good behaviour lately. And he sure seemed to enjoy it. Maybe too much actually... Lovi was never this enthusiastic when it was the other way around. A darker mood begun to cloud the younger's mind, carefully eating the pleasure away and replacing it with pure sadistic malice. Lovino didn't notice it, he was too busy with his own business. He felt truly good for once. His fingers kept digging into the flesh of his little brother, drawing him closer to himself. He couldn't stop himself pushing deeper and deeper into the heat. Feliciano looked down at Lovi's flushed face. He seemed like enjoying it quite a bit. Too bad. He just wanted to bow down and sink his teeth into Lovi's neck, make him scream and fear again. But not yet. Feliciano decided to wait until his brother would come. He moved a bit faster, squeezing down demandingly. Lovino made a cute face and a small squeal, how adorable... For Feli's surprise his brother looked up into his eyes and wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him down into a heated kiss. In a way it was quite shocking, but oddly pleasant too. When did Lovi start liking him this much? Feliciano almost regretted the bitter thoughts he had when he felt his brother's tongue rubbing against his. Just almost. Caught in the heat of the moment he let it slip and kissed back, biting slighty, but not too hard. Lovi's hips rocked against his harder, he could feel his older brother tensing up already. Couldn't blame him, it was a delicious new opportunity. Feli smirked, he would have finished quickly too in Lovi's place...

Lovino moaned against his brother's lips, gasping as the pleasure hit the top. His mind went all fuzzy and warm when he released himself inside Feliciano. His vision stayed hazy for a moment, but he could still see that Feli was smiling. Or... Was that really a smile?
-"...You two-faced slut... Why you can't like me being on top...?" Feliciano muttered.
-"When I top you, you just refuse and say you hate me. But when you're the one to top, you treat me so... nice. J-Just fuck you-" Lovi blinked hastily to get the haze off. There was tears swelling up in the younger's eyes.
-"B-But-! If I treat you the same way as you treat me, you're fucking beating me up!" Lovino groaned, lifting himself to sit. Feli stared him dead in the face.
-"...Then why don't you try and defend yourself? It's not like you can't beat me up."
Lovi's breath stopped. It was just absurd, how someone would want that...? He shook his head slowly.
-"I don't think I want to do that." The corner of Feliciano's eyes twitched and his hands shot up to Lovi's throat, pressing him back into the mattress. His grip tightened as the tears spilled down his cheeks.
-"HOW MUCH I HAVE TO HURT YOU BEFORE YOU STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!? Lovino! Stop being such a pussy and HIT ME!" The elder Italian's eyes widened and his hands shot up to pull Feli's hands off his throat. Not quite succeeding, so in panic kicking Feli's side with his knee. His brother groaned in pain, grip loosening a bit. It was just enough for Lovi to jump up and pounce him down. The fear was so normal to him already that it didn't cloud his mind that much anymore. Everything was clear. He wasn't the fear's helpless victim anymore, not even guided by it. Yet he was just making true another order given to him. Their bodies hit the floor, rolling across it. Everything was just sprawling limbs, fists and skin, bruising up and feeling soft under rough hands. Then there was nothing more but black.

...Um, hello?

Seems like you can't see them anymore.

Ah, you seem upset. It must have been just a little error, I'll try to get them back.

...Nope, it's all black next few weeks. Better than nothing, hm? I'll help you back on track in a minute! Let's see... Here! A close shot from the keys resting on skin.

The cold metal rested against warm skin. Lovino lifted the keys around his neck, looking at them. His neck felt weird as the collar was gone. Weird enough, he even missed the feeling of rough leather around his neck. Lovi turned his head a bit, his eyes trailing up a pair of legs. Bruises blossomed on the pale skin, some of them purple, some even golden. The mass next to him shifted slightly. Feliciano looked up trough his bangs. He cracked a smile, wincing and touching his split lip with his tongue. Yesterday Lovi bit him a bit too hard, but it was okay. He was getting good with it. He snuggled closer to the warm body next to him, the collar on his neck feeling a bit uncomfortable. Feliciano adjusted it a bit, nonetheless enjoying it's rough feel. His hands felt sore from the bondage he was earlier today. Oh how he loved the ropes when they were so tight he thought his joints may pop out of their place. He taught his brother well with the fine art of violence. Plus, now he didn't give a fuck about anything anymore, which made him stronger. One day he argued with some dude and got hit, but instead of submitting to him, he hit back harder. Oh how proud he was! Feliciano could have purred contently as his brother's hand laid upon the crook of his neck. He never knew would he just brush over it gently or dig his nails into it... It was so exciting not to know. Feli pulled himself up, leaning against his lover. Lovino smirked and brought his lips down on Feli's neck, sinking his teeth into the flesh. Feliciano yelped softly, shuddering slightly. The sound he made wasn't exactly pained, but rather pleasant... For added effect Lovi brushed his hand into his brother's hair and grabbed it tightly, making the smaller man squirm and whine. When he pulled away and let go, Feliciano was just panting and trembling mess, but a rather happy one.
-"...I love you, fratello~" He whispered softly, holding on his brother. Lovino smirked and pulled him close.
-"You are one sick pervert... ...But I've grown pretty fucking fond of you." He leant down to kiss Feli's forehead. "Love you too."

Aaaaand this might be my last contribution to the Itacest fandom. Switching series, man. (Still staying on the incest pairing...)