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Out of the mouths of babes come things we shouldn't have said in the first place. - Anon. –

All was well for a time, until one morning…

Are you the reason that big brother is spending so much time alone these days? Riff is starting to get worried about him, and so am I. I read your letters to him, are you his secret lover? I just want to warn you, big brother plays with hearts like chess pieces. Before he drops them and they break like a mirror.

She almost face-faulted at that, not only because of how true the last statement was. However also it wasn't to say that she was too terribly surprised, well she was. Who wouldn't be? It was just the principal of the thing, and it told her two things.

One: Little-sister was way more astute than big-brother gave her credit for.

Two: Big Brother had absolutely no idea his "Lovely" Little Sister was onto him.

From what she gleaned from the both from the manga and Cain's gushing/crabbing over the child at various times. Merry was a fairly nice little girl, but also loud and stubborn, rebellious with obnoxious tendencies. Just like any normal child in her opinion, plus the older brother too if she thought about it hard enough. But had to stop quickly as it only cave her a migraine. While Merry had the ability to get away with it being a child and all, Cain on the other hand...Well he had no excuse, he was just himself and set in his ways. However the problem was now she found herself staring unintentionally into the business end of Merryweather Hargreaves, herself. She figured approaching the child the same way she did when she had first met Cain was better. In other words, to just tell the truth and get it sorted out later.

Why he's alone, yes. Lover, heck no! Your brother is kind in his own way, but so not my name is Small Lady, by the way and you must be The Famous, Merryweather. Cain's told me a lot about you, his sweet little sister. It's nice to finally hear from the living legend herself. But you do realize that he's going to be very cross at you when he finds you've been poking through his private papers. Especially our letters, I thought he said he burned those. Oh well. If I were you Merry, I'd burn this letter and forget you ever saw the others. I won't tell him that you did take a peek.

She would have left it at that. Only the child so like her older brother, when she got her mitts into something interesting wasn't about to let it go lightly. Or if the answers weren't to her liking. Apparently, Merryweather wasn't about to let a second person puppet her in her own life, save this time through the shadows. She never knew how Merry got it past Cain, but at almost the same time promptly received another letter from the child the very next day. Merryweather, for her part, picked right up in the "conversation" where she had left off the day before. When she read the contents, she found herself torn between outright laughter and a face fault.

From your letters, I know you must be a girl, because you sound much smarter than Big Brother. But just so you know, Cain both tells every girl he can about me. Also a lot of girls lose their common sense around him no matter how intelligent they are. Sometimes I think I'm only around half the time for the sole purpose of his picking them up in bars.

As for burning the letters, no. I saw Cain putting them under the loose bench board in the window seat in the parlor. It was an accident, at first. Then I noticed it wasn't just once, it happened again and again. So, I decided to investigate your letters were so interesting I read all of them.

That's how I found about you, the Wizard. Are you really one?

Like Merlin? What are familiars anyway? Is Big Brother's desk really magic? Are you really from another world? I want to know all about you.

Anyway, Cain got called away for a few days by Uncle Neil, family business. Ugh! I get a headache just thinking about it. So, you can talk to me until he gets back.

P.S. Do you have any more of that pretty pink paper? I thought it was cute.

'Not only is this kid nosy, but is she a freaking mind reader too?,' she thought with no small shock.

The child certainly knew how to cover her bases, because Merry had just eliminated the main reason/argument for her not wanting to speak with her.

Now that part made her smile, so like Cain, yet so not.

Quickly filing the part about Cain keeping her letters hidden away for a later time, possibly future blackmail.

Still, she wondered what would it harm. Cain wasn't around to spoil anything, plus getting to know Merryweather was a rather unique chance. As the young Earl she had seen tended to guard her rather jealously, even from his most-trusted-joined-at-the-hip-partner-in-crime, Riff. Not that she minded, she was the same way with him. Then again who in their right mind would believe her if she told them, without a straight-jacket and paddy wagon getting involved, that is.

Merry was different, from just those two sheets of thin paper covered with thin scrawl, and a few little inkblots here and there. A little child trying her hand at being an adult, instead of sophisticated ended up as rather cute. Merry was indeed cute, though she had the feeling if the child ever heard her say that outright, pain would be quickly involved. Still she outright liked the petite blonde angel. The only thing different was in a conversation, Merry knew how to cut through, in an almost eerie, surgical way to the very marrow of a matter.

Glancing over the desk at the odds and ends that littered the cubby holes, another opportunity to further her well-spun tale of mystery and magic. All good stories had to have supporting characters, especially of different heritages and backgrounds.

She was no exception.

She wasn't the best artist, but if she tried hard enough it would come out right. A small painted statue of an old woman in a drab dress. The small matted canvas of two fairies and in a shameless breech of copyright laws, a little figurine of the Ultra Rare-Ultra Adorable Pokemon, Mew. One that she'd once shamelessly fished out of her nephew's Happy Meal. Only to end up with it because he was deemed too young to handle the toy responsibly, not that she minded. These had become her traveling companions and family had been given histories all their own. And a long time ago she had wished they did indeed live.

But nobody said they couldn't truly come alive in the mind of a child.

As she dug about in one of the lower storage drawers of the desk, she found an old pink Tinkerbell Stationary Set. It had been bought not so long before; she'd thought it adorable at the time. But had never found an oppurtunity to use it, settling differences with Cain long before she could have subjected him to it. If the perfumed one got such a big reaction, she couldn't help but wonder at what this would have had. Anyway, it was perfect for a little girl just Merry's age at least if her mental calculations of age in the manga as well as what the label proclaimed were correct. She settled into her comfy kitchen/office chair as she wrote her lengthiest reply to date.

