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Chapter 28

They were speeding down the motorway when Bumblebee was suddenly picked up from something above them. This sent Leo into hysterics and made Bladewing whir in panic as Sam and Mikayla yelled. Bee transformed, catching his passengers, and placing them on to the bridge, before aiming his cannons, and shooting Starscream in his wing.

Bladewing looked round frantically, and then pointed, having seen the group of Autobots heading their way.

"It's Optimus and the others!" Sam said.

"Oh thank God." Mikayla said.

Starscream had released Bumblebee, and they were both attempting to get closer to the four while keeping the other away.

"Get away Sam!" Bladewing said, using clips that she gathered from the radio. "It's you they want! Run!"

"Are you kidding? They're after me for my site!" Leo said. "It's me they're after."

Bladewing cuffed Leo round the back of the head. "Wrong!"

"Bladewing, how do you know that?" Sam asked.

"Fallen bragged about his plans. He wants to destroy the sun. We have to stop him, and you have the map in your head to what he needs."

"You mean the symbols in my head?"

Bladewing nodded. "They can lead us there."

"But what if the Deceptacons just follow?" Mikayla asked.

"We need to keep the key away from them. We have to find it first. They brought back big bad."

"Big bad? Megatron?" Sam asked.

Bladewing nodded.

"Aw hell. I barely start college and this happens. What next?"

Bladewing shrugged, and then hugged him, whirring. "Now run. Hide." She said when she released him. "The bad guys can't get you."

"Can't find the word Deceptacons on the radio, huh?"

"Where would I? Now go Sam!"

"You're coming with me. They can't find out about you."

"He's right, Bladewing. Go with him." Mikayla said.

Just then, Starscream was sent hurtling over them by Ironhide's cannons. "Never come near my sparkling again!" He roared, launching himself at the con.

"Get them out of here Bumblebee!" Optimus said. "Mudflap, Skids, Ratchet, go with them. Get them to safety!"

Bumblebee scooped them up, and transformed around them, and sped off the way the Autobots had come from. Mudflap, Skids and Ratchet flanked them.

"Wait, you mentioned something called Fallen, Bladewing." Mikayla pointed out, when the fight was well behind them.

"Big, big bad!"

"You mean, a more powerful Deceptacon than Megatron?" Sam asked.

"The original bad guy." Bladewing told them.

"Damn that's not good." Sam said. "And you said he's after me? For the symbols on my brain?"

"Dude, do you mean the ones you drew on the board in our first lecture?"

"That is exactly what I'm talking about, Leo." Sam snapped.

"Yes." Bladewing said. "They want to kill you to get the information." She seemed to be getting flustered, and when the small con inside the box Mikayla had banged on its confinement, she got worse.

"Shut up!" Mikayla shook the box. "You're scaring the kid. I will torch your other eye, so help me God!"

"Ok warrior goddess, I'll shut up now." The small robot grumbled.

Bumblebee's comm. device flared to life. It was obviously a message to all the Autobots. Ironhide's voice came over the comm. "Prime's off lined! Megatron killed him. Retreat now!" The line went dead.

The car was silent, until Bladewing pointed frantically at herself.

"I know what you can do, but we'll have to find a way of doing it without Megatron and the other Deceptacons finding out about you." Mikayla said. "But we will help him. First, you need medical attention, alright?"

The convoy pulled into a complex of abandoned buildings to hide, and when they got out, Ratchet immediately picked up Bladewing and began examining her, before he began repairing the damage done to her vocal processor. Soon, she was as good as new, and he pulled Snakestrike from his carrying hold. The two sparklings latched onto each other and didn't let go. Not even when Ratchet picked them both up.

"We have to find a way to get Bladewing to Optimus, so she can do what she did with Jazz." Sam said. "But do it without the Deceptacons finding out how."

"The key to the Fallen's machine to destroy the sun might be able to do it. From what the Fallen said, anyway. I think it might work." Bladewing said.

"Then Bladewing'll be safe. If it doesn't work, she can always use the All-Spark energy." Snakestrike said.

"Good idea, Sparklings." Ratchet said, nodding. "We must find this key, though."

Suddenly, Leo came charging over. "Look at this! We're wanted fugitives man!" He said, holding his phone out. "The CIA, FBI, everyone is looking for us!" He pushed his phone into Sam's hand.

"You see this? They can track this." Sam said. He threw it on the floor and stood on it.

"Track it? What? Oh man, look, I'm just going to hand myself in and tell the truth, I have nothing to do with this."

"You're involved now Leo!" Sam yelled. "Isn't this what you wanted? Aliens? Well, now you're smack dab in the middle of it!"

"He a coward." Skids said.

"Yeah man." Mudflap replied, before they both began taunting Leo.

"Oh just shut up." Leo said, walking off.

Ratchet sighed and Bumblebee face palmed. Sam began drawing symbols into the ground. "Can any of you tell what these mean?" He asked.

"Oh those are old school Cybertronian." Mudflap said.

"But we don't read." Skids added.


"It is the wrong dialect for me, Samuel." Ratchet said. "Optimus would have been able to read this, however. This is the language of the Primes."

"Robowarrior." Leo said, coming back.

"What?" Sam asked, turning round.

"Robowarrior. He may be able to help. I had a bit of a panic attack a few minutes ago, but I think I'm allowed that considering the circumstances. But, I'm sure Robowarrior will be able to help out."

"Then in the morning, we will go find this Robowarrior." Ratchet said. "But for now, we will recharge here."

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