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A/N: I got the idea for this fic from the story 'Who said the All Spark only created Cybertron?' By 'Age of the Geek Baby'.


Just before the All-Spark crashed on Earth, two beams of energy shot out of it, and disappeared through a tear in time and space. The two shots of energy travelled through the veil, in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries and towards two different houses. In one home, the beam hit a heavily pregnant, sleeping red haired woman. The other travelled to a large manor house, which wasn't really a home at all. It hit a sleeping baby boy. Neither pregnant in one house, or sleeping baby in the other, woke up.

(Nearly 16 yrs later)

Halo Potter looked curiously at the various gadgets around her, and Hermione laughed aloud at both her and Draco. She scowled at her best friend.

"Hey, just 'cause the Dursley's didn't let me see anything more advanced than a T.V and a computer, and at school, well, how do I get the chance?"

"I'm sorry, it's just funny." Hermione said.

"Not to us." Draco said. "Theses things are amazing though! I wish I was able to have more discussions with you about these things at school. I'd be better informed. How can people like my parents think Muggles are dumb brutes?"

"I don't understand that either, well, unless they've only met the Dursleys." Halo said.

Hermione and Draco laughed. Halo smiled as she saw Draco's mask slip. He never let it slip in school. Everything was an act there. Apart from the few short hours where he was on his own with her, Hermione, Neville and the Twins. Other than that, he acted like he hated them, and they acted like they hated him. And it killed Halo to do it, because he was so alone when he was with others, and not just Halo and or the others. No one else understood him, and he couldn't openly be friends with the group because of his parents.

Sirius had tried to talk him into doing what he had done as a teen, run away, but Draco could never bring himself to do it. And then Sirius had died. Killed by his own cousin, her stunner sending him through the veil to his death. Any hope for Draco to escape before his seventeenth had been shattered. Halo and Draco had been the hardest hit, and had mourned together the next day in private, in the Room of Requirement.

On the third day of the summer holidays, Hermione had managed to get Halo and Draco to join her in muggle London. They were curious about the muggle world, as they either had no experience (Draco) or very little (Halo). So, here they were in a gadgets store before heading for a museum. Through the school year, Hermione had been keeping Halo up to date with muggle education, but couldn't do the same for Draco.

As Halo wandered through the store, her thoughts wandered to her other friend, Ron Weasley. She really wished that Ron could be trusted with their secret friendship with Draco. But he was too volatile. He would explode at the thought of being friends with Draco, and the whole school would find out, and then Draco would be in trouble with his family. And Halo wasn't too sure that Ron was a true friend either.

Suddenly, Halo's lightning bolt scar began to hurt, and she knew that somehow, Voldemort had found out where she was. Something inside her told her that Hermione and Draco wouldn't survive if they didn't get out now, but she couldn't run with them, Voldemort would just find her. But she had a plan.

Halo noticed that Hermione and Draco seemed to be done, and were just waiting for her so they could go. Halo walked over to them at a quick, but calm pace.

"Guys, why don't you just go on ahead, there's something I want to do first, alright?"

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked, frowning.

"Yeah, sure! I'll catch up, I know where I'm going. I'll join up with you in about ten minutes at the least."

"We could always wait, I don't like the thought of leaving you on your own." Hermione shifted nervously.

"Neither do I." Draco said.

Halo groaned inwardly in frustration. She needed them to go, now. "I'll be fine guys, seriously. Why don't you go on ahead? I'll catch up."

"If you're sure." Hermione said, still frowning.

The two left, and Halo went a bit further into the store, and pretended to be browsing. A feeling of dread settled in her stomach and the pain in her scar flared. Without looking behind her, Halo knew that Voldemort had arrived. Slowly, she turned to face him.

His red eyes burned with malice and triumph as he saw her. Halo didn't have her wand on her, but she had something else. Something better. The thick, Egyptian styled bracelet, with amber stone set in the centre that she wore on her wrist was in fact a foci. It couldn't be detected as such by anyone, and it was keyed to her blood. Only she could use it, and no one could remove it from her.

"Halo Potter." Voldemort said, raising his wand, his Inner circle standing right behind him. As other customers saw them, they panicked and chaos ensured. In all the confusion as the Death Eaters began firing spells, panic bubbled in Halo's chest and she felt her control slip. Lights flickered, and electronics began playing up. She began to panic even further as she realised that she could no longer control her magic, rendering her foci useless. Shockwaves of magic emanated from her body and hit others, and began draining Halo of her strength. The last thing she remembered was seeing Voldemort flung from the shop, before she collapsed, darkness filling her vision.

Halo woke to see that she was in the veil room of the Department of Mysteries. She pushed herself to her knees when a voice rang out.

"Halo Lilly Potter, you have been charged and found guilt of the murder of several upstanding members of our society, and five muggles by use of dark magic." Halo looked up to see a triumphant looking Cornelius Fudge, and just behind him, a smug Delores Umbridge. "For those crimes, you are sentenced to execution via the veil. Throw her in."

Before the two Aurors could touch her, Halo stood. "Good luck fighting Voldemort, you stuck up, Bigoted pricks." Halo noticed a beetle by her foot. "And I hope that the Daily Prophet gets hold of my last words to you, and they find out about the kind of scum working here. The fact that Voldemort's lackeys have the Minister in their back pockets."

With that, she turned, and strode towards the veil, head held high. She didn't hesitate to step in, knowing that fighting wouldn't do anything to help her. She may as well go with dignity. Soon, she was falling, and as she landed in soft sand, she blacked out.

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