1. Yes, I am.

2. No, I'm a girl.

3. Familiars are animals or spirits that are companions that aid in magic workings.

4. Yes, it is.

5. See answer 1.

My name is Raven Nightwing. But call me Small Lady, I've told your brother that at least a hundred times. But no, he still calls me otherwise. He can be a bit of a blockhead, sometimes.

Well, I reside within a twenty-first century world where science rules.

I live with my maid, Lucille Gem Farrell, Lucy for short. She's a full blooded demon from the Nether Realms. She's been with me almost as long as Riff has with Cain.

I have several familiars, Artemis, A Mew. He's sort-of like a flying cat that can manipulate energy and is very bouncy.

There's Guni, an Urban Fairy, very sassy, can be a tad …"opinionated", but has a heart of gold none the less. Though we don't see it all that often due to the frequent necessity of residing in different parts of the house at times during the day.

Vogelin, the living automation. It means 'little bird' in German, I'm sure the irony of our names isn't lost upon you. I assure you, I didn't intend it to be that way, I honestly don't know what I was thinking that day. Originally I made her to be a simple dancing music box, but apparently she had other ideas becoming what she is today.

We all reside together in a small home in an even smaller town in America. I have no immediate family save for them. And we just try to live as well as we can, with what we have. I'm not a glamorous person, but I'm accomplished at what I do. That I can be proud of. And as for the paper, here's a present for you. Just don't let anybody find it!

Small Lady

And thus did another somewhat odd friendship begin.

Merryweather was on whole a sweet little thing, but one shouldn't have been fooled. That adorable little exterior of hers masked a mature soul, a hardened warrior of many battles better left to the past. She supposed that Merry's earlier life on the streets of Victorian London had tempered the child in a way that even the normally on-top-of-things, Cain couldn't fathom.

But it didn't mean the new perspective of the younger Heargraves sibling was unwelcome. Far from it, it was more than welcome, tremendously so. To tell the truth, a little nagging feeling at the back of her mind for a while now had expected something such as this to happen. And as the child was more in tune to the mystical side of things, as a result within two letters the child was utterly convinced of her own authenticity. Though the stationary set probably helped, a little. Merry proved to be a valuable source of information into a deeper in-depth character assessment of her first brooding pen-friend.

Like Sharazade and her one-thousand Arabian Nights, she regaled and spun tales of her own world and the, ahem..."adventures" she'd lived. To the utterly enchanted little girl, who never seemed to tire of hearing of them. In return seemed elated that an actual adult, (even if in another world). Unfalteringly listened to her mundane questions, observations and childish thoughts. And amazingly even encouraged her to ask them, even if they were considered too strange, too simple or even too obvious to others.

Mysteries seemed to draw the child, delighting her, especially puzzles that had no answers or so many possible resolutions that there might as well be none. Even disagreements over philosophies as well as speculations about the nature of the world, seen and unseen.

From those time old, "Why is the sky blue or the grass green?" type stuff. To the profound, "Is there a God?" and the downright silly, "Why is Oscar such a moron?".

Layers upon layers of unknowns, thick as the snow on the mountaintops in winter, mysteries entwining like the many-colored currents of the ever-changing sea.

She answered all as best she could, and took delight in Merry's childish enthusiasm. Which she suspected that in an upper-class place like Heargraves Manor wasn't let out very much. Time and again though the little girl voiced her wishes to the older one.

I wish you could come here. It'd be wonderful to have somebody who wasn't afraid to play with me. The maids, who are assigned to watch me, do just that, but they won't come near me. I think they're afraid to touch me, like I'm tainted or something like that.

As for Big Brother, I love him, very much. But he treats me like one of the dolls in my room. I once overheard that idiot, Oscar say that I was treated like a jewel in a glass case.

It's true, Small Lady! You're the only one who listens to me, ever! Even if it's only on written paper.

She couldn't help but smile a little sullenly at that, looking at the tear-stained paper before her. Picturing a teary-eyed little girl, her heart clenched in response. People could accuse what they liked about her, but she did have a heart. Thus understand completely for it wasn't so very long ago that she was in the exact same boat.


I know your brother can be a major pain in the backside! Believe me; I of all people know where you are coming from. But have no doubt, little one. He loves you more than life itself, including his own. He'd sacrifice it at the drop of a hat if God, himself asked him to do so.

All I can say is, when he was growing up. Despite that he had all the wealth in the world, he was poorer than the lowest beggar in England. Sometimes it's hard for adults to show what they really feel inside and we misinterpret the resulting actions. I know he gets on your nerves and makes you want to knock him upside the head for stupidity alone.

But never doubt Cain's love for you, darling. Or mine. I may not be able to part the worlds and give you a hug, if I could I would. But we will be there for you whenever you need us. All you need do is ask. That's the difference between anything getting done or not.

Having another female's input seemed to make the little girl think a little differently about her older brother, for a while at least. As for Cain, himself. Well, for a while he remained oblivious of the two girls telling tales behind his back. He wrote to her on many occasions telling things about Merry she herself already knew from the child's own letters first. While two piles of letters now steadily grew in the drawers of her desk.

Like the infamous incident which would later come to be known as, The Mad Tea Party.