Wow, I didn't mean for that first make-out scene to be so long! Anyway, Enjoy!

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John pressed his lips against Dave's, and John couldn't help but notice that they were slightly chapped from the sharp September wind. The hands that pressed against John's cheeks, holding his face as Dave applied more pressure, were cold and John had the brief, yet sudden, urge to flinch away. Dave's hands shifted and the kiss was broken just long enough for Dave to hook his fingers around John's glasses and remove them. Once they had been properly disposed of, his lips returned and John took the opportunity to nibble on the bottom one lightly, reminding himself of the time he had accidentally cut his boyfriends mouth with his overbite and that he had to be extra careful.

Dave understood what was being asked and almost immediately opened his mouth, allowing John access. He was passed the need to explore Dave's mouth, they had gotten all of that out of the way in the beginning few months of their relationship, and went straight for his tongue, curling and rubbing against it. This elicited a moan from the taller of the two, his deep voice creating goose bumps on the back of the shorter boys neck.

The shades were getting irritating, and John was having a hard time trying to manoeuvre around them. Dave used the hesitation in John to his advantage, leaning over him and forcing his head to tilt backwards. Dave then thrust his tongue in the boys mouth (being careful of the teeth), and moving his entire body closer to John, practically clutching the boy to his chest with one hand while the other roamed to the back of his neck.

John's hands moved to Dave's lean back, fingers splayed wide against the fabric. His breath was coming heavy now as his nostrils flared. Dave was practically fucking his mouth now, quick and harsh, not even caring about teeth. John let out a moan he had been holding back when Dave moved his thigh between his legs, rubbing against the already half-hard bulge in his pants. John rutted against it while moving his hands lower to clutch Dave's ass, kneading his cheeks in time with his tongue-thrusts and Johns rutting.

The moan he earned in return was enough to make John realize that, as pleasing as being on the bottom was, he wasn't about to give up the dominance fight just yet, regardless of how many times he always lost. The shades had been a previous obstacle, so he focused on getting rid of those first. Maybe if he quickly just…

Dave's hands were prying Johns away almost as soon as they brushed against the black frames. The two boys separated and John found himself staring into the lenses of the glasses he seriously regretted giving his friend.

It wasn't the interruption that had John irritated. Dave was always the one to end the make-outs that they stole between classes in their dorm. They had even talked about sex before and Dave had admitted, though reluctantly, that he wasn't quite ready for it.

No, the reason for John's irritation was the fact that he had been dating Dave for well over four months now, and still had no idea what his eyes looked like. Hell, he didn't even know what colour they were! As much as John wanted to give his boyfriend all the time and space he needed, he was getting impatient.

"Jeez, dude you've gotta stop attacking me like this." Complete avoidance of the issue. That was pretty much how Dave rolled.



"Let me see your eyes."

The aforementioned blond gave a slight chuckle. "You sure you want to, bro? I mean, you're face might melt off from all the pure, uncontained awesomeness." Dave began gathering up some books on his desk, getting ready for his next class.

"I think I can handle it, dude." John says as he leans against the door blocking Dave's only way out. This was serious business.

"Please. That sort of shit requires some intense preparation on your part, and I've gotta go." Dave leant down to give John a quick peck on the lips before he left, slightly pushing him to the side with his hand.

John didn't budge.

"Fine then, be that way. If you want them off so bad, why don't you just take'em?" A brow was cocked above the top of the lens in an unspoken challenge. John reached out with one hand, taking a step forward.

Dave quick-stepped to the side leaving johns hand to close around air. Frustrated, he moved towards the blond again, faster.

Another quick-step, this time behind John and towards the door. "H-hey! Not fair!" He protested. Dave just gave another chuckle and left with a "Try harder next time."

John was left alone in the dorm room, disappointed and disgruntled. Fine then! If Dave wanted to play that game!

Dave was walking through campus, a scarf wrapped tightly around his neck which was not only extremely warm, but was ironic enough to contribute to his hipster image. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and wasn't surprised that is was a text from his favourite blue-eyed derp.

"challenge accepted, dude!